KATHMANDU, Nov 19: Twenty-three local governments have not yet submitted the details of the budget they presented for the current fiscal to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration.

KATHMANDU, Oct 9: Disputes between the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and the local governments regarding street light tariff and land use have erupted again. According to the NEA, by the end of June of the fiscal year 2022/23, the tariff for electricity used by local governments for purposes such as street lights has reached a whopping Rs 6.0894 billion but the local governments have been dilly-dallying to pay the fee.

KATHMANDU, May 5: The federal government has told local government officials – both elected and appointed – to be selective in their foreign trips.

LAHAN, June 26: People who had expected rapid development and significant growth in their villages post-federalism are disappointed by the elected local representatives' non-transparent behavior.

KAILALI, May 123: In September last year, the provincial assembly of Sudurpaschim Province decided to set up its capital in the Teghari forest located in Godawari Municipality of Kailali.