DOLAKHA, Feb 12: Chairperson of Sailung Rural Municipality in the district has misbehaved with Chief Administrative Officer after he refused to pay the fare for the bus that was hired earlier to ferry people to participate in the gathering organized by the Oli-led faction of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) in Kathmandu last week.

MYAGDI, May 6: Police on Sunday arrested two individuals on the charge of ill-treating the principal of a school due to his so-called lower caste.

Dear Sadichha, I am currently living in the UK with my parents and two sisters. We are three daughters, all of us making career in different sectors. My older sister is married to her love and my middle sister recently got married. But our parents are quite rigid on our marriage being decided by them. I completely understand them; however, I disagree with the fact that it must be an ‘arranged marriage’.