KATHMANDU, June 30: Nepali housewife Shiba Kala Limbu grimaced as she recalled how she went hungry in order to feed her five-year-old daughter after the coronavirus pandemic cost her husband his job as a mason in the Gulf state of Qatar.

ITURI, Aug 5: An Ebola outbreak in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo has claimed the lives of 33 people, the ministry of health said Saturday.

Rising temperature in part of our southern plains, flash flood, landslides and flood are all making people’s lives miserable. Daily reports of people dying and missing are filling newspaper headlines.

KATHMANDU, July 12: Rain is the forecast throughout the country, according to an alert published by the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology. According to the alert, major rivers and rivulets are likely to swell and trigger early warnings.

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

BANKE, July 2: Continuous rainfall since Sunday evening has claimed four lives, including two children in the district. According to the District Police Office, two locals have died in Baija Nath Rural Municipality and each killed in Kohalpur Municipality and Duduwa Rural Municipality.

On World Environment Day, here's some plastic facts that one should be aware about.

Shaping young lives

May 25, 2018 11:02 am

Those living in urban and suburban areas can usually pursue whatever it is they are interested in. We also have the choice of experimenting with a bunch of subjects and fields before we actually settle on one as our ultimate career or profession choice. But that is not the case for most Nepali kids who either live in rural regions or cannot afford such privilege due to their families’ financial situation. Changing Stories is working to equalize this playing field.

RAJBIRAJ, May 5: As many as 52 people died in road accidents in Saptari in the last ten months. The details of District Traffic Police Office (DTPO), Saptari, show that there have been a total of 239 accidents in the district in the last 10 months of the current fiscal year.

RAJBIRAJ, April 30: The residents of eastern Saptari which borders the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve often have sleepless nights due to the fear of wild elephants entering the settlement.

Blood donations campaigns are always taking place around the city. And though many of us might want to step up to the task, it’s true that a lot of us also hesitate to do so because we don’t know what’s going to happen and, frankly speaking, a needle pricking your arm and drawing blood is always a scary concept.

DHADING, March 26: Until two years ago, Sita Shrestha of Siddhilek Rural Municipality-5, Kumpur had to wait for her husband's salary to buy anything. But now, that has changed thanks to the establishment of a women's group in her village in Dhadhing which has made the locals like her financially independent by involving them in various income-generating activities.

Wild elephants claim two lives in Jhapa

February 24, 2018 14:58 pm

JHAPA, Feb 24: Two persons were killed at Birtamod-7 in Jhapa district in wild elephants' attacks.

Transforming Lives

February 16, 2018 12:49 pm

For most tourists and expats, Nepal appears to be a beautiful Shangri-La with delicious food, friendly people, heavenly places, and adventurous journeys. But according to Caleb Spear, founder and CEO of Portal Bikes and a citizen of the United States, it is only after living here that one understands the magnitude of challenges people face each day.

Love lives forever

February 15, 2018 10:06 am

It was one of those grey and pale days with sky bearing the darkest clouds, with streaks of lightening sometimes. Loud thunders could be heard as if the gods were having a fierce battle. I was on my way back to home. Suddenly, it started raining heavily. I ran to my home which was not that far but still got drenched. When I reached home mom saw me all in wet clothes and asked me to change my clothes immediately so that I didn’t catch a cold.

KATHMANDU, Jan 26: A total of 667 patients were infected by Scrub typhus in 39 districts in the current fiscal year that began in mid-July. Among the infected patients, 11 patients have died.

KATHMANDU, Jan 25:  A total of 667 patients were infected by Scrub typhus in 39 districts in the current fiscal year that began in mid-July. Among the infected patients, 11 patients have died.

Cold claims 19 lives in Rautahat alone

January 16, 2018 06:45 am

RAUTAHAT, Jan 16: With the death of two more people on Sunday, the death toll of people dying from cold has climbed to 19 in Rautahat.

