A Ramble to nostalgic alleys!

April 19, 2021 19:00 pm

I wondered for How many centuries These narrow alleys might have Existed and the people Who lived here with Gods and Deities With a life so divinely inspired to festivities Celebrated in devotion to those Divine-beings!!

LALITPUR: Mangal Bazaar of Lalitpur on Friday afternoon was flooded with rainwater, turning every street into a stream. People struggled to cross roads in the area as the flooded water brought derbies and garbage along the streets.

KATHMANDU, July 11: A chronic kidney patient succumbed to COVID-19 at the Lalitpur-based Patan Hospital on Friday evening.

one can vividly see the difference in the works of Korean artists and Nepali artists. Even though, the paintings are focused on portraits, everyday life, and nature using acrylic or oil on canvas, the perspective and composition help to see the difference in their work. This can hence, is the exhibition for the art lovers to understand the beauty of Nepali art along with Korean art technique.

KATHMANDU, Nov 21: An idol stolen from a temple in Patan in 1984 is currently on display at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Aug 17: 6 things to know by 6 PM today

August 17, 2019 18:00 pm

Your daily dose of missed important news of the day.

People celebrate Matya festival

August 17, 2019 11:24 am

KATHMANDU, Aug 17: The festival of Matya is celebrated in Patan, a day after Gai Jatra. It includes taking out processions in many Buddhist temples and stupas in Patan. It is believed that Matya festival is celebrated to honor the victory of Lord Buddha over vice.

The finale of international competition Dopper Changemaker 2019 was held at traditional water spout Hiti at Patan Durbar Square. Dopper Changemaker 2019 in Nepal is here to support students implement their thesis or graduation project on two major environmental issues: Water and/or plastic pollution. Dopper is a social enterprise from the Netherlands, introduced the Dopper Changemaker Challenge 2019 in Nepal.

One who purchases dreams

January 7, 2019 19:05 pm

Be it the sun shining or gloomy clouds hovering in the sky of Patan, the alleys of Krishna Mandir would lead you to Dev Nandhan Choudhary’s open fruit shop.

Global Arts collaboration in Patan

December 3, 2018 14:05 pm

KATHMANDU, Dec 3: Patan is well known for its rich architectural antiquity. The city has evolved as an intersection of art and culture. If you stroll around the locality, you may easily behold rich cultures and numerous traces of creativity adorned in the walls.

A group painting exhibition, ‘Reminiscence’ kicked off on Sunday at Classic Gallery, Patan. The exhibition will continue till December 15. The painting exhibition showcases works of renowned artists such as Jeevan Rajopadhyay, Meena Kayastha, Pramila Bajracharya, Prithivi Shrestha, Sagar Manandhar, Samundra Man Shrestha, Sangee Shrestha, Sarita Dongal and Uma Shankar Shah, providing variations in a single exhibition.

Cambodian PM visits Patan Durbar area

November 30, 2018 14:19 pm

LALITPUR, Nov 30 : Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen has visited the Patan Durbar area, a UNESCO world heritage site, today.

KATHMANDU, Oct 15: The existence of Mahaa: Dhal: Nani Aagamghar, used by the Priest of Krishna Mandir, Purna Chandi Temple, and teachers of Kartik Dance is in danger. Members of Mahaa: Dhal: Nani Aagamghar Guthi, organized a press meet at the premises of Mahaa: Dhal: Nani Aagamghar, Lalitpur to inform about deteriorating state of Aagamghar due to the lack of proper vision.

KATHMANDU, Oct 14: A month-long photography festival, ‘Photo Kathmandu’ organized by photo.cirlce, started this Friday. Patan and Kathmandu have been selected as the venues for the third edition of the photo exhibition. The fair is especially focused toward social issues such as gender, power, identity, patriarchy, and sexuality.

KATHMANDU, Aug 28: The advent of Janai Purnima gets the whole of Kathmandu to shine in a festive mood.  Similarly, at Patan, the locals partake in a unique procession – the Nyeku Jatra Mataya – with traditional lights as its major highlight. Devotees of Patan take a tour of the courtyards, visiting shrines, all over the ancient settlement during this celebration.

Gunla Parva: Drawing the younger lot

August 20, 2018 10:52 am

KATHMANDU, Aug. 20: On an early Saturday morning, 35 youngsters between the ages of 12 to 33 from Patan marched around the Swyambhunath stupa playing traditional musical instruments on the occasion of Gunla Parva.

