JANAKPUR, May 25: The Janakpur High court on Thursday ordered the authorities to remand Mahant (chief priest) Baikuntha Das Vaishnav of the Ratnasagar Temple in Janakpur in police custody. He has been accused of forging documents allegedly to sell off land belonging to Janak Hajari Vidhyapith, a campus-affiliated to Nepal Sanskrit University.

“I grew interest in our culture when I was a child. I used to play games pretending to carry khat (palanquin), pulling chariot and sit in the chariot. Only when I turned 17, I got the chance for the first time to carry the actual khat. I liked it and volunteered for the second time. And this year I got to carry it again. Deep inside I feel I should follow tradition to preserve our cultural heritage. As long as I stay in Kathmandu, I am willing to be devoted to the deity,” says Shakya.

DANG, Feb 17: Temple priests of Dang district have gone out of their way to stop child marriage. They have joined their hands to eradicate under-age marriage after undergoing training on child marriage organised by Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan City as part of the aim to make the sub-metropolis child-friendly.

Souls of My City: Pandit Baje

September 27, 2018 08:57 am

Chakra Padi Lamichhaney, 63, has been working as a priest for more than 19 years. Born to a Brahmin family, he was well acquainted with Hindu ceremonial practices from a young age. He makes his living by practicing religious services. His sons often lend him a hand in his work.

LUCKNOW, March 19: A saffron-robed Hindu holy man was sworn in on Sunday to lead Uttar Pradesh, sealing what appears to be a shift in course by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that could redefine the world's largest democracy as a Hindu nation.

Priest murdered

February 25, 2017 15:47 pm

MAHOTTARI, Feb 25: A priest of the Raimandal Indeshwar Mahadev Temple based at Bardibas Municipality was found murdered on Saturday.

JUMLA, Dec 3: The Guthi [trust] committee responsible for managing the Chandannath temple of Jumla has been suspended by the District Administration Office Friday after 28 precious idols stolen from the temple earlier this week.

A Russian couple who got married recently, invited a very unusual guest to act as the priest and ring-bearer at their wedding — a giant, furry bear.

Priest injured in brawl over offerings

October 21, 2016 12:35 pm

BARA, Oct 21: Priest Shambhu Chaudhary was injured in a brawl with another priest of the Gadhimai Temple in the district.

Priest arrested for raping girl

June 25, 2016 10:37 am

PARSA, June 25: Police have arrested a priest on the charge of raping a girl in Parsa district made his public on Friday.

The little priest

June 17, 2016 16:50 pm

On a visit to Pashupatinath temple, a rare sight caught my attention and I went to take a closer look. There was a boy, not older than 10 years, intensely studying the palms of a much older man. The look of concentration in his face and the professional way in which he was examining the fate lines spoke of quite some experience.