SANKHUWASABHA, Jan 13: Five people have been killed in a jeep accident on Sunday afternoon in the district.

JAJARKOT, Jan 10: Viral flu has claimed the lives of two more people in Jajarkot district, taking the total death toll to 12. Over 2,700 residents of the remote district are estimated to be infected by the virus while only around 700 of them have received medical treatment, health officials said.

JAJARKOT, Jan 9: Two more people have lost their lives due to viral fever spreading since three weeks in the district.

Cold claims nine lives in a week

January 6, 2018 08:15 am

RAUTAHAT, Jan 5:  As the freezing cold has started gripping the country, nine deaths have been reported from various tarai districts in the last one week.

When welfare sabotages lives

January 2, 2018 00:30 am

There is a deeper, unreported problem with the UK’s welfare reform: rather than reduce poverty, it could actually exacerbate it.

Technology invasion in our lives

December 31, 2017 08:58 am

Technology has become so insidious into our daily lives. People are more or less connecting- and disconnecting - as technology offers varieties of nominal communication. It has slowly pushed people in isolation. However, no one has yet calculated fewer opportunities to connect with each other in the physical world.

Donate skin to save lives

December 19, 2017 09:15 am

KATHMANDU, Dec 19: While most of us are busy complaining about the lack of development in our country, many might not be aware that we have a skin bank in the capital city.

ACHHAM, Dec 15:  In the hope for a son, Radhika Kunwar of Nawathana gave birth to nine daughters one after another. After waiting for years, she couldn't be happier when she finally gave birth to a son as her tenth child. "Repeated pregnancy itself was a challenge to my health and raising so many daughters together was an added burden," she laments.

KATHMANDU, Oct 28: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has extended deep sorrow over the death of many people in a bus accident in Dhading Saturday morning.

MYAGDI, Oct 23: Gori Darji was leading a normal life until nine years ago. One fateful day, the local of Beni municipality- 9 fell off a tree and became crippled. That incident changed her life forever.

ROLPA, Oct 11: While Dr Govinda KC is busy with his thirteenth fast-unto-death in the capital, Dr Anil KC of Rolpa is busy treating patients. Dr Anil KC, who fully supports the demands put forward by the senior doctor, celebrated Dashain with his patients this year.

Changing lives

October 6, 2017 10:49 am

After reading an article about a little girl suffering from HIV, Raj Kumar Pun felt obligated to help her. “She was malnourished, ill and abandoned by her family and society. She had also lost her mother, a victim of HIV/AIDS,” says Pun, founder and chairperson of Baby Life Home. Pun, along with his friend, Uma Gurung decided to get that little girl from her village to Kathmandu and take care of her.

Building lives beyond the streets

September 8, 2017 12:29 pm

Just a few years ago he lived in the streets of Kathmandu. Today, he makes coffee at Coffee Café in Thamel during the weekdays and at Le Sherpa on Saturdays. Deviram Sharma says his life changed when he met a team from Welcome To My Yard (WTMY) while living on the streets near Pashupatinath temple. They offered him free Barista training, following which he was also assured a job.

LALITPUR, Sept 3: Prior to receiving training on vegetable farming, 58-year-old Maili Thing of Bagmati Rural Municipality of Lalitpur District was often pestered by vegetable pests. She was discouraged to see vegetables being destroyed while they were about to bear fruits and flowers.

KATHMANDU, Aug. 26: A total of 1,037 people have lost their lives in the last five years in floods and landslides while 534 have gone missing. Likewise, the number of injured is exactly the same with that of missing ones, the Ministry of Home said.

KATHMANDU, August 23: Last week when almost all the southern plains of Nepal were hit by incessant downpours, employees at the Flood Forecasting Section of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) were busier than ever.

KATHMANDU, Aug 21: Last week when almost all the southern plain of Nepal was hit by incessant downpours, employees at the Flood Forecasting Section of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) were busier than ever. They had a very technical and complex job of forecasting the flood and issuing detailed warning leading to timely evacuations, upon which fate of thousands of lives depends.

