Most of us, all over Nepal, celebrate Dashain but we aren’t familiar with the many concepts and stories of this main festival of Hindus. Like with everything else, there are many myths and facts associated with Dashain that can help you see the festival in a new light. Also, the information can make for good conversation starters.

Mantra: Sounds of Himalayas

February 15, 2019 16:59 pm

This year to celebrate their 20th year of establishment, the band released the new version of their evergreen hit ‘Sadhai Sadhai’ on the official YouTube channel. In the new version of the song, Mantra has collaborated with various other Nepali artists. Also, the band is working on their new upcoming single ‘Lahure’ depicting the feelings of soldiers.

Coconut is your mantra for good health in winter, here's why!

LONDON, Nov 8: Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri spent the first half of last season talking about reaching the 40-point threshold to avoid relegation before his side galloped away with the title.