PALPA, March 29: A person accused of murdering a teenage girl in Ribdikot, Palpa, on March 26 has been arrested. A 19-year-old Padma Sunar of Ribdikot-1, Khwaha in Palpa, was murdered on March 26.

BUTWAL, March 27: A young woman who had gone to take a bath at a community tap was found murdered in Palpa.

TANSEN, Feb 14: A total of 10 individuals have lost their lives in a jeep accident in Palpa's Tinau Rural Municipality-6 while 16 others were injured.

Eight killed in Palpa jeep accident

February 13, 2024 18:40 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: At least eight people were killed in a jeep accident that occurred in Palpa on Tuesday evening.

PALPA, Dec 22: One person died in a tipper accident in Palpa. Two people were injured.

KATHMANDU, Dec 10: Dambar Bahadur Saru, 48, of Mityal Gangsingh Danda, Nisdi Rural Municipality-4, Palpa, died succumbing to the wounds he suffered from shrapnel when a muzzle-loader he was carrying went off accidentally.

PALPA, Oct 23: A total of 13 people were injured in separate accidents in Palpa today.

PALPA, Oct 22: Identities of six people who died on the spot in a jeep accident at Baikunthe along the Rani Mahal road section have been established.

Six dead in Palpa jeep accident

October 22, 2023 20:15 pm

RAMPUR (PALPA), Oct 22: At least six people died on the spot in a jeep accident that took place at Baikunthe along the Rani Mahal road section.

PALPA, Sept 18: In an incident in Palpa, a young man lost his life during a dispute that erupted amidst the festivities of Teej.

GULMI, Sept 2: Six people were injured in a jeep accident in Palpa on Saturday.

BUTWAL, Aug 30: The identity of those who died when a landslide fell on a Scorpio in Jorte of Palpa has been ascertained. Three persons were killed on the spot when a Scorpio of Ruru Resunga Transport Pvt Ltd with registration number Lu 1 Ja 4600 was hit by a landslide in Ribdikot Rural Municipality-2 Jorte on the Tansen-Tamghas subsidiary highway.

RAMPUR, Aug 30: At least three persons died in a jeep accident in Ribdikot Rural Municipality-2, Jorte, of Palpa.

KATHMANDU, July 8: District Chairman of CPN (Unified Socialist), Palpa, Khimanand Pandey (Kamal) has passed away.

RAMPUR, June 30: The Kaligandaki corridor road has been obstructed due to incessant rain since last night. The road was blocked after a landslide occurred near the Sardikhola bridge on the border of Rambha Rural Municipality-2 and 3 of Palpa under the corridor.

RAMPUR, June 5: The death toll has reached four in the jeep accident that occurred at Devichhahara rural municipality-8, Satyabati Keurechheda in Palpa. The identities of the deceased have been ascertained.

RAMPUR, June 4: Three people died and 12 others were injured in a jeep accident in Palpa on Sunday.

PALPA, May 2: Until some years ago, stray cattle in Rampur and surroundings had become a nuisance to the local people. They would destroy crops, attack people and cause road accidents. Nowadays, the locals have got a relief, as ‘Gaushala’ (a shelter for cows) at Rampur Municipality in Palpa district has been established where such cows, oxen, and calves are given shelter and fodder.

BUTWAL, April 23: A woman was killed and 38 other people were injured in a bus accident at Jordhara in Palpa.

RAMPUR, Jan 6: At least six persons were killed and 18 others were injured in a bus accident in Palpa on Thursday night.

PALPA,  25 Nov: CPN-UML candidate for the House of Representatives membership from Palpa Constituency No. 2, Thakur Gaire has won the election, securing 27,817 votes.

PALPA, Nov 6: With the operation of rafting in the river Kaligandaki in the Rani Mahal area of ​​Palpa, the attraction of domestic tourists has increased. With the increase in the interest of domestic tourists in rafting, the number of tourists visiting Rani Mahal has also increased.

Palpa, Oct 30: A bus carrying pilgrims from Rambha Rural Municipality-1 Hungi of Palpa met with an accident at Bulingtar in Nawalpur. Five people were killed in the incident. The bus with number plate Lu 6 KHA 7580, which was carrying pilgrims to the Mankamana temple at 11 o'clock in the night, had an accident at 3 o'clock in the morning at Bulingtar Rural Municipality-2, Mathar, Nawalpur under the Kaligandaki corridor.

Palpa sees boom in Dhaka textile trade

October 27, 2022 16:00 pm

TANSEN, Oct 27: The Palpali Dhaka fabric has become the choice of both domestic and foreign visitors to Palpa with product diversification in response to the desire of the consumers.

PALPA, July 25: Six people died while 16 were injured when a passenger bus (Lu 1 B 5952) met with an accident in Ribdikot-2, Laghuwa, Palpa.