Jennifer Lawrence is still shaken up about the leak of her private images in 2014. “When my publicist calls me, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, what is it?’ Even when it’s nothing. I’m always waiting to get blindsided again.”

When jail helps change lives

August 4, 2017 10:21 am

Six years ago, Rakesh Tamang of Itahari-4, killed one of the locals of his community. He is still serving a jail term in the regional prison of Jhumka, Sunsari but these days he isn’t only a prisoner. One will find him delivering lessons on ethics, morality and discipline to other inmates.

TIKAPUR, July 29: When dark clouds start hovering in the sky, heartbeats of the locals of Dhansingpur and Narayanpur start getting faster. Every monsoon, these locals are worried about protecting their loved ones and properties from massive floods, which are a common occurrence in rivers like Karnali, Mohana, Patharaiya, and Kanda. Devastating floods time and again have rendered many people homeless and have even caused human casualties. The Rainy season has always wreaked havoc in the lives of the villagers.

BAITADI, July 11: Farmers of Surnaya Rural Municipality in Baitadi have started commercial goat farming. Each family in Surnaya-6 has 10 to 30 goats in their pen.

BAITADI, July 11: Farmers of Surnaya Rural Municipality in Baitadi have started commercial goat farming. Each family in Surnaya-6 has 10 to 30 goats in their pen.

Landslides threaten lives of Bamka

July 10, 2017 17:27 pm

BAJURA, July 10: Monsoon-triggered landslides that started since Sunday night have threatened the lives of Bamka Bazaar in the district.

TILATHI, July 3: Sudden floods in the Khando and other rivers on Saturday inundated over a dozen villages in the northern and southern areas of Saptari district. Only on Sunday morning did the floods subside and the locals attempted restoring their lives back to normalcy. However, terror and fear among the locals in those areas still remain.

Lighting up our lives

June 30, 2017 12:08 pm

‘I will come to meet you one day in form of light. I will illuminate, I will make my village bright.’ This was one of the lines of a poem Kulman Ghising had written during a poetry competition held at his hometown in Ramechhap. Little did he know then that these randomly jotted lines sealed his fate and marked his destiny.

The alarming video of a Georgia teenager live streaming her own suicide attempt stayed up long enough on Facebook Live for sheriff’s deputies to find and save her -- a repeat phenomenon that has prompted mental health experts and Facebook’s CEO to further investigate how they can use social media as a possible platform to help save lives.

TEXAS (USA), April 24: Two Nepali youths living in USA have lost their lives over the last seven days in two different unfortunate events. One was killed in an accident and the other drowned in a river.

SAPTARI, March 30: Rajiv Rawat of Bhardaha was a happily married man. He was a commoner who never had affiliation with any political party. On Tuesday, 18 August 2015, Rawat was shot down by security forces during a scuffle with Madhes movement protesters. He died on the spot.

Twenty-one civilians were killed in US-led coalition air strikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria in recent months, officials acknowledged today. The deaths bring to at least 220 the number of civilians unintentionally killed since operations to defeat IS began in late summer 2014, though critics say the real number is a lot higher.

Consumers are snapping up fitness trackers, smart watches and other connected wearable gadgets but huge numbers wind up in drawers unused after just a few months once the novelty wears off.

KATHMANDU, Feb 16: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has requested the government to save the lives of Ram Kumar Sharma and Kalamuddin Raain, who have been staging hunger strike with a seven-point demand for the greater development of Janakpur area in Janakpur.

SURKHET, Feb 15: Sunita BK of Tatopani - 8 started to feel labor pain four days before the delivery date predicted by her doctors at the local health post. Due to the remoteness of the village and absolute lack of transportation services, her family was not able to take her to the health post on time. It took hours before she could be readied to be taken to the nearest health facility. But she died midway. The incident happened only four months ago.