KATHMANDU, March 29: WWE star Barbie Blank also known as Kelly Kelly announces her pregnancy with husband Joe Coba.

The actress Alia Bhatt  shared the news of her pregnancy on her Instagram handle on Monday.

Sonam Kapoor announces pregnancy

March 21, 2022 13:50 pm

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja are all set to welcome a baby. The actress and her husband took to their social media handles to share the good news. They posted a series of adorable pictures.

Feb 16: Vaccinating pregnant women against the coronavirus may help prevent COVID-19 hospitalizations in infants after they are born, especially if the expecting mothers got the shots later in their pregnancy, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday.

No, there’s no evidence that any vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, influence your chances of getting pregnant despite a myth suggesting otherwise.

Early pregnancy, unsafe delivery, sex-selective abortion and the lack of health facilities pose a great risk to Bajura’s women.

Pregnancy brings uncertain times for both the unborn child and the mother, especially at the time of birth. Though rare, there are chances of complications and even fatalities of both mother and child or one or the other or lucky if both can come out of it with the flying colours. This is a fact even during normal times! But with COVID-19 pandemic, peripartum involving the whole package of prenatal, delivery and post-natal has become vulnerable.

It’s possible, but it seems to be relatively rare and scientists think they know why that is.

Pregnancy in the times of corona

March 27, 2020 09:59 am

The world today is fighting the battleagainst the novel coronavirus pandemic andthere is distress everywhere. At this time of chaos, about two percent of the world femalepopulation would be pregnant. For thesemillions of women, pregnancy has becomea period of anxiety. The most anticipatedand beautiful time in a woman’s life has nowchanged into a stressful situation.

American singer Katy Perry showcased her baby bump in public for the first time on Saturday, as the 'American Idol' judge was photographed in Melbourne, Australia, where she was rehearsing for an appearance at the ICC Women's T20 World Cup 2020 Final.

Your baby’s first year

February 29, 2020 10:08 am

Now that you have finally survived long days of pregnancy, and painful childbirth, you are officially parents.  You find out, your baby has already received the first dose of vaccine. Babies typically receive the first dose of the Hepatitis b vaccine at birth. Congratulation, you are now ready to experience your baby’s eventful first year.   Be prepared to face the challenge of sleepless nights, diaper changing, and regulating feeding times.

Pregnancy from man’s perspective

December 21, 2019 08:52 am

My readers might be thinking, ‘why am I talking about this topic?’ The other day I was talking to some young parents about their experience of dealing with pregnancy. I was surprised to find out that most of them had played no role during their wife’s pregnancy. They had their parents and other extended family helping out during the whole period and of course after the child was born. Although they showed ‘I don’t care’ attitude, I am pretty sure they were equally excited. It’s just in our culture men feel awkward showing their emotions in public. After all, they are men and emotions are for the weaker being like a woman.

New mothers deprived of allowances

December 15, 2019 08:25 am

ROLPA, Dec 15: Tussles between health workers and patients are not unusual at Pang Health Post in Lungri Rural Municipality. Patients vent out their anger against the staffers for the lack of beds, doctors, or medicines. Of late, new mothers are seen complaining about the lack of allowances. Even though they are entitled to get Rs 2,000 for delivering a baby at government-run health institutions, new mothers here have not received it for some time.

Child and maternity care the Nepali way

November 1, 2019 09:33 am

Nepali families have been using things like mustard seed pillows, clothes made out of Dhaka, and kokro (a cot – typically made from bamboo – used to carry babies) for centuries for maternity and childcare purposes. Most of these pregnancy and childcare traditions have various scientific reasons behind them. It’s usually for the benefit of the newborn and the mother as well.

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in not one but many ways. Changes are not just physical but also mental due to the changes the baby is going to bring to your life.

12 daughters, and still waiting for a son

September 19, 2019 08:43 am

BIRENDRANAGAR, Sept 19: Sharmila Jaisi, a local of Tajkot Katel Gaun, got married at the age of 16. Sharmila, who is now 35 years, has conceived 12 babies so far. She has given birth to seven babies and has undergone abortion five times.

ROLPA , Sept 8: At least 12 health institutions including Rolpa District Hospital in Rolpa provide safe abortion, a non-surgical abortion that is done by using medicines, for unwanted pregnancy of up to nine weeks free of cost. The hospital and two primary health centers also provide safe clinical abortion, which is done by using medical equipment, for fetus up to 12 weeks for free.