BUTWAL, June 28: Butwal-Palpa road has been disrupted due to landslides in various places.

PALPA, Jan 23: The District Administration Office has suspended all services except for essential ones.

Seven dead in Palpa bus accident

January 2, 2022 12:51 pm

BUTWAL, Jan 2: As many as seven people died in a bus accident at Laghuwa in Palpa today. According to the district police office, seven people died on the spot after the bus heading to Gulmi’s Ridi from Butwal met with the accident. The bus was transporting a dead body.

Son kills mother with firewood

November 27, 2021 11:16 am

PALPA, Nov 27: Menu Saru, 62, of Ribdikot Rural Municipality-8 died after her son, Krishna Bahadur Saru, 43, hit her with firewood.

PALPA, Sept 17: The number of patients taking Ayurvedic medicines is increasing in the district. People with health issues like abdomen pain, gastritis and loss of appetite have been visiting the Ayurveda hospitals.

Pedestrian killed in truck-hit

October 10, 2021 13:30 pm

RAMPUR, Oct 10: A pedestrian has died after being hit by a truck in Baganaskali Rural Municipality-2 of Palpa district. The deceased has been identified as Shyam Bahadur Rokaya, 59, of Baganaskali-2.

KATHMANDU, August 14: Dhan Bahadur Lamtari, 35, was pronounced dead on Friday after getting shot by a hunting rifle in Ribdikot Rural Municipality-6 of Palpa.

PALPA, May 24: The Rampur Municipality of Palpa has submitted a request to the Nepal government to purchase 50,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Mayor Raman Bahadur Thapa of Rampur Municipality requested the Minister for Health Hridayesh Tripathi to allow them to purchase the vaccines.

Tansen is a testament to the living heritage and architecture of the Newa civilization outside the Kathmandu Valley.

PALPA, Sept 24: Five members of a family went missing in Rambha Rural Municipality-2 in Phoksingkot after a massive landslide triggered by incessant rainfall buried two houses on Wednesday night.

PALPA, Sept 19: A  COVID-19 patient undergoing treatment at Lumbini Medical College in Palpa died on Friday night.

Family of deceased patients claim hospital’s rejection to admit for treatment led to his untimely demise

PALPA, Sept 17: Palpa has recorded yet another coronavirus-related death, taking the toll in the district to three.

PALPA, July 19: Vehicular movement along the Tansen-Butwal road section of the Siddhartha Highway resumed on Sunday evening.

PALPA, June 1: Palpa district has reported its first case of the novel coronavirus disease. Three persons who have recently returned from India were diagnosed with this viral infection.

RUPANDEHI, March 14: Vehicular movement on the Butwal-Palpa road section along the Siddhartha Highway will remain closed for eight hours a day as works have commenced upgrading the highway.

Recipe of Chukauni

February 18, 2020 09:00 am

One of the popular salad made in the western region of Nepal, especially in Palpa district, Chukauni is a spicy salad where potato is dressed with sour yogurt.

PALPA, Feb 3: A famous tourist destination aside, Rampur in Palpa district is proving to be an agricultural zone. Rampur municipality-6 is ahead of the total 10 wards in the production of agricultural produce. Farmers in the village have cultivated banana farming on approximately 40 ropani ( one ropani is equivalent to 5476 square feet).

PALPA, Jan 15: Thousands of devotees have thronged Ruru Kshetra (also known as Ridi) to take a holy dip in the Kaligandaki River which is considered to be a holy river and has been mentioned in various scriptures of Hindu religion for ages.

When will the schools be reconstructed?

December 30, 2019 08:46 am

PALPA, Dec 30: The reconstruction of the school buildings damaged by the 2015 earthquake so as to shift the students studying in the open to classrooms is ongoing in the district. The District Level Project Implementation Unit (Education), with a five-year deadline to complete the reconstruction work, is speeding up the work.

PALPA, Nov 26: Formal and informal programs of various kinds were held in the district on Monday as part of the 16-day activism against violence against women (VAW) organized worldwide and across the country. The campaign that begins every year from 25 November and ends in 10 December has brought stakeholders together for the cause.

PALPA, Nov 19: A coffee farmer from Burtung village of Palpa, Rewanta Bahadur Bista, 76, has a dream. He wants not just his own business to grow manifold, but also wishes that Palpa be identified as the best coffee production district. “And my dream is not baseless, we have all potential required to establish ourselves as best coffee producers in the country,” he claims.

PALPA, Sept 17: Despite high demand of coffee both in internal and foreign markets, the country is producing coffee far below its capacity.

Three die in Palpa jeep accident

September 4, 2019 18:25 pm

PALPA, Sept 4: Three persons died and 18 others sustained injuries when a jeep met with an accident at Galyang municipality-3, Kholsa in Syangja on Wednesday.

PALPA, Aug 16: People have observed Gaijatra in memory of their deceased kith and kins.