Bir Shumsher Rana with his wife and two daughters in this undated photo.

Life in Black & White

April 12, 2019 09:05 am

Instagram has become a haven for budding photographers to showcase their photography skills as well as learn from other professional photographers. One such photo enthusiast is Prajwal Bhattarai who has been capturing moments and people of Kathmandu on his Instagram account @nepzie. If you were to go check out his page on Instagram, you will see a feed entirely in black and white with an occasional splash of color here and there. All these images reflect life in Kathmandu as well as places around Nepal.

PANCHTHAR, Jan 28: The rare marbled cat scientifically known ~IPardofelis marmorata~I, has been spotted in Nepal for the first time in history. A team of wildlife researchers photographed this mysterious cat through the camera trapping method.