Save people from cold

December 25, 2019 09:48 am

Nepal’s Tarai plains have always suffered—from floods and inundation during the rainy months, from heat wave during summer and from cold wave during winter months. In almost all the cases people from the low-income bracket—such as Dalits and marginalized communities—have to bear the brunt.  It is no different this winter.

KATHMANDU, Feb 9: Revising its ‘blanket’ reservations policy, the government has come up with new provisions granting reservation privileges on the basis of economic and social status to candidates belonging to various marginalized communities.

SAPTARI, Jan 5: They are Mushahars, one of the marginalized communities in Saptari and Siraha districts who live hand to mouth. Most of them are also called ‘haruwa’ or ‘charuwa’ and the tag itself defines the nature of their work and lifestyle.

SARLAHI, Sept 30: The government had introduced the Public Residential Program (PRP) with the aim of providing shelter to the people of the poor and marginalized communities. However, the houses offered to the poor and homeless of Sarlahi district are reportedly made up of sub-standard materials as well as scrap.