BAJHANG, Feb 10: With the onset of snowfall in the mountainous regions, there has been an increase in the incidents of poaching of wild animals that wander to human settlements in search of warmth. Wild animals including Himalayan tahr, deer, antelopes, lophophorus, kalij pheasant, tigers, and bears that come close to human habitats during winter are being openly hunted.

KAPILVASTU, Dec 23: A gunfight broke out between poachers and forest guards as the hunters entered the Tilaurakot Collaborative Forest for poaching.

During the 1960s, Nepal experienced a significant decrease in its one-horned rhino population due to widespread poaching that brought them on the brink of extinction. Nonetheless, concerted efforts from various stakeholders including the Government, Nepalese Army, local communities, and several NGOs and INGOs have resulted in remarkable progress towards restoring their numbers.

Curbing rhino poaching

January 22, 2023 08:00 am

On Friday, two rhinos– an adult and a four-year-old male – were found dead on the bank of the Narayani River in Madhyabindu Municipality-2 of Nawalparasi (East). The incident that occurred in Chitwan National Park (CNP) area is suspected to be yet another case of poaching, as the horn of the female rhino was found in a severed condition.

CHITWAN, Feb 18: The deaths of rhinos due to unchecked poaching and natural reasons have seen an ascending trend in the country.

16 rhinos die in CNP this fiscal year

November 28, 2020 15:28 pm

With this, 16 rhinos have died in CNP in the current fiscal year. Of them, four were killed by poachers.

BIRE KPATOUS GAME RESERVE, July 27: Charles Matthew secures his beret, slings a rifle over his shoulder and prepares a team for an overnight foot patrol in Bire Kpatous, one of South Sudan’s game reserves that survived the country’s civil war but are now increasingly threatened by poachers and encroaching human settlements.

KANCHANPUR, July 25: Shuklaphanta national park has reported zero poaching after hidden cameras were installed at various places inside the park. Such cameras have been installed at more than two dozen places with high possibility of poaching.

KATHMANDU, March 5: The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has launched an investigation into allegations published by The Kathmandu Post in partnership with BuzzFeed News that the international charity funds and works with “paramilitary forces that have been accused of beating, torturing, sexually assaulting, and murdering scores of people.”

HONG KONG, Feb 15: Hong Kong customs seized a record 40kg of rhino horns worth around HK$8 million (S$1.4 million) from Johannesburg en route to Vietnam, the latest bust for the authorities trying to tackle the rising volume of endangered species trafficked through the Chinese territory.

TEHRATHUM, Nov 11: A large number of wild animals has become the victim of poaching and hunting in private and community forests of Tehrathum in the last few months.

SOUTH AFRICA, Sept 14: The mutilated carcass of a female white rhino, who had given birth just months ago, lay rotting on a hill beside a road that meanders through South Africa's Kruger National Park.

CNP completes zero poaching year

April 10, 2018 17:20 pm

CHITWAN, April 10: Chitwan National Park (CNP) completed one year of zero poaching.

RAJASTHAN, April 7: Bollywood actor Salman Khan was granted bail by a Jodhpur sessions court on Saturday, two days after he was convicted in a 20-year-old case of poaching blackbucks.

NEW DELHI, April 5: A Jodhpur trial court today convicted Salman Khan, while acquitting other accused in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case.

RASUWA, Feb 12: With an objective to curb poaching of rare and endangered wildlife, a four-month campaign dedicated to anti-poaching is being launched in Langtang National Park starting from Tuesday.

HONG KONG (Reuters) - A ban on ivory sales in China, the world's largest importer and end user of elephant tusks, takes effect on Sunday with wildlife activists calling it a vital step to reducing the slaughter of the endangered animals.

CHITWAN, May 26: Nepal and India have agreed to launch a joint patrol in parks and reserves along the Nepal-India border to deal with the issues of wildlife poaching.

CHITWAN, April 16: A rally was held at Sauraha of Ratnagar, Chitwan this morning to mourn the poaching of a rare one-horned rhino took place here a week ago. The rally organised by the joint efforts of around 40 organisations based in the district.

KATHMANDU, March 20: When the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) with help of the Interpol arrested Rajkumar Praja from Malaysia in 2015, Nepal Police and wildlife activists hailed it as a watershed moment for the campaign against one-horned rhino poaching in Nepal. They had ample reasons to celebrate Rajkumar's arrest. After all, he was not just another criminal.

KALIKOT, Jan 25: Hundreds of endangered animals found in community forests of Kalikot districts are being hunted for the illegal wildlife trade. This has posed serious threat to the survival of the species, which are already threatened by rampant deforestation and climate change.

KALIKOT, Jan 24: The poaching has gone unbridled in the district headquarters Myanma, leaving the rare wild animals in danger of extinction.

MUGU, Jan 3: Villages in the eastern part of Mugu district are considered rich in wildlife. However, of late, wildlife population, especially that of deer and tiger, is fast declining. Locals put the blame on poachers and lack of adequate security measures along the border.

KATHMANDU, Oct 24: Nepal has been losing a number of snow leopards mostly to poaching and retaliatory killings, according to a recently published report of TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring network.

CHITWAN, Sept 6: A rhino that had sustained six bullet injuries on August 20 died Tuesday while undergoing treatment in Chitwan.

Poaching of Red Pandas sans reason

August 12, 2016 12:30 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 11: Last Wednesday the police arrested 4 people with 9 Red Panda hides. It is the most number of arrests in a day but not the first time people were arrested for illegal possession of these hides.