BHAIRAHAWA, April 28: At a time when schools across the country are trying several means to attract students, Siyari Rural Municipality has grabbed attention due to one of its recent decision. The rural municipality has made it mandatory for community school students to carry healthy food to school in their tiffin box. If students up to the fifth standard are found reaching school without tiffin, they are likely to be deprived of government facilities. This applies to all community schools.

TANAHU, Dec 16: Providing well cooked and nutritious food to students during tiffin time is not an uncommon practice in private schools. However, this is hardly seen in community schools. But primary level community schools in Magde Rural Municipality are now practicing this trend. Since the last few weeks, children are being provided with school-made meals. And the initiative taken by the rural municipality is basically aimed at excluding junk foods from the student’s tiffin boxes.