KATHMANDU, Jan 13: As Maghe Sankranti is just two days away, a large number of people are seen thronging to vegetable markets in Kathmandu Valley to buy Sakharkhand, yams, potatoes, and other goods in vegetable markets.

TIKAPUR, Nov 6: Every day hundreds of farmers ride bicycles to reach the Indian market and return with sacks of potatoes. At this time, farmers can be seen returning with sacks of potatoes on their bicycles in the border area.

TAPLEJUNG, Aug 7: Farmers of Taplejung have produced potatoes worth Rs 2.2 billion in the Fiscal Year 2018/2019.

BIRGUNJ, Dec 5: Potatoes stored at cold stores in Birgunj have failed to find market, causing losses worth millions to farmers and traders. Potatoes brought from the hilly regions of Nepal and imported from Punjab of India dominated the market during September and October when the potatoes in cold storage facilities were supposed to hit the market.

There are various kinds of foods in our surroundings and most of the times we tend to neglect their benefits. Taro root vegetables and sweet potato are among such neglected food items that are found during this season.

Jumla potatoes finding good market

October 18, 2016 09:30 am

JUMLA, Oct 18: Traders from different parts of the country are reaching Jumla to purchase potato grown by local farmers.

SURKHET, Aug 15: Surkhet district imports potatoes worth Rs 300,000 from India every day as local production is not sufficient to meet the demands of the district. The district is self-sufficient in other vegetable products except potato and onion, according to Surkhet Vegetable and Fruit Traders Association.