KATHMANDU, June 10: With the parliamentary regulations now in hand, work has started on the formation of the 10 committees under the House of Representatives.

KATHMANDU, May 25: At a time when two major left parties have merged into a single party named Nepal Communist Party (NCP), to consolidate their strength, the main opposition party in the country, Nepali Congress (NC), is embroiled in a serious intra-party dispute.

KATHMANDU, May 5: Nine opposition parties including the main opposition CPN-UML, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) and the CPN-ML among others issuing a joint statement on Thursday have demanded withdrawal of the impeachment motion filed against Chief Justice Sushila Karki.

KATHMANDU, April 28: Various opposition parties as well as the agitating Madhes-based parties represented in parliament have asked the government to hold local election in a single phase.

KATHMANDU, April 28: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal urged opposition parties to support in endorsing the constitutional amendment bill with revision while opposition, including CPN-UML, urged PM to make them clear on what revision would be made on the bill.

KATHMANDU, April 10: Opposition parties have criticized the government for engaging in a ‘trivial’ row over  hierarchy in the cabinet while ignoring the sensitivity of the fast-approaching local polls.

KATHMANDU, April 10: Opposition parties have criticized the government for engaging in a 'trivial' row over  hierarchy in the cabinet while ignoring the sensitivity of the fast-approaching local polls.

Oppn parties allow a day of deliberations

February 24, 2017 07:18 am

KATHMANDU, Feb 24: After a month-long hiatus, the constitution amendment bill has been set in motion in parliament, with the opposition parties softening their stance and allowing deliberations on it.

KATHMANDU, Feb 22: A meeting of the opposition parties has decided to seek the clear-cut views from the major ruling parties on the constitution amendment bill and move ahead accordingly.

KAHTHMANDU, Jan 21: Leaders from both the ruling and opposition political parties have drawn the attention of the government to the fast-approaching deadline for holding the three sets of elections provisioned in the new constitution.

KATHMANDU, Jan 12: The already troubled relation between the ruling coalition and the main opposition party is likely to worsen further, with the government deciding to sack the chief of National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Sushil Gyewali.

Amendment bill tabled amid oppn uproar

January 9, 2017 04:20 am

KATHMANDU, Jan 9: The government has tabled the constitution amendment bill in parliament on Sunday amid obstruction and uproar from the opposition parties.

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: The main opposition party, CPN-UML, is in a 'wait and see' mood whether to continue with the House obstructions, as the ruling Nepali Congress (NC) and the CPN (Maoist Center) remain adamant to push forward the constitution amendment bill. The next House meeting is scheduled for Sunday.

KATHMANDU, Dec 26: The ruling and opposition parties both seem to be shying away from taking the constitution amendment bill to a logical end by tabling it in Parliament for a decision.

KATHMANDU, Dec 5: Opposition lawmakers have claimed that the government registered the constitution amendment bill in Parliament at the behest of India.

KATHMANDU, Dec 3: Opposition parties have obstructed the second successive meeting of the parliament on Friday, demanding withdrawal of the constitution amendment bill registered by the government in the parliament.

KATHMANDU, Aug 24: A meeting of the opposition parties in the parliament on Tuesday decided that they would play a constructive role in drafting the necessary laws for holding elections and implementing the constitution.