Who gets the most time off, by law?

Test cricket’s 10 most capped players

October 19, 2016 17:45 pm

Alastair Cook will become England’s most capped Test player of all time on Thursday when he leads the side out at the start of a two-match series against Bangladesh.

KATHMANDU, Oct 16: There is one Buddhist nun everyone in Nepal knows by name — not because she's a religious icon and a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, nor for her work running a girl's school and a hospital for kidney patients.

KATHMANDU, Oct 13: There is one Buddhist nun everyone in Nepal knows by name — not because she's a religious icon and a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, nor for her work running a girl's school and a hospital for kidney patients.

KATHMANDU, Oct 5: Amrit Moktan was found waiting for vehicles at Balkhu since 6 am on Wednesday to travel to Hetauda with his family members for celebrating Dashain.

KATHMANDU, Oct 1: Though Nepal has improved its competitiveness by a notch, it has lost its rank as the third most competitive economy in South Asia, according to Global Competitiveness Report 2016-17 published by World Economic Forum (WEF).

KATHMANDU, Sept 24: The Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti has determined 8:45 am of October 11 as the most auspicious time for receiving Bada Dashain Tika.

Paul Jackson, a political economist working predominantly on conflict and post-conflict reconstruction, has closely studied post-conflict African countries like Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. He has also been involved in Nepal’s peace process since 2009, as a foreign consultant helping with the supervision, integration and rehabilitation of ex-Maoist combatants. Republica’s Biswas Baral talked to Jackson, who is also a professor of African Politics at Birmingham University, to understand how the peace process in Nepal compares to other peace processes. Has it been a success? How does Nepal get transitional justice right?

Touch where it hurts the most

September 20, 2016 23:16 pm

Go back and find a closure to your relationship. Let him know what you felt and how you felt (without expecting him to come back to you). Talk to him and other friends you trust about your fear of rejection and how this has deeply affected you. Go back and touch where it hurts the most.

Muslims most unpopular group in US: report

September 19, 2016 17:00 pm

A report from sociologists at the University of Minnesota demonstrates the negative attitudes toward Islam are not only higher than those toward any other religious or non-religious group, but are also rising at a faster rate.

LONDON, Sept 13: Corporations have increased their wealth as compared to countries according to new figures released by Global Justice Now.  The campaign group found that 69 of the world's top economic entities are corporations rather than countries in 2015.

Most municipalities have no fire engines

September 10, 2016 00:10 am

KATHMANDU, Sept 10: The government is working on a plan to ensure all 217 municipalities across the country have fire engines.

Which cities have the highest rates of murder worldwide?

Infographics: World’s most famous nun

September 3, 2016 00:05 am

Pope Francis will make Mother Teresa, the world’s most famous nun, a saint on Sunday.

KATHMANDU, Aug 9: Nepal's national anthem has ranked third in the BBC’s list of ‘Rio 2016: The most amazing national anthems’.

KATHMANDU, July 30: If the data provided by Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH) is anything to go by, over 80 percent of patients visiting the hospital's out-patient department (OPD) have been suffering from Hong Kong flu and influenza virus.

Most of Janakpur waterlogged

July 21, 2016 13:49 pm

JANAKPUR, July 21: Most parts of Janakpur Sub-metropolitan City have been waterlogged following incessant rain due to lack of proper outlet. Most of the parts in all the 27 Wards of the sub-metropolis are waterlogged.

KATHMANDU, July 12: Most of the complaints registered at the Parliamentary Hearings Special Committee (PHSC) against 11 recommended justices are against the 'flawed' recommendation procedure itself.

Global HNWI population and wealth in 2015

KATHMANDU, June 29: Nepal has been ranked the 33rd most fragile state in the world among 168 nations and third most fragile state among eight south Asian nations, according to the Fragile States Index (FSI) 2016, created by The Fund for Peace and Published by Foreign Policy magazine.