Hidden eateries in Patan

June 4, 2018 09:45 am

Patan has evolved into a popular tourist hub in recent years.  The ancient city, surrounding Patan Durbar Square, along with the revered cultural and architectural heritages also consists of modern hubs contemplating the preferences of the contemporary youths.

High Court Patan stays ANFA election

March 23, 2018 08:19 am

KATHMANDU, March 23: High Court Patan on Thursday issued an interim order staying the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA)’s central committee and district chapters’ elections which was scheduled for March 28.

The cold breeze makes everyone want to curl up under their blanket and sleep, but for many poor people it is an everyday nightmare. Keeping this in mind, JCI Patan had initiated a social cause ‘Jaycees Nyano Abhiyan’ and they have accomplished their goal of ‘Jaycees Nyano Abhiyan 2018’ where they distributed blankets, financials supports in four areas of Nepal Jaycees A, B, C and D.

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: To commemorate the New Year, JCI Patan has initiated the Jaycees Nyano Abhiyan campaign by distributing warm clothes to the elderly at Manjushree Old Age Home, Khumaltar.

KATHMANDU, Jan 2: Patan High Court has paved out a way for Nepal Police to seek sources of news from online news portals.

Patan Museum sees influx of visitors

December 18, 2017 02:15 am

LALITPUR, Dec 18: The flow of visitors in Patan Museum has towered since Fiscal Year 2016/17 and this is mainly because of the new entry fee policy put in place by the Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

Patan Jaycees gets new president for 2018

December 12, 2017 08:01 am

JC Suman Shrestha has been elected the President of Patan Jaycees during the 31st LOM Convention and 47th Annual General Meeting of Patan Jaycees held at The Divine Taste Restaurant in Kumaripati on Saturday.

Fire at Patan Industrial area

November 14, 2017 19:50 pm

KATHMANDU,  Nov 14:  A massive fire has broken out in Patan Industrial area on Tuesday evening.

Devotees throng Krishna Temple, Patan

August 14, 2017 13:06 pm

LALITPUR, August 14: A large number of devotees have thronged the Krishna temple situated in Patan Durbar Square today on the occasion of Lord Krishna's birthday commonly known as Shree Krishnashtami.

KATHMANDU: Gallery MCUBE hosted the ‘Artist in Residence Seventh Season Exhibition’ on June 23 in Mitra Road, Patan Dhoka. The exhibition featured the works of four national as well as international senior artists in an open theme. Artists C.C. Chang and Chen Siao Chi from Taiwan along with Kapil Mani Dixit and Jupiter Pradhan from Nepal worked exclusively for exhibition.

An introspective day at Patan

June 6, 2017 12:31 pm

One eventful morning, I was getting ready to go to the hospital for regular my check-up. It wasn’t until I reached the hospital, that I found out that my doctor would be arriving an hour late. I couldn’t go home because I would be late for my work if I did, so I decided to roam around Patan Durbar Square. Although I had been to the place several times before, this day managed to change my perspective entirely. I first went to Krishna Mandir and worshipped the god of love and discipline: Krishna. Then I roamed around a little more and rested at a nearby temple. While sitting at the temple steps, my thoughts managed to break the serenity that I was in. I started thinking about my problems and the things that happened in my life. I always had a hard time letting things go and moving on. My problems seemed to weigh me down, and the worst part was I would often let it.

KATHMANDU, May 4: Japan has provided financial and technical assistance worth over Rs 8 million to Nepal for the reconstruction of Patan Durbar Square.

Malla-era stone pillar restored in Patan

February 28, 2017 00:20 am

PATAN, Feb 28: A team of Nepali and Austrian conservationists has restored the Malla-era idols of King Yoganarendra Malla and his two wives atop a stone pillar located inside the Patan Durbar Square.

LALITPUR, Feb 4: Patan Hospital remained tense throughout the day after a newly born baby died in the course of treatment Friday night.

Machhindranath to be brought to Patan

November 25, 2016 12:22 pm

LALITPUR, Nov 25: The famed Machhindranath deity – which has been kept at Bungamati for the past six month – will be brought to Patan on December 5.

KATHMANDU, Sept 23: A group of conservationists have restored two windows of a centuries-old building located inside the Patan Durbar Square following three years of continuous efforts.

LALITPUR, Aug 28: Reconstruction of the Patan Museum damaged by Gorkha earthquake has begun.

KATHMANDU, July 5: Government of India has extended a support of Rs 22.4 million for restoration of historical and cultural sites in Lalitpur.