Living in the now

June 21, 2019 08:30 am

Every day in the evening a group of children come out to play in my colony. They scream, they laugh, they jump, and are all really, really happy. I often sit in my balcony, sipping tea, and look at them. I find myself smiling and there’s a sense of calm that takes over.

Nepal’s tourism moment

September 4, 2018 01:00 am

Tourism industry can help Nepal burnish its image abroad, emboldening its soft-power for a country with negligible hard-power

Seize the moment

June 19, 2018 01:30 am

China is concerned about possible plays by Western powers on Tibet issue from Nepali soil though Nepal unequivocally maintains ‘One China’ policy

GAZA, June 9: A Palestinian was on life support in a Gaza hospital on Friday, June 8 after being struck in the face by a tear-gas canister fired by an Israeli soldier.

Quiet moment at Bhattedanda

June 9, 2018 00:34 am

Traditional method of replacing faulty parts does not work. Throwing off the old stuff is the solution.

Standing alongside Moon at the foot of Peace House, Kim addressed the international media on Friday, declaring that the two Koreas are one united people who should work together toward reunification.

The moment

March 5, 2018 10:03 am

The moment I am with you I feel alive to be around you

MOSCOW,  Feb 12:  A Russian airliner that had just taken off from the country’s second-busiest airport crashed Sunday, killing all 71 people aboard and scattering jagged chunks of wreckage across a snowy field outside Moscow.

Nepal U-19 cricket team has reached the semi-finals of ongoing Youth Asia Cup at Malaysia. Nepal's fortune rested on the result between defending champions India and Bangladesh as the India win could have brought net run rate in play for the top two standings in a group of four teams.

Seize the moment

September 13, 2017 00:30 am

Joining Open Government Partnership will be a sign of seriousness of the current administration in building trust with local communities.

Victorious Moment! (Photo feature)

April 22, 2017 18:38 pm

DHANGADI, April 22: Paras Khadka led-Dhangadi Team Chauraha has won the first Dhangadi Premier League title defeating Biratnagar Kings by 62 runs.

My moment of rage

February 3, 2017 23:30 pm

A splurge of young blood has stained the history of this world. 141 children’s lives were lost at a terrorist attack in Peshawar, Pakistan in December 2014, marking it as the deadliest attack to ever occur in the country.

NEW DELHI, Feb 3:  It was her big moment. Anjali Lama sashayed down the catwalk in the swanky Mumbai auditorium. A fitted, cream dress highlighted her tall, slender frame. Her pulled-back hair showed off her high cheekbones.

'There were sounds like a thunderstorm  from the back while I was busy reading out some lines from a book. Half my body was buried by heavy objects.'