KATHMANDU, March 18: A literary festival ‘Tikapur Literature Festival’ is set to be held in Tikapur from April 8 to April 10 under the organization of Tikapur Sahitya Samaj.

KATHMANDU, July 10: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said language, literature, culture and drama are the treasures of a nation.

KATHMANDU, July 7: The Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office has launched a campaign to remove obscene, indigestible, abusive, illegal and distortive poems, ghazals and various articles written on public transport vehicles.

It is unfortunate that all the contents, which have a deep affinity with legal studies, have been discarded in the BALLB courses.

Kitab Yatra Foundation is going to organize the fourth edition of ‘ Kitab Jatra’. The seven-day long festival, Kitab Jatra 2078, is scheduled to begin on September 26 and end on October 2.

Law as Literature

June 17, 2021 16:33 pm

The advocates recited many poems and songs, referred to some dialogues from dramas in the hearing process of the case on the dissolution of the House of Representatives, as if a grand literary symposium was being organized. The same got highlighted and published by the mainstream media repeatedly; a section of the general public was astonished with these activities that happened at the Constitution Bench.

Most stories are highly imaginative and thus able to conjure things that are beyond the natural world. And that, of course, is much more interesting than reading about world politics or economics. However, to brand non-fiction as bland would be wrong. In the recent years (some may argue since the beginning of literature itself), many works of non-fiction have been as powerful and creative as many fictional books out there, making readers realize that understanding world issues or people’s experiences is important too. Here are five of what we consider to be the best non-fiction books of the 21st century.

Reading rationale

March 20, 2020 11:17 am

Books, really, have always been my first love. Reading them under the covers with tragically dim torchlights in the dead of the night, trying not to make any sound while I turn the pages, fighting the awful heaviness in my eyes just to get to next word, next line, next chapter, more, just a little bit more.

Love hurts…or does it?

January 10, 2020 09:47 am

Romance books—scoff at it, laugh at it or love it—it would be ignorant of you to say they don’t have a dominant market in literature. If you’re one of those who can rarely be seen without a book, you know how hard it is to escape the subject in a story.

The first day of the eighth edition of IME Nepal Literature Festival saw a considerable footfall despite turbulent weather conditions on Friday in Pokhara.

The eighth edition of IME Nepal Literature Festival (NLF), organized by the Bookworm Foundation and Random Readers’ Society, is all ready to mesmerize the Lake City of Pokhara from December 13 to 16.

Teaching through poetry

November 3, 2019 00:30 am

Use of poetry in English language teaching at educational institutions appears to be very uncommon practice in Nepal. There are several reasons behind this. First, there are people who don’t see much value of it. They see value in learning math, science, engineering, and information technology that are believed to have prestige and offer better-paid jobs. For them, learning and doing poetry is whimsical and it’s for impulsive people. Second, they think it’s hard to understand poetry. Third, they think poetry writing is difficult and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. So, poetry is avoided as much as possible. Even if it is taught, it is done as compulsion because it is in the textbooks. As a result, students have missed the opportunities to be creative and go beyond what is seemingly impossible.

Nobel Prizes for literature were awarded Thursday to two writers enmeshed in Europe’s social and political fault lines: a liberal Pole who has irked her country’s conservative government and an Austrian accused by many liberals of being an apologist for Serbian war crimes.

Beginner’s guide to poetry

September 27, 2019 10:28 am

We all know poetry is a somewhat elite form of literature. Have you ever tried reading a poem or two and wondered why it didn’t somehow make as much sense as you expected it to? If you are intimidated by the complexity of poems and have steered away from them all this while, then it’s time to change that.

Renowned Nepali litterateur Bal Krishna Sama (center) in this undated photograph.

Everyone grows up listening to short stories. Be it from our grandparents, parents, relatives or teachers. We all had at least one favorite storyteller. And on the occasion of eleventh edition of ‘Short Story Day’ (Laghu Katha Diwas), Laghu Katha Committee and Sarwanaam Theatre jointly organized a felicitation program. Along with that three short dramas were showcased on Thursday at Sarwanaam Theatre, Kalikasthan.

KATHMANDU, July 14: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said he was not as delighted as he had been in the past Asar 29 - the birthday of Adikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya.

A Hong Kong based Nepali writer Kranti Subba launched a travelogue titled ‘Hong Kong Bhitra’ written in Nepali language.

Fabulous women

June 14, 2019 11:47 am

Throughout history women have fought and criticized oppression and discrimination via literature showing that they too can be as powerful and as creative as anyone else in the world. Here we bring to you a list of five books with iconic female leads that are worth a read (and perhaps a reread).

Remembering Parijat

May 11, 2019 00:05 am

Baisakh brings memories of Parijat, the celebrated writer whose life was no less spectacular than her epic novels. She is a literary genius known not only for her entrancing writing style but also for artistic presentation of contemporary philosophies in works of literature: existential nihilism, absurdism, anarchism and Marxism.

The allure of Nepali books

March 29, 2019 08:14 am

Literature has always been part of Nepali culture. Nepali authors and poets are revered, awarded and hold a respectable position in the society. From Bal Krishna Sama to Parijat, Nepali writers have used literature as a medium to portray as well as critique the behavior of our society and the humanity in general. Works of writers, both past and present, can act as a window to the workings of the society as well. But with our school and college curriculum giving priority to English, it’s debatable whether or not the younger generation is reading as well as showing an interest in Nepali literature.

