KATHMANDU, Dec 15: Dismayed over ongoing efforts to mandate a high-level political mechanism to deal with the Maoist insurgency-era cases, a group of conflict victims, human rights activists and lawyers on Friday submitted a memorandum to Swiss Ambassador to Nepal, Elisabeth Bon Cappler.

KATHMANDU, Dec 12: The existing transitional justice mechanisms formed to deal with Maoist insurgency-era cases may be on the verge of closure, with leaders from the major political parties including main opposition Nepali Congress agreeing to mandate a 'high-level political mechanism' to handle what remains of the transitional justice process.

KATHMANDU, Nov 25: Members of the transitional justice (TJ) bodies formed to settle conflict-era cases have warned that discontinuation of the existing TJ bodies to form a political mechanism in their place, as proposed by a section of rights activists and some of the conflict victims, may further complicate the situation and derail ongoing progress in settling the conflict-era cases.