For fun and laughs

June 28, 2019 09:33 am

As the first official stand-up comedy club of Nepal, Comedy Circle has been gaining quite the popularity since it was formed in 2017. But the co-founders of Comedy Circle, Suraj Khadgi and Anup Ghimire, claim that they started the club randomly and hadn’t expected it to amount to much.

The popularity of K-Pop is on the rise. Plenty of Korean girl groups are becoming   popular each day, and have lots of fans all around the world.As k pop is creating a big fandom in the hearts of people. A few high schoolers, who have finished their exams and are eagerly waiting for their results answered a few question about what made them get into the emerging fandom.

Only 25 percent of those surveyed between November 9 and 17 say they are satisfied with France’s President Emmanuel Macron, according to a survey of almost 2,000 people by Le Journal du Dimanche.

Putin’s declining popularity

September 23, 2018 00:30 am

Putin’s image as a steward of Russia’s greatness and a symbol of hope is slipping away. His tried-and-true tactic is not a practical long-term strategy

BIRGUNJ, July 17: The 'educate daughter; save daughter' plan floated by Province-2 government to increase access of children and adolescents to education is gaining popularity in Parsa and Bara districts.

Govt decision for cheap popularity: UML

January 25, 2018 17:10 pm

KATHMANDU, Jan 25: The CPN-UML has criticized the government decision to review the age for senior citizen allowance to the age of 65.

TANAHUN, Jan11: Though imported clothes are used in high number in Nepal, local handmade dhaka clothes are also in demand. The products are specially gaining popularity in Tanahun Baazar as they are selling in good number.

KHOTANG: A huge crowd of devotees gathered at the Chhonkha Chandisthan located on the banks of the Byuwnwa River that borders Khotang. The Chhonkha Chandisthan is considered the country’s first Sakela Than. Unlike religious places within Bhojpur, Udayapur, Dhankuta, Morang, Dharan and Kathmandu; many devotees visited this Chandisthan during the occasion of the full moon on Monday.

Trump's popularity tumbles to new low