Migrants’ health

December 18, 2019 08:18 am

More people are on the move now than ever before. They migrate for several reasons related to work, family and study. According to International Organization for Migration, there were around 272 million international migrants in the world in 2019, which equates to 3.5 percent of the global population.

SYANGJA, May 6: Monkey menace in a rural village of Dubindada in Galyang municipality, Syangja district is so intense forcing the locals to migrate elsewhere.

Vision for Nepal’s health

November 24, 2018 00:15 am

At the age of ten, I lost my mother because she was sick and didn’t get a chance to be treated with trained professionals. Dhulikhel was then a small backward town, from where people were starting to migrate in search of opportunities at other places. As I grew older, somewhere deep inside me was the feeling that no one else should bear what I had gone through. This fueled my passion to contribute in the field of health care in Nepal.

BAITADI, April 12: As more number of people begin to migrate into urban areas seeking better facilities, rural settlements in Baitadi district are at risk of remaining undeveloped due to lack of human resource.

BAGLUNG, Dec 3: Residents of upper Dhorpatan have started to travel down to the lower as the temperature is dipping down and the elections over.  Around 1,200 families from that the upper Dhorpatan have migrated to lower Dhorpatan.

PALPA, Feb 16: Villagers of Balepandhera, Bahundanda and Kamitole of Rampur municipality-10 have begun migrating due to severe crisis of drinking water.

NEW DELHI, Oct 1: On Friday, Salman Khan entered the ongoing war of words about banning Pakistani artists from the Hindi film industry by saying that art and terrorism shouldn’t be mixed and Pakistani artists aren’t terrorists.