Who killed Nirmala Panta?

September 24, 2018 18:53 pm

It has already been 60 days of the incident. However, the government, the police and related committees formed to investigate the rape and murder case of Nirmala Panta have failed to find out and to drag the culprit to the justice.

Durga Devi Panta, the mother of Nirmala Panta, has revealed that the friendship between her daughter and her friend Roshani Bam was very healthy.

Women in Khotang rally for Nirmala

September 18, 2018 04:30 am

KHOTANG, Sept 18: With the authorities so far failing to book those guilty in the rape and murder of Kanchanpur's 13-year-old Nirmala Panta, Nepal Women's Association Khotang led a demonstration against the government. Nirmala had gone missing on July 26 and her body was found on July 27.

KATHMANDU, Sept 16: The police headquarters has formed yet another probe committee on Sunday to investigate the rape and murder case of Nirmala Pant.

The rape and murder case of 13-year old Nirmala Panta has become a national shame. Forty eight days have passed since this horrendous crime was reported and demands for justice were raised across the country.