KATHMANDU, Sept 16: Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has received new price lists with the reduced petroleum prices from Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) on Friday.

KATHMANDU, May 24: The government increased the transport fares from Tuesday, the second time in just a week, citing the recent hike in fuel prices.

KATHMANDU, May 15: While consumers have already been hit hard by the soaring prices of daily essentials, the recent hike in the prices of petroleum products by Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) on Saturday will even worsen the living condition of the people.

KATHMANDU, March 31: The government has decided to raise the fares of long distance travel by up to 14 percent citing soaring prices of petroleum products.

KATHMANDU, March 8: Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) on Tuesday paid Rs 14.30 billion to the Indian oil supplier for the purchase of the petroleum products.

KATHMANDU, OCT 18: Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC)’s projected loss of the next 15 days hits Rs 2.22 billion at the new price rates that the corporation received recently from the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), which is NOC’s sole supplier of petroleum products.

KATHMANDU, July 21: Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) faced a financial loss in the last fiscal year, following successive six-year gains in its annual financial balance, due to soaring prices of petroleum products in the international market.

KATHMANDU, Sept 11: Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has reduced the price of some petroleum products by Rs 2 per liter.