BAJURA, June 27: The government has adopted a policy to provide pregnancy allowance and warm bags to those who undergo delivery at health posts. But, nursing mothers in rural areas have been deprived of this facility although the government has been promising an additional amount and transportation allowance to them immediately after delivery.

MAHOTTARI , May 19: The pregnant women, new mothers and newborn in Mahottari Rural Municipality in Mahottari district are at risk of several health issues in lack of a birthing center.

Meghan Markle isn’t the only one celebrating a newborn today. Comedian Amy Schumer has also given birth to her first child. Schumer and husband Chris Fischer’s son was born Sunday night according to her Instagram where she posted a photo of her family of three. In the caption she writes that at “10:55 p.m. last night. Our royal baby was born.”

TAPLEJUNG, March 17: On June 16, 2001, Abirman Rai, vice-chairperson of then Yamphudin VDC lost his wife. Immediately after delivering their daughter, his wife Phulmaya succumbed to the labor pain.

Busting pregnancy care myths

March 8, 2019 12:27 pm

The importance of pregnancy care cannot be stressed enough. There are so many books and articles already written about it that the information available is often contradictory. Also, there are many people who depend on traditional practices and act against the advices of professionals. Dr Rangina Laikangbam (Shah), an obstetrician and laparoscopic gynecologist at Alka Hospital in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, says it’s quite alarming how people don’t know even the basics of pregnancy care.

Are you worried about not being able to be a parent?? It may be because you’re simply taking considerations into common myths about infertility.

Sept 20: A high gluten intake by mothers during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of their child developing type 1 diabetes, suggests a study published by The BMJ today.

WASHINGTON DC, June 8: Children born to mothers older than 35 are more likely to have heart problems in later life, finds a study.

Pregnancy care

June 8, 2018 07:55 am

As an expecting mother, you might want to clean the house, create some extra space, shop for new things, and redecorate the rooms for your future newborn. But, these chores might not be safe for you and your developing fetus as they might be either physically strenuous or toxic or both.

ROLPA, May 10: Simran Pun is 15-years-old.  A resident local of Triveni Rural Municipality -7, she is three-month pregnant presently. “I realized that I was pregnant only after I was three months into pregnancy. I came to know about it when I visited hospital following stomach ache,” she said.  As soon as she became aware of it, the first thought that came to her mind was getting an abortion. However, rethinking changed her decision.

KANCHANPUR, Mar 20: Teenage pregnancy rate is on the rise in Shuklaphanta Municipality of Kanchanpur as early marriage continues to take place here.

There may be no greater pleasure than bringing your little baby into this world. But pregnancy also takes a great toll on your body and post-pregnancy weight gain can be a disappointment and a source of stress for many. But the good thing is you do not have to do a thousand crunches to lose that baby belly. All you need is some patience and dedication to ease back into your fitness routine.

Feb 27: A study led by the Boston University School of Medicine has eased speculative fears after revealing no link between the number or duration of prenatal ultrasounds and a child’s later development of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Singer Enrique Iglesias has welcomed twin children with his long-time girlfriend and former tennis star Anna Kournikova.

KATHMANDU, Aug 1: Five years ago, twelve years old Rina Dahal (name changed) of Dhading ran away from home and came to Kathmandu along with her friends. Though she used to work in a Thamel-based restaurant, she didn't earn enough to pay the rent of her room. This ultimately pushed her to the street life. The ill-treatment of the hotel owner and other staffs compelled her to quit her job.

BENI (MYAGDI), June 12: A woman has been successfully treated for what is known as 'ectopic pregnancy', a rare medical case in which fertilized egg is found outside of the uterus.

Tennis star Serena Williams could take a pass on Wimbledon if physical changes from her pregnancy such as balance and blood flow affect her preparation and performance, researchers who study pregnancy in high-performing athletes said.

Singer Beyonce Knowles didn't tell her father Mathew Knowles that she is pregnant with twins.

When the music superstar took to Instagram to announce that she is pregnant with twins her fans erupted with excitement and likes and comments rolling in. So fast in fact, that less than eight hours after sharing the incredible news, Beyoncé broke the record for the most liked Instagram snapshot of all time.

MUMBAI, June 10: Actress Kareena Kapoor, who will be seen in upcoming film “Udta Punjab”, has dismissed rumours about her pregnancy. Some of the actress’s pictures had recently sparked rumours that she is pregnant.