What may sound shocking is actually an eye opener for all those who prefer taking supplements without giving any second thought. A research study on more than 70,000 people has found a correlation between the consumption of vitamin B and a higher risk of lung cancer.

Using acrylic on canvas to create beautiful figures of women, the artist accentuates feminine beauty by using traditional elements, representative of Nepali females- red bindis, red lipstick, and red bangles that show motifs of traditional Mithila and traditional Nepali societies as a symbolic way of spreading compassion and blessing.

Shopping during prohibitory order

May 17, 2021 17:01 pm

In this critical scenario, government has enforced prohibitory order since April 29 where only essential services are in operation while most of the services have remained shut until the prohibitory order is lifted.  Here, Republica's team talked to employees and customers at Bluebird Mart, Durbar Marg who shared their views on prohibitory order.

Minimizing the social cost of COVID-19

August 31, 2020 10:57 am

HONG KONG – In 1960, the Nobel laureate economist Ronald H. Coase introduced the “problem of social cost”: human activities often have negative externalities, so individual rights cannot be absolute. Institutions must intervene. There is no better example of this dynamic than the COVID-19 crisis.

How to live during the pandemic?

August 19, 2020 09:45 am

Millions of cases of Covid-19 have been reported across 188 countries, close to million people have lost their lives and more than 11.3 million people have recovered as well. Billions of people are in lockdown, unable to visit one another, unable go to work, unable to attend school, unable to meet one another in public places. People around the world are struggling at home, in care homes and intensive care units, separated from their loved ones in their hours of need.

One of the greatest concerns most parents I know experience is: Would we be able to maintain the ‘good enough’ parenting role for our children? How might we nurture the culture, family values and traditions in ways that we inherited from our own parents and grandparents in today’s modern upbringing? But if we pay close attention to what we adults seem to have forgotten, we can indefinitely derive joy and confidence in our life. In this article, I aim to share some of the profound childhood lessons that we parents (or any adults) can recollect from children that may help establish mutually reinforcing positive relationships and help to living our lives with more clarity and joy.

We all are battling with the global pandemic disease COVID-19 that has created a ripple around the world in terms of analyzing and viewing things differently at the moment. There has been huge difference in our lifestyle, before COVID-19 and during the pandemic.

NEW YORK, June 11: Health officials say it can be safe, as long as swimmers stick to social distancing guidelines in and out of the water.

Learning to live with COVID-19

May 31, 2020 14:00 pm

OXFORD/PORTO ALEGRE – One of COVID-19’s paradoxes has been the way in which some wealthy, high-capacity countries (particularly the United States and the United Kingdom) failed to contain the virus, while some poorer countries and regions with less capacity (including Vietnam, Greece, and the Indian state of Kerala) swiftly brought it under control. Now that countries must plan beyond their lockdowns, an equally stark contrast has emerged.

Unlocking the lockdown

May 30, 2020 13:28 pm

If I asked you a question – are you bored of the lockdown? - I am pretty sure all of you would say ‘yes’.

KATHMANDU, May 28: After shutting its business for weeks due to the lockdown, one of the most sought-after restaurants in town, Bajeko Sekuwa is now running back on track with active home delivery services. Although the restaurant hasn’t been able to function like in the pre-lockdown phase, the operators are content that they are able to provide service to their customers and possibly pay salaries to their staffs. “We are satisfied that we have been able to stand up to the expectations of our customers but the major satisfaction we have is that the home delivery service has made it possible for us to pay salaries to our staffers even in a time of a crisis,” said Sanjib Kumar Timalsina, head of operations at the restaurant.

KATHMANMDU, May 25: Aakriti Khanal remembers how before the COVID-19 lockdown she used to be a different individual as compared to now. “I was a book-worm who was almost a nerd, always reading books,” she recalls. However, the period after the lockdown has been quite eccentric for her. In a bid to cope with the ongoing lockdown, she has now developed a few new hobbies and enjoys having discovered them. Sketching and watching anime are her current major hobbies.

Photos: Painting Rato Machhindranath

April 22, 2020 12:53 pm

KATHMANDU, April 22: Rato Machhindranath is worshipped as the god of rain. According to legends, it is believed to have been brought to Kathmandu from Kamaru Kamakhya, India. Chariot of this deity is pulled with much fanfare during the chariot festival that is attended by a huge crowd in Kathmandu.

Weight loss mistakes

March 27, 2020 14:57 pm

Losing weight can be tricky especially since everyone you meet and the internet seem to have so many suggestions as to what you should and shouldn't do. However, when starting out there are a few things that most of us often get wrong which prevents us from shedding the extra kilos. Here we bring to you the top five mistakes that we all make when trying to drop a size or two.

