Dear youth

September 23, 2021 17:26 pm

Dear youth, To the fire in your eyes, the passion in your hearts The vision in your mind, the courage in your approach, The smile in your face, the commitment in your goals Faith appears and disseminates

Passion meets creation

September 12, 2021 14:33 pm

The yellow sun cut into halves is still the sun that can shine. The golden moon is a mirror of the silver clouds; Only we do not know how the night sky hides its show.

Desire from your heart

December 2, 2020 08:30 am

Believe in your passion and desire from your heart Life will give you genuinely but you need to work hard It's all in your Karma so sow it with right mindset Eventually you will reap the benefits and that will be your assets.

An artist on the rise

April 10, 2020 09:37 am

Sarana Shrestha is a 20-year-old artist based in Kathmandu. Unlike many artists who seem to have a knack for drawing and colors, she started to draw only about three years ago, when she took a gap year after her 10th grade. But if one were to look at her portraits and other artworks, it would be difficult to believe that she’s fairly new to this craft.

Determination to succeed

February 1, 2020 09:39 am

Dan Theeng is a 24-years-old young man striving for success despite a life full of hardships. Originally from Sarlahi, Dan lost her mother when he was a toddler and till now he does not know much about the causes of her death. Her passing is wrapped in a sort of mystery as his father, a local farmer, never wanted to share with him what led to the tragic loss of his wife and Dan was never able to raise the issue. Likewise, when he was really small, like thousands of other people at that time, Dan contracted polio, a condition that defined his life for better.

Colors from life

November 1, 2019 08:11 am

The Blue for my pain, Green for the nurture Red for my future

Teaching: A passion for inspiring

September 27, 2019 16:51 pm

Moin Uddin worked in a media before he decided; he’d join as a fellow to ‘Teach For Nepal’ movement. Currently, he teaches English in Shree Terse Secondary School, Talamarang, Sindhupalchowk. Besides his passion for teaching, he writes poems and makes vlogs daily.

Passion on the rocks!

September 27, 2019 08:00 am

You draw a boundary between you and me obsessions apart, I have been telling you I love you

Dream with open eyes

July 19, 2019 08:31 am

Since his childhood days, Siris always felt his love for expressing his feeling and point of views through music and poems. He gave credit to his family for this. As his family found peace in spiritual activities such as singing ‘bhajans’ every night at home. This way he always felt connected to words and sound

Go for your passion

June 26, 2019 19:00 pm

Take a step back and reflect on the past few months. See how has life been, how stressed have you been, what have you been eating? Are you getting enough rest? Are you sleeping and working out? I know it can be frustrating if you don’t feel your best.

Attaining Saintliness

May 31, 2019 11:15 am

Could we talk about a saint? What sort of clarification could I receive for my life? Has he known the world around me, any better? Does he stay in a different world and what separates us from the world which he lives in?

Ball and bat passion

April 4, 2019 18:19 pm

We grew up listening to the infamous phrase: people who play cricket (mispronounced as Kir Ket) are fools, and those who watch are stupid. Despite that, Men’s Nepali cricket team has already registered themselves qualifying to the One Day International (ODI) status.

Soothing the masses

December 28, 2018 11:04 am

In the late of night if you find yourself at a pub and you hear a band playing before an audience absolutely quiet and riveted, chances are it’s the Phosphenes. The indie band is causing quite the waves among the avid music listening crowd of Nepal. With their focus on storytelling, simple melodies, and enchanting harmonies, Phosphenes is a name received with much adulation in live music sessions. And with their EP released this September, they are looking forward to more success in the days to come.

For the love of dancing

November 30, 2018 09:06 am

Mukesh Dhakal is your typical college boy. He goes to college, has a great time with his friends, studies when he has to, and sleeps whenever he can. Nothing about him will strike you as extraordinary at first glance. But when you see him on stage, all notions of regularity you associated with him will be washed off before he steps off it. For there is nothing ordinary in the way he moves his body, and the way rhythm and music seem to course through him.

Born in Khotang and raised in Morang, Sameer Rai is the owner of two Kathmandu eateries. He was passionate about restaurants since his childhood. So right after completing his secondary level education he moved to the capital in 2003 to follow his passion.

Souls of my city- Art: more than passion

September 9, 2018 09:52 am

According to Dibesh Pradhan, a designer by profession, work is secondary to survival.

Passion into Profit

July 10, 2018 11:45 am

Very few people out there actually understand the meaning of transposing passion into profit. In this digital era, one can make easy money by sitting at home or workplace.

In a late afternoon in March, hundred or so locals were witnessing a festival of cricket in Chitwan. Halfway through a junior Twenty20 match, a touring bus arrived at the ground. The tourists hopped off the bus and were almost now thrown into a cauldron. Outside temperature was above 30 degrees Celsius.

