KATHMANDU, Jan 18: According to the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board, the price of onion has decreased by 32% from the record high price of Rs 230 on November 27. The price of onion is now Rs 150 per kilo in the market which has helped to provide some relief to the consumers.

How we failed on onion

January 5, 2020 09:27 am

Onion is an important vegetable crop in Nepal and it can be grown in all districts. Physiologically, it is a long-day plant and is normally planted in October/November and harvested in May/June. Per capita consumption of onion in Nepal is 7.7 kg, which is far below the world average of 10.8 kg. Even then the domestic production is not sufficient to meet the demand of the country resulting in unavoidable import.

SINDHUPALCHOWK, Dec 12: As the country is going through onion shortage due to Indian ban, importers have turned to China for supply of the popular kitchen ingredient.

KATHMANDU, Dec 12: The retail price of Chinese onions has reached Rs 200 in the markets of Kathmandu, nearly equal to that of Indian onions. Due to absence of Indian onions in the Nepali market, Chinese onions have become an alternative for Nepali consumers.

KATHMANDU, Dec 11: The retail price of onion came down to Rs 180 per kilogram on Tuesday. However, this is the price of onion imported from China, not the regular ones that come from India.

KATHMANDU, Dec 4: The price of onion has skyrocketed in the last few weeks, reaching up to Rs 250 per kilo, compared to a normal price range of 50-60 rupees. Nepalis are going on social media to make fun of the wild price spike. People are resorting to funny memes and Tweets to show how they feel.

KATHMANDU, Nov 27: The retail price of onion climbed to a record high of Rs 230 on Tuesday, in a sharp jump by Rs 30 per kilo in a single day. The vegetable sold for Rs 200 per kilo on Monday.