MYAGDI, August 29: Beni Municipality in Myagdi has brought into use the online-based revenue information system.

MYAGDI, August 8: At least seven hydropower projects in Myagdi district have been affected by landslides.

MYAGDI, August 3: People's mobility has been obstructed after a flood at Malika Rural Municipality-7, Marangkhola in Myagdi on Monday swept away a wooden bridge.

MYAGDI, July 26: A patient with symptoms similar to the Nairobi fly infection has been found in Beni, the headquarters of Myagdi. Patients with skin problems showing symptoms similar to the Nairobi fly infection have started coming to health institutions.

GALESHWOR, July 13: The Beni-Simkhand road in Myagdi district has been blacktopped after 16 years of construction. Blacktopping the road has benefited locals in various ways. With this, the two-hour long travel on foot has now been reduced to only 25 minutes, said Bhuvan Buda, a local resident of Malika-5.

Beni-Jomsom road obstructed

July 2, 2022 13:30 pm

MYAGDI, July 2: Beni-Jomson road that connects Mustang to the national highway via northern part of Myagdi has been obstructed since early morning today.

MYAGDI, June 28: As a protest against the sheer recklessness of road maintenance by the government authorities concerned, locals in Nayabazar of Mangala Rural Municipality-2 in the district have planted rice on a muddy road.

GALESHWOR, June 25: Human settlements in a rural municipality of Myagdi district are at risk due to a huge number of landslides. There are 216 landslides in eight wards of Raghu Ganga Rural Municipality of Myagdi and the settlements in those wards are at risk due to those landslides.

MYAGDI, May 12: Locals of Simkos and Bagargaun of Dhawalagiri Rural Municipality in Myagdi district are forced to walk on foot for three days to exercise their voting rights.

MYAGDI, April 26: Expressing dissatisfaction with the party's candidate selection process, the chairman of the CPN-UML Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality Committee of Myagdi has changed party before the nomination. Hom Bahadur Thapa has become a candidate from RPP as he did not get a ticket for the post of Rural Municipality chairperson/ deputy chairperson from the UML.

MYAGDI, April 16: Beni-Maldhunga road would remain closed for five hours daily from today.

PARBAT, April 6: The Maldhunga-Beni road section that connects Mustang and Myagdi districts with the national highway will be closed for five hours a day from April 16 to May 8.

MYAGDI, March 17: Two girls have gone missing from Benibazar, the district headquarters of Myagdi since Wednesday evening. According to the family, Priyanka Kumari Shah, 15. and Susma Kumari Shah, 13, of Indian origin, who were living with their family in Kalipul Bus Park, have gone missing.

MYAGDI, March 11: People's representatives of Myagdi have expressed concern over unseasonal rainfall and sudden rise in hot and cold waves.

MYAGDI, March 2: The National Planning Commission (NPC) has directed the authorities concerned to undertake a feasibility study on tunnel construction in the Myagdi section of the Beni-Jomsom road.

MYAGDI, Feb 7: The excavation work of the tunnel of Darwang Myagdi Khola Hydropower Project, which is under-construction in Darbang, Malika Rural Municipality-6 of western Myagdi, has started. The excavation work of Audit No. 1 tunnel has been started for building the 25 MW project. According to the project, the excavation of the auxiliary tunnel to the main tunnel has been started using explosives under the supervision and management of the Nepali Army.

MYAGDI, Jan 31: The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with ventilators that was established at Beni Hospital in Myagdi has been lying dysfunctional due to the lack of competent human resources.

MYAGDI, Jan 29: Construction of Thulo Khola hydropower project has begun at Raghunga rural municipality in Myagdi district.

MYAGDI, Nov 27: Construction of the Darbang-Myagdikhola Hydropower Project has started in Malika rural municipality. The Dhaulagiri Kalika Hydro Limited has started construction of the 25 MW capacity project with investment from non-resident Nepalis.

MYAGDI, Nov 9: The rebuilding of the Lo Gekar monastery located at Lo-ghekar Damodarkunda Rural Municipality in Mustang has begun. The Kathmandu-based US Embassy has assisted the monastery reconstruction project. The US Embassy has said it would be spending US dollars 285,000 for the project.

GALESHWOR, Nov 2: Nine hikers including three Spanish nationals who were stranded after missing the route to Mustang from Hidden Valley of Myagdi were rescued by the police.

MYAGDI, Oct 6: Beni Hospital has halted all services except the emergency ones as its health workers and staff are up in arms over the non-payment issue for the past three months.

KATHMANDU, Sept 6: The Darkhola Hydropower Project II located in Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality-2 in Myagdi district has been swept away by the flood. The canal and the powerhouse of the hydropower project, which is capable of producing 42 KW, has been swept away due to the flood that occurred on Sunday night.

