KATHMANDU, March 5: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has identified places for constructing public toilets. KMC is building toilets at 69 places where the public vehicles stop for passengers to get on board and disembark.

KATHMANDU, Feb 5: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) office has initiated process to build at least 284 public toilets at 57 various locations across the metropolis.

KATHMANDU, Feb 3: Kathmandu Metropolitan City is mired in toilet crisis as the capital struggles to accommodate its growing population lured by job opportunities and other facilities. There are only 57 public toilets, more than half of them in need of immediate repair, in KMC which is home to millions of people.

KATHMANDU, Nov 20: The Nepal Transport Workers Association has demanded construction of public toilets in bus stops of the Kathmandu Valley.

Let’s talk about Post-Defecation now!

November 19, 2018 12:33 pm

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: Can you imagine frantically rushing a kilometer just to use a toilet every day? This is the reality that 40-year-old Rita Shahi, a resident of Bhimukteshwor near Bishnumati bridge, Teku, has been facing for the past eight years now. When she feels the nature’s call, getting to the nearest toilet seeks solution to a tough challenge for the day. “Whenever possible, I rush to one of the public toilets nearby. At other times, toilets at the vegetable market in Kalimati serve to my needs of urgency.

POKHARA, Nov 3: Although all 11 districts of Gandaki Province have already been declared Open Defecation Free (ODF), the provincial government has announced to spend millions on public toilets.