How Covid-19 changed everything

March 24, 2020 09:55 am

A week ago, life was different. As I am almost getting done with my PhD, I had planned each day to the utmost perfection. Sundays: Going to bazar, journaling, and recently I was planning on making my Sundays “spiritual.” Yoga for three days a week. Teaching for Tuesdays and Thursdays. A date for Wednesdays and Fridays. And, rest of the time writing my dissertation, which I am defending soon to get Doctorate Degree. Everything was perfectly planned and there was a plan B too. But I didn’t plan to live through yet another disaster—the pandemic, the Covid-19 crisis that has crippled lives of hundreds and thousands of us around the world.

This week in history

March 12, 2020 15:50 pm

An earthquake with a magnitude of 9.1 hit the coast of Japan causing massive amounts of damage and dangerous tsunamis, making it the most powerful earthquake in Japan in recorded history.

Wake up and make up

February 14, 2020 09:45 am

23-year-old Pooja Magar never thought she would become a makeup artist. And such a fantastic one at that. Her life was pretty much set when she started working as a radiographer at Siddhi Polyclinic in Dillibazar, Kathmandu. Makeup had always been a hobby for her. She used to put soft layers of powder and eyeshadows on kids around her house and post them on Instagram. That was it.

Researchers have found that sitting and looking downward will make it easier to recall negative memories, while sitting upright and looking upward makes it easier to recall positive, empowering memories.

This week in history

February 6, 2020 13:08 pm

William Painter, the Irish mechanical engineer file for the patent of his crown bottle cap on this day. He patented over 80 items in his lifetime. Some of his other inventions include bottle opener, paper folding machine and machine to detect counterfeit currency.

How young emerging artists define art

January 8, 2020 16:21 pm

Social media has been serving as a strong platform for people to evince their talents. Discerning this fact, we tried reaching out to few young artists through their Instagram accounts to shortly delineate how they feel about art.

Promoting Mithila Art

December 27, 2019 11:40 am

Trishna Singh Bhandari, founder of Mithila House, claims that most Nepalis have a very narrow idea of Mithila art. According to Singh, people often think Mithila art is just wall art and paintings with side-turned faces when it’s actually so much more than that. It was to bring about a shift in that mindset that Singh founded Mithila House. She wanted to promote this exquisite, traditional form of art in all its glory.  “I realized that most people in Kathmandu and even other parts of Nepal don’t know much about Mithila art or appreciate it for what it is and wanted to change that,” says Bhandari who is originally from Mahottari. Thus, developing a platform that would propel this form of ancient art into mainstream attention became crucial.

Tharu museum awaits for exploration

November 10, 2019 13:15 pm

If you are interested to experience Tharu culture and lifestyle, then Tharu Cultural Museum at Chakhaura Dang can be the perfect destination for you.

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in not one but many ways. Changes are not just physical but also mental due to the changes the baby is going to bring to your life.

Have you ever gotten home after work and felt like the whole day was a blur? Or snapped at someone for no reason? Do you wake up on Monday mornings and just don’t want to get up? Don’t worry, you’re not alone: It’s all too easy and common to get wrapped up in your daily life, feeling the pressure to do more and get more, without giving yourself the breathing space to just be.

Life of a perfect cup of tea

September 17, 2019 01:00 am

Tea is more than a beverage; it’s a lifestyle, and a celebration

Most of us have fridge in our kitchen, which is used to preserve food for longer time. We all think placing regular and leftover food inside a fridge will keep them fresh. However, actually it  is useless freezing them. Here we have listed some of them.

When your hair falls excessively from your scalp, it can cause baldness. While hair loss mainly affects the scalp in many people, it may also affect the entire body for a few people.

How to treat dandruff

June 22, 2019 17:11 pm

Dandruff is the flaky skin on the scalp that often shows up on your shoulders and clothes. It can be embarrassing at times and even lead to hair loss. Generally, a yeast by the name of malassezia grows in most scalps and cause irritation and excessive skin cells that shed as flakes.

A modern approach to skincare

June 21, 2019 10:02 am

Like microblading, eyelash extension is a semi permanent procedure where a trained technician applies extensions on top of your natural lashes. Pramila mentions that she would recommend this procedure to any individual who has thin and short eyelashes and wants to get fuller, longer and curled lashes.

In Mexico, vendors sell this messy, cheesy, utterly delicious grilled corn from carts. To bring this street food to the home kitchen, we broiled the corn on the cob instead of heading out to the grill, first brushing it with oil to keep it from drying out.

