KATHMANDU, Sept 5: Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Tham Maya Thapa, today expressed worries about human trafficking becoming as a medium of earning money.

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: A ‘Languages in Education’ symposium held by British Council Nepal on Tuesday discussed the use of English as a medium of instructions (EMI) for learning in classes of Nepal, and how effective they are.

SOLUKHUMBU, July 6: Teaching and learning through English medium will start in all community schools of Dudhkausika rural municipality.

BIRATNAGAR, April 11: At a time when government schools are struggling for survival, some of them are setting examples in Biratnagar. For earning such a status these schools switched to English from Nepali as the medium of instruction in classrooms, among other things.

KATHMANDU, Dec 22: Although the government had decided last July to purchase three helicopters--one medium and two light--for disaster response and rescue operations, the purchase of medium-size twin-engine helicopters has been put off as the price ceiling exceeded an earlier deal.

BHADRAPUR, Nov 26: Around 80 per cent of the construction works of the Kisne Stream Embankment Irrigation Scheme based in Gauradaha VDC of Jhapa is almost over.

KATHMANDU, Aug 29: Government schools in the Kathmandu Valley have started adopting English as the language of instruction to enhance their appeal among students and guardians.

On February 1, 2015, a post appeared on Facebook. The post was by a Newar student who had lost his mother tongue after he joined his English Medium School. About 15 years later the student gives some suggestions to his school on how to promote ethnic languages. He admits that if his school had only allocated time and place he would not have lost it. He would have assembled a group of students and teachers and conversed in his mother tongue at least for 30 minutes or he would have even conducted some cultural programs. By doing so, he would not have lost it as he had.