ROLPA, March 16: Runtighadi Development Conference was organized in Rolpa just a few days ago. As a result, another such function is on the way for the promotion of tourism and literature in the area. Local bodies of Rolpa with the support of other stakeholders are organizing the ‘Rashtriya Akshar Mahotsav’ this month. The two-day function will start on March 22.

Retelling mythologies

November 16, 2018 09:10 am

Literature hasn’t been far behind in incorporating myths into its stories. Authors have also taken to making their own characters out of the mythological gods and goddesses in their books (Yes, Rick Riordan, we’re talking about you). There have been many fascinating books written over the years that do justice to the already-rich stories of the myths. Here are some we highly recommend.

The meaning of words

November 2, 2018 09:03 am

Neelam Karki Niharika is making waves in the Nepali literature scene as one of the few female writers to be awarded the coveted ‘Madan Puraskar’ and the prestigious ‘Shree Padma Puraskar’. She has been writing for nearly two decades and her works have garnered praises from literary critics and readers alike.

Fallen for words

October 2, 2018 08:45 am

In her late 50’s, she feels young and vibrant at heart. Shashikala Manandhar is one who deeply fell in love with her poetry that she penned at the age of 14. A devotee of literature, she shares an intimate bond with writing for which she has dedicated her entire life. Till now, she has penned more than a dozen novels and over two dozen short stories, child stories, and poetry collections. Her novel ‘Shaili’ has become a bestseller.

COPENHAGEN, Oct 1: The man at the center of a sex-abuse and financial crimes scandal that is tarnishing the academy that awards the Nobel Prize in Literature was convicted of rape and sentenced to two years in prison on Monday.

A blessing for Bookaholics

August 31, 2018 09:16 am

Padhantey is an online bookstore that was launched in early May this year. Currently, the store is completely Instagram based but, despite that, it is one of the most prominent on-demand book delivery services in Nepal. It has already garnered around seven thousand followers on the social networking site and Anurag Paudel, one of its cofounders, reveals that him and Bibek Lamichhane, the other cofounder of Padhantey, are currently working on a easy to use and thorough website for it.

KATHMANDU, Aug 28: An anthology of poems titled Charako Geet, (Bird's Song) by Krishu Chhetri has been released. Litterateur Chhetri is the current Nepali consul to the United States of America.

Exhibiting student’s art at SAG

August 26, 2018 11:34 am

KATHMANDU, Aug 26: “A person without art, music, and literature is just like an animal without a tail.” This is one of the moral lessons mentioned in ‘Hitopadesha’. Likewise, one can have a true characteristic of humans, only after having the knowledge of these very things.  Realizing this fact, schools these days include art, music, and literature in their curriculum.

Moved by literature

July 21, 2018 11:28 am

I am an eighth grader at Kanya Mandir Secondary school. My immense devotion and love towards literature led me to participate in ‘Newari Sahityik Sammelan’, where I bagged the second position. I had recited a poem entitled ‘Jigu Dehya Nepa’, which roughly translates to ‘my country Nepal.’

The Swedish Academy has been in turmoil since November when Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter published the testimonies of 18 women claiming to have been raped, sexually assaulted or harassed by an influential culture figure with long-standing ties to the Academy.

Tej Prakash Shrestha is known for books of fiction and non-fiction. He started with writing poems in 1963. Later he shifted to travelogues and stories for children. He is better known for his children’s books such as ‘Timi Pani Deu Ma Phool Dinchu’, ‘Gharbhitra Kya Maaja’, ‘Mingmar’, among others.

Kathmandu, Jan 30: The Global Federation for Nepali Litterateur (GFNL) has announced popular faces in the Nepali literature as literature ambassadors for the year 2018.

Focusing on Nepali literature

November 24, 2017 09:44 am

“My choice of literature has never been constant. At every stage of life, I seem to like different kinds of books. Sometimes the books I read even reflect my mood and emotions,” says Subin Bhattarai, author of Summer Love. “But I do have a set of favorite books. I have read them multiple times and recommend everyone I meet to read them as well,” he adds.

Since the beginning of XX century, female writers started to step out of the shadow in this man's world. Read quotes of 13 outstanding of women who received Nobel Prize in literature and take time to read their best works.

KATHMANDU, July 13: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has stressed on unity among all Nepali citizens for the protection of all languages, literature and culture existing in the country.

13 female Nobel laureates in literature

POKHARA, Jan 26: The 6th Nepal Literature Festival is set to kick off in Pokhara on Friday (January 27).

Bob Dylan wins Nobel Literature Prize

October 13, 2016 17:33 pm

American music legend Bob Dylan on Thursday won the Nobel Literature Prize, the first songwriter to win the prestigious award and an announcement that stunned prize watchers.

BP Literature Award to Dhungana

August 31, 2016 14:37 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 31: The BP Koirala Literary Award instituted by BP Koirala Memorial Trust will be conferred on senior writer Bhuwan Dhungana.

Nepal Youth Literature Festival

August 20, 2016 09:15 am

If you are a literature geek, you can populate yourself with fellow enthusiasts at the ‘Nepal Youth Literature Festival’ that’s currently taking place in Budhanilkantha School. Organized by the school’s Drama and Debating Club, the festival opened on August 18.

KATHMANDU, July 14: Bishwadeep Tigela (London) has been reelected to the post of the Chairman of Global Federation of Nepali Literature.