KATHMANDU, Dec 18: Urmila Thapa had stopped using plastic bags around three years ago. She had developed a habit of carrying cotton bags to grocery shops, cosmetic outlets or garment stores. She would even make an extra effort to hand over plastic waste separately to garbage collectors. A local of Chandragiri Municipality – 14, Kathmandu, she wanted to make sure that she played a role in curbing environmental hazards. However, it's been some time she is no more that concerned.

Sustainability on his mind

February 28, 2020 10:21 am

Have you ever gone to a cafe or a restaurant and ordered a drink only for it to come with a plastic straw shining brightly in all its non-reusable glory? And, of course, seeing the straw you’re overcome by this enormous sense of guilt on not playing your part in saving the world from plastic pollution.