KATHMANDU, Jan 9: Lawmakers have drawn the attention of the government on various issues of public concern during the meeting of National Assembly (NA) on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: Lawmakers have demanded mandatory court permission before the national intelligence agency can intercept phone calls, messages or other communications by Nepali citizens.

KATHMANDU, Dec 17: A group of lawmakers on Monday filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court, demanding the apex court scrap the regulations governing the Constituency Infrastructure Development Program (CIDP) as these discriminate between lawmakers elected under First Past the Post and and those elected under Proportional Representation .

KATHMANDU, Dec 7: Lawmakers from both ruling and opposition parties have criticized the government for not showing seriousness about border security after two ministers skipped a parliamentary summons to answer questions over the issue.

KATHMANDU, Dec 5: Stating that market monitoring activities of government agencies were not becoming effective, lawmakers are to set to conduct market monitoring on their own.

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: Prime Minister KP Oli has expressed dissatisfaction with lawmakers of his own party, especially those heading the parliamentary committees, who have not been toeing the party line over key decisions. He has asked them to defend the government's “good work” through all available political forums and through social media platforms.

KATHMANDU, Sept 17: Lawmakers on Tuesday drew the attention of the government on various matters of public concern.

KATHMANDU, Sept 8: The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) has demanded the government to come up with an action plan in order to control Dengue outbreak.

KATHMANDU, Aug 30: With the government tabling the controversial Media Council Bill in parliament on Thursday, the onus now lies with the parliamentarians whether to ensure press freedom by accommodating the concerns raised by the media fraternity in the new legislation.

KATHMANDU, Aug 23: In a meeting of the National Assembly (NA) today, Upper House member Bhairabh Sundar Shrestha drew the attention of Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa towards initiating police investigation into the death of a student of the Korean language course at the Kirtipur-based Valley Institute.

KATHMANDU, Aug 22: Lawmakers have drawn the attention of the government on contemporary issues including growing road accidents in different parts of the country.

KATHMANDU, Aug 18: The death case of journalist Shalikram Pudasaini and the arrest of journalist Rabi Lamichhane and two others in connection with the case has formally entered the parliament.

KATHMANDU, Aug 11: A meeting of the House of Representatives today accepted a proposal tabled seeking the consideration of the "National Sports Development Bill-2075 BS."

Parliament session underway [Live]

August 11, 2019 11:40 am

Parliament session underway [Live]

KATHMANDU, Aug 9: Key members of parliament (MPs) within the ruling Nepal Communist Party have pressed the government to form the Transitional Justice (TJ) bodies without further delay.

KATHMANDU, August 8: Lawmakers have drawn the attention of the government towards providing decent relief and rehabilitation for survivors of flooding and landslides while criticizing the government's relief and rehabilitation efforts as unsatisfactory.

Parliament session underway [Live]

August 8, 2019 14:01 pm

Parliament session underway [Live]

KATHMANDU, Aug 8: A year after the civil code increased the minimum age for marriage to 20 years from 18, some lawmakers have sought a revision of the marriageable age saying it has caused problems for Indian women marrying Nepali men especially in the tarai.

KATHMANDU, Aug 6: Lawmakers have demanded the government to provide compensation and relief to the victims of natural disasters including landslide and flood following the heavy rainfall that occurred from July 11 at different places of the country.

KATHMANDU, July 24: Lawmakers demanded a permanent solution to flooding and landslides that hit the country every monsoon.

KATHMANDU, July 24: The lawmakers of the National Assembly have demanded government's clear concept about the recent vacancy announced by Public Service Commission.

KATHMANDU, July 24: Lawmakers have called for developing systematic early warning systems (EWS) about the possibility of natural disaster so as to reduce its risk and potential loss.

KATHMANDU, July 16: Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara on Monday deferred the House meeting for over a week, drawing criticism from the main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) as well as the ruling party lawmakers representing the areas affected by floods and landslides.

Crime and politics

July 4, 2019 02:00 am

Conviction of former lawmakers

KATHMANDU, July 1: Lawmakers from the ruling and main opposition parties have strongly objected to the proposed bill on Safe and Peaceful use of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials that will pave the way for establishing nuclear plants in Nepal if it is endorsed from the Parliament.

KATHMANDU, June 25: Parliamentarians have drawn the attention of the government on various contemporary issues during a session of the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Parliament session underway [Live]

June 25, 2019 11:17 am

KATHMANDU, June 25:  Parliament session underway.

KATHMANDU, June 24: Lawmakers speaking in the 'special hour' of the meeting of the House of Representatives today vociferously protested to the alleged tampering of the marks secured by a university student in the final examination to make him eligible for a gold medal.

Parliament session underway [Live]

June 21, 2019 13:00 pm

KATHMANDU, June 21: Lawmakers raising the questions on various contemporary issues in the Parliament.

KATHMANDU, June 17: The main opposition Nepali Congress on Monday expressed solidarity with ongoing protests against the Guthi bill while urging the government to withdraw the controversial bill immediately.

KATHMANDU, June 13: Lawmakers have accused Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lal Babu Pandit of undermining the Parliamentary State Affairs Committee's recent order related to vacancy announcements made by the Public Service Commission at local levels.

KATHMANDU, June 13: Nepali Congress lawmaker Bhimsen Das Pradhan has urged the government to withdraw a bill on the management of lands belonging to Guthis (religious and social trusts).

KATHMANDU, June 13: A year after unification between the two communist allies-- CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center)— and formation of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP), lawmakers of the ruling NCP are sharply divided along UML and Maoist lines over disputed bills and key issues of national importance.

KATHMANDU, June 12: Lawmakers of the Nepali Congress and Rashtriya Janata Party-Nepal have asked the government to withdraw a bill on the management of lands belonging to Guthis (religious and social trusts).

KATHMANDU, June 9: In a rare occurrence in parliamentary practice, lawmakers have registered amendment proposals to a disputed advertisement-related bill without getting updated on the already revised provisions of the bill.

KATHMANDU, June 8: Parliament's State Affairs Committee is planning to direct the Public Service Commission (PSC) to scrap vacancies at various local units as these vacancies were against the principle of inclusive representation.

KATHMANDU, June 4: Lawmakers have demanded correction in recent vacancy announced by the Public Service Commission, saying it was against constitution and principle of proportional inclusive representation.

KATHMANDU, June 3: Lawmaker of main opposition Nepali Congress Dr Minendra Rijal has demanded a correction in the recently brought budget for the fiscal year of 2019/20 claiming some flaws in it.

KATHMANDU, June 2: A bill tabled in the National Assembly (NA) by the government to manage land belonging to Guthis (religious/social trusts) has drawn flak for paving the way for legalizing the encroachment of Guthi lands.

KATHMANDU, May 31: Amid widespread criticism of the government decision to hike the development fund for lawmakers, Finance Minister Yuba Raj Khatiwada on Thursday defended the 'distributive' budget saying that the government cannot ignore voices of elected representatives in a democratic system.

KATHMANDU, May 29: Parliament's State Affairs Committee has been mulling over hiring some government secretaries and joint secretaries on contract, breaking with the tradition of appointments through the promotion of career bureaucrats.

KATHMANDU, May 27: More lawmakers from both the ruling and the opposition parties have stood against allocating funds to lawmakers under