Chips, soda, and frozen pizzas tend to be full of salt, sugar and fat, but now scientists are trying to understand if there’s something else about such processed foods that might be bad for us.

Most of the people have the habit of cracking their fingers all the time either intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes even when there is a sudden move or stretch, our joints make noise, which in scientific term is referred to as crepitus.

Promoting culture through art

June 12, 2019 17:00 pm

An art exhibition was on display with an aim to promote the civilization around the Bhotekoshi River at Patan Art Gallery, Patan. The three-day exhibition began on Sunday which was organized by Shree Jaimin Thaipi Narayan Paropakar Kendra, Bhotekoshi.

The Buds: Feast to the eyes

June 12, 2019 16:10 pm

Sirjana College of Fine Arts brings to you the depiction of the youth’s minds; 'The Buds' referring to ready for bloom, any moment. The exhibition is in full swing which will last till the 13th of June 2019. As the exhibition demonstrates and emphasizes on the fact that art is a form of speaking out your problems and healing those who have been hurt without speaking. It would be a loss to miss this opportunity.

Dozing off to late-night TV or sleeping with other lights on may mix up your metabolism and lead to weight gain and even obesity.

Every runner has a preference. Some runners can’t stand the monotony of the treadmill while others can’t pick up a pace without manual controls in front of them (they just love the accuracy of a structured workout).

There have been times when we have unintentionally forgotten to remove make-up before going to bed. We tell you why it’s important to be more careful and not to sleep with makeup on.

When all the time you've got won't even suffice for a shave (forget cleaning). Suggestion? Just calm down. With these 5 shaving hacks, do yourself a favor and save the dirty for the bedroom.

Your quarter-life crisis might make you feel ‘adulting’ is hard, but you can surely get through it.

Brushing your teeth properly is paramount when trying to maintain good oral hygiene. We all have been taught by our teachers and parents to brush our teeth twice in a day. Every morning after rolling out the bed, we take the brush, put toothpaste on it and scrub our teeth.

Live on less

April 26, 2019 09:21 am

Adopting a minimalistic lifestyle is how you stop or at least curb all the gluttony that surrounds you. Make it a mission to streamline your life and live a little more simply. Here The Week brings you seven minimalism hacks that will help you live more with less.

The road to sustainability

April 19, 2019 09:05 am

A lifestyle change that people seem to be adopting the world over in the recent days is sustainable living and minimalism. And although a lot of people expect it to slowly fade away as most trends do, Samikshya Rai believes that sustainable living might not meet the same fate if we go about it the right way.

V for Vegan

April 19, 2019 07:43 am

Going vegan is actually a piece of cake, say the vegans we spoke to but, according to experts, a vegan lifestyle can be challenging, especially health wise. One has to find alternate food sources to compensate for the required nutrients such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins that are mainly found in meat and dairy products.

Resulting from a constant rise in population, the mountains are melting. A number of mountains are also being polluted because of the waste disposed by the mountaineers there.


February 2, 2019 18:40 pm

The Week in pictures for Jan 27-Feb 2.

Changing lives

February 1, 2019 08:01 am

24 children from ages five to 10 come to Child Education Service Center in Dhungedhara every morning at 10. For the past 12 years, Child Education Services has been dedicated to providing childcare and basic education to children belonging to families with limited financial means. Here the children of laborers, house helps, road cleaners, sand sifters, and many single parents study and play together free of cost.

Weaving prosperity in women’s lives

February 1, 2019 07:56 am

Shyam Badan Shrestha worked as a teacher for 13 years, teaching Science and occasionally Nepali too. During those days, whenever she was done with work she would start knitting or weaving. That was how she would unwind after a long day at work. In 1984, she took her hobby a bit further and started Nepal Knotcraft Centre, initially operating from a small room at home.

KATHMANDU, Dec 27:  “I am an IA (Intermediate in Arts similar to +2 level) graduate. After completing my degree, I did not want to work in private organizations. Sadly, I could not make it to government job either. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough.

It is a dark room. Under the light of two white bulbs, he has been trying to squeeze oil from mustard seeds. Jhyantu Shrestha, 40, has been working in a Mustard factory at Jhochhen for 22 years now.  He is the only employee there. “I lost my father when I was 7 years old.

Souls of my city: Being a Radiologist

December 20, 2018 11:55 am

“As a radiologist, interacting with different patience has been a part of my everyday life. I enjoy doing my work. It gives me joy. As I had a growing interest in watching X rays of people, I decided to become a radiologist. When I was working at Kanti hospital, there were only a handful of radiologists then.