GALESHWOR, August 23: Bagarphant village at Beni Municipality-2 in Myagdi district is grappling without drinking water for the past two months after landslides damaged water sources and pipelines.

MYAGDI, July 8: Construction of a suspension bridge over the Ghopte rivulet in Raghuganga rural municipality-6, Pakhapani of Myagdi district has shortened a walking distance of an hour to 20 minutes.

MYAGDI, June 10: The District Police Office, Myagdi has seized three tractors and an excavator involved in excavating riverine substances.

MYAGDI, May 7: Myagdi district is self-sufficient in oxygen, a necessity for treating patients suffering from coronavirus and pulmonary complications.

MYAGDI, May 4: The district administration of Myagdi has decided to enforce a prohibitory order in Beni Municipality effective from Wednesday for 10 days in a bid to break the chain of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection.

MYAGDI, March 25: Returnees from neighboring and other third countries will be mandatorily kept in quarantine and isolation in Myagdi for 10 days.

MYAGDI, March 10: Copper mines detected in different areas of Myagdi district have been lying unused for years. Some 17 big copper mines of Dhawalagiri, Malika and Raghuganga Rural Municipality and Beni Municipality in the district have not been mined yet due to legal hassles and lack of modern equipment.

MYAGDI, Feb 4: The construction of the 220-KV Dana-Khurkot transmission line and substation under the Kaligandaki corridor transmission line project has been completed. The two structures are ready for use after the installation of equipment and successful test of the transmission line.

MYAGDI, Dec 29: Hoteliers of Myagdi have demanded opening of tourist areas in Mustang district. COVID-19 pandemic and its risk of spreading led to the closure of all religious and tourist areas in Mustang since March. They have maintained that the areas have been closed despite the fact that they are resuming their business activities by following all safety measures.

Myagdi declared active COVID19 case free zone for now

MYAGDI, Aug 7: As many as 38 people died due to natural disasters like landslides, floods, thunder strikes, electric shocks and fire in Myagdi district in a year.

MYAGDI, July 23: The western belt of Myagdi district has witnessed power supply disruption for the last 15 days after the flood and landslides washed away the electricity transformer, transmission lines and dozens of electric poles.

MYAGDI, July 10: At least 11 people are missing in flash floods and landslides triggered by heavy rainfall at Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality-6 in Myagdi district on Friday morning.

Myagdi landslide kills two

June 10, 2020 10:00 am

MYAGDI, June 10: Two persons died after being buried in a landslide triggered by a flash flood at Raghuganga Rural Municipality-6, Kotgaun, here in the district on Tuesday night.

BENI, March 31: The ongoing lockdown has delivered a severe blow to dairy farmers in Myagdi who rely on selling milk.

MYAGDI, Feb 25: Seven hundred and forty-three households have been benefitted from a suspension bridge constructed at Newkhola of Mangala rural municipality-4 in Myagdi district.

MYAGDI, Feb 12: The construction of cemented bridges over the rivulets in the western belt of Myagdi has taken pace.

MYAGDI, Feb 12: Ananda Rijal of Toripani in Beni Municipality-9 of Myagdi district has been earning Rs 2 million annually after he ventured into commercial goat farming.

MYAGDI, Dec 23: Annapurna Rural Municipality of Myagdi is taking initiatives for promoting of a trekking trail to the northern base camp of Mount Annapurna (8,091 meters).


November 2, 2019 18:40 pm

The Week in Pictures for the week October 27- Nov 2, 2019.

Two die in Myagdi jeep accident

November 1, 2019 17:12 pm

MYAGDI, Nov 1: Two people died in a jeep accident in Malika Rural municipality-1, Rum on Friday afternoon.


October 19, 2019 18:40 pm

The Week in Pictures for the week October 13-19, 2019.

MYAGDI, Sept 30: Poon Hill is famous for its dense rhododendron forests. This forest is one of the major tourist attractions. Along with Poon Hill, there are areas in Myagdi where the national flower blooms. However, this forest is facing threats from its admirers themselves.

Beni-Jomsom road closed for four days

September 11, 2019 14:04 pm

GALESHWAR, Sept 11: Vehicular movement along the Beni-Jomsom road section has come to a standstill for the past four days.

MYAGDI, Aug 31: The testing of structure and equipment of Ghalemdi River Hydropower project located at Narchyang of Annapurna Rural Municipality-4 in north Myagdi has completed. After three successful testing, the project of 5 MW capacity is ready to generate electricity.

MYAGDI, August 18: Approximately Rs 1 million worth of sheep were killed after being struck by lightning at Khayar of Annapurna rural municipality-5 in Myagdi district, said the local people.

GALESHWOR, August 14: Altogether 2,150 households in Myagdi district are at high risk of landslide and flood.