Food has always been a matter of constant struggle for the Chepangs. In the past, jungles were dense and their habitat was more resourceful. Over the years, food collection from the jungles has been a challenge due to haphazard urbanization.


August 5, 2017 12:55 pm

If you’re a ‘90s kid, growing up probably might have been about your mother ranting dialogues like “Why are the kids of today’s generation always stuck on their mobiles?” “Just keep playing games all day, what is so productive about these games?” And as parents failed to understand your fascination over the games or the gadgets, most probably your answer to your parents was, “You wouldn’t understand.”

DENVER, April 18: Americans think it's safer to use marijuana than opioids to relieve pain, but they were less comfortable with children and pregnant women using pot to treat medical conditions, according to a new Yahoo/Marist poll released Monday.

Moms switch to home made food for kids

December 28, 2016 00:30 am

JUMLA, Dec 28: Hirakali Thapa, a local of Malikthanta-6 of Jumla, used to feed her kids a lot of junk food earlier. Since a few weeks, she prefers to offer nothing but homemade diet to them. Her children are taking time to like the taste of food made of locally-grown grains, including jaulo, lito and eggs. But Harikala is not ready to reconsider her decision after learning what the lack of proper diet could do to her kids.

BERGSHAMRA, Sweden, Oct 8:  Emelie Eriksson has a bond with her son that hardly seems possible: She and her son were born from the same womb.

A travelling mom’s tale

July 22, 2016 02:00 am

I was taken aback when during a recent conversation she casually mentioned how unsafe America had become to travel.