BHOJPUR, Feb 5: Human settlements in the lower belt of Bhojpur district are being displaced with increasing rampage of monkeys.

The Monkey

August 26, 2021 14:07 pm

The monkey on drapery clothes wiggles its tail and Showcases its cheap tricks. A road dancer jumps Looking at monkey's yellowish banana teeth

Back to the woods

March 7, 2020 10:31 am

Finding it hard to understand human behavior? Tired of the urban jungle? In dire need of some peace of mind? Need some inspiration to write something creative? Or simply need some fresh air?

Monkey menace in Arghakhachi

August 8, 2019 05:00 am

ARGHAKHACHI, Aug 8: Monkeys have become a nuisance for farmers in several villages of Arghakhachi district. Wild monkeys come in troops and destroy their agricultural products, mainly corns.


June 1, 2019 18:40 pm

The Week in pictures for the week May 26 - June 1.

PARBAT, Nov 2: As many as 217 monkeys have been caught and caged in Mahashila Rural Municipality of Parbat district after they destroyed farmers’ crops. Although it might sound odd, the local unit actually mobilized a team to catch and cage the monkeys by allocating a budget of Rs 300,000.

This monkey menace

June 23, 2018 00:50 am

This monkey menace is quite serious. Once in a while, you get to read reports about people from many villages across Nepal picketing local police posts to demand security from the menacing monkeys. What’s more, these days, controlling monkey menace has become an election agenda.

KHOTANG, June 19: As the monkeys visit their villages and destroy all their crops, farmers of Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi-7, of Khotang have sleepless nights protecting their crops.