Are we falling prey to the tech world?

September 29, 2020 07:49 am

With lifestyle swinging uncomfortably with the new normal where education, communication, business and even life are dependent on gadgets, we need to outline protocol for the new normal living.

This year’s Global Tiger Day comes at an extraordinary juncture in recent human history — one that has invoked a popular phrase to describe the upcoming future: ‘The New Normal.’ While this phrase adequately captures the need for behavioural change to curb the spread of the devastating global pandemic, it is also being propelled by media narratives to describe the climate crisis. Today presents a relevant opportunity to counter these narratives. Here’s why the phrase “New Normal” doesn’t apply to climate scientists and why it shouldn’t apply to policymakers — particularly those focusing on tiger conservation.

KATHMANDU, July 16: The Sajha Yatayat, a public transportation service, is set to resume its services from today.

Moving towards a new normal

June 7, 2020 12:39 pm

Coronavirus pandemic has engulfed almost all countries around the world. The number of infected person and subsequent death has reached almost 6.7 million and 400 thousand respectively and the number is on rise with every passing day. It is still uncertain when this annihilation will stop and the people will return to their normal life.

Learning to live with COVID-19

May 31, 2020 14:00 pm

OXFORD/PORTO ALEGRE – One of COVID-19’s paradoxes has been the way in which some wealthy, high-capacity countries (particularly the United States and the United Kingdom) failed to contain the virus, while some poorer countries and regions with less capacity (including Vietnam, Greece, and the Indian state of Kerala) swiftly brought it under control. Now that countries must plan beyond their lockdowns, an equally stark contrast has emerged.