The value of passion and persistence

December 15, 2017 10:24 am

Saugat Malla, who we got to know as the extraordinary ‘Haku Kale’ from the blockbuster movie ‘Loot’, is a successful theater artist and movie actor. After struggling for years, Malla has now come a long way, winning over even the critics by his exceptional performances in movies like Kagbeni, Kabaddi Kabaddi, and Mukhauta to name a few. But this shy actor isn’t one who regularly makes his presence felt in the media so there’s a lot that we don’t know.

When passion came calling

December 15, 2017 10:19 am

Recently, Line, a play based on Israel Horovitz’s one-act play of the same name, was up at Shilpee Theater in Battisputali, Kathmandu. The play ran for three weeks. The incongruous drama’s entire plot showcases five people waiting in line for an event. The play starring Rajkumar Pudasaini, Sudam CK, Loonibha Tuladhar, Sandesh Shakya, and Saroj Aryal was directed and translated into Nepali by Akanchha Karki, who is a theater artist and a psychologist as well.

My Passion to Read

December 7, 2017 08:42 am

My passion to read It makes me believe that we are the future seed Of our beloved nation For which I bestow love heed.

Combining passion and profession

November 24, 2017 10:20 am

All of us dream of traveling the world, visiting all these new places that intrigue and fascinate us. But, for many, that is what it remains, a dream, a very far-fetched notion that we can only imagine about. Sometimes it is because we do not have time, sometimes we don’t have enough money, and then there are hundreds of other excuses we use not to travel. But Dr Nima Namgyal Sherpa doesn’t let anything stop him from traveling. And that, he confesses, is because his work allows him the luxury of traveling.

Pursing a passion

August 18, 2017 14:47 pm

Adhikari confesses that he spent many sleepless nights pondering over a poem and always tried to better his writing style.

Juggling passion and profession

August 15, 2017 12:33 pm

Rajiv Joshi is a national basketball player, and Physical Education (PE) teacher at Kathmandu International Study Center (KISC). Having dedicated in sports for 10 years now and played over 100 tournaments, he recently won the NEBA President Cup organized by Nepal Basketball Academy last week.

CALIFORNIA, July 27: Maria Sharapova's love for tennis has only grown stronger during her 15-month doping ban, the five-times grand slam winner has said as she continues her comeback from the suspension.

Pursuing her passion

July 14, 2017 12:45 pm

She has a degree in environmental law but you will also find her instructing zumba or piloxing classes at various fitness studios across town. Grishma Bista believes in living a life where you work hard, extremely hard, to make your dreams come true. But this ambitious young woman isn’t only focused on improving her own life. She recently organized a charity event to help children in Kenya.

Dedicated in the field of teaching for more than two decades, Shiba Datta Gnawali is the founder principal of Universal College. Established in 1995, the college runs +2 programs in Science, Management and Humanities streams, including Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Business studies and Arts. Starting off his career as a lecturer in Amrit Science Campus and Tribhuvan University, Gnawali spent more than a decade as a teacher at Brigade of Gurkhas, Hong Kong before retiring in 1994. Having earned a doctorate degree (PhD) in 2002 from Tribhuvan University, he has been working as a founder principal of Universal College since its inception.

When passion meets profession

June 16, 2017 13:59 pm

He wanted to provide a platform to some budding Nepali dancers in France, which is how the YouTube channel Avash Acharya Productions came into being. 23-year-old Acharya had always been passionate about producing content and is now working on introducing Nepali culture to the European audience and market through it. Isha Upadhyay caught up with him to find out more about his work and future plans during his recent trip to Nepal.

Aaryan Sigdel is one of the most popular actors in the Nepali film industry. He has been in the industry for more than 10 years. After debuting with ‘Kismat’, Sigdel has played lead roles in hits like ‘Mero Euta Sathi Cha’ and ‘November Rain’.

The passion of the reader

March 10, 2017 01:15 am

Former advisor to President Yadav, Hari Sharma reveals that, of late, he isn’t only picking books for its content matter or writer but also aesthetic value. Fonts, bindings, cover, size, he talks about them all and also reflects that it might sound slightly unusual. Nevertheless, he is thoroughly enjoying the process of locating and the prospect of owning such literary finds.

NEW YORK, Oct 1: Has the fire of passion that kept you awake all night in the initial years after marriage all but died down? Don’t fret any more even if it has, for there are ways that couples can sustain – or relight – their passion, new research suggests.

Clad in a skimpy black bikini, the busty blonde could barely contain her ample chest which spilled out of the scanty fabric.

Has the fire of passion that kept you awake all night in the initial years after marriage all but died down? Don't fret any more even if it has, for there are ways that couples can sustain - or relight - their passion, new research suggests.