Few Palestinians in the occupied West Bank get to board an airplane these days. The territory has no civilian airport and those who can afford a plane ticket must catch their flights in neighboring Jordan. But just outside the northern city of Nablus, a pair of twins is offering people the next best thing

ISRAEL, May 16: Israeli air strikes killed 26 Palestinians, including eight children, in Gaza early on Sunday, Gaza health officials said, and rockets were fired into Israel as hostilities stretched into a seventh day.

No country for Palestinians

April 9, 2019 00:25 am

AMMAN – A bizarre election campaign is heating up in Israel. The incumbent Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has become the first candidate in the country’s history to seek reelection while facing criminal indictments. Meanwhile, the most important topic—the occupation of the Palestinian territories—has not been mentioned, with candidates instead competing over who can be tougher on the Palestinians.

WEST BANK, July 29: Protesters waved Palestinian flags and condemned Israel’s attempt to remove Palestinians from their lands forcibly. Palestinians protested Friday against Israel’s planned demolition of the Bedouin community Khan al-Ahmar, located east of Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank.

JORDAN, July 22: Provocations by Israeli settlers in occupied Palestine happened days after Israel approved the nationality bill, which reiterates Jewish supremacy.

The United States has vetoed a Kuwaiti-drafted UN Security Council resolution that condemned Israel's use of force against Palestinian civilians, underlining Washington's differences with friends and foes alike over the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

THE HAGUE, May 22: The Palestinian foreign minister asked the International Criminal Court on Tuesday to open an “immediate investigation” into alleged Israeli “crimes” committed against the Palestinian people.

At least 28 Palestinians were wounded during protests along the Gaza border today amid fears of escalating violence as America moved its embassy to Jerusalem.

GAZA-ISRAEL BORDER, March 31: At least 16 Palestinians were killed and hundreds injured on Friday by Israeli security forces confronting one of the largest Palestinian demonstrations along the Israel-Gaza border in recent years, Gaza medical officials said.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip, March 30: Large crowds of flag-waving Palestinian protesters marched toward the Gaza border fence with Israel on Friday, some of them throwing stones and drawing Israeli fire that officials said killed at least six people.

HERBON, August 27: For people struggling to establish their own state, traditional food is an important part of the national heritage, and for Palestinians in the West Bank that goes well beyond the standard hummus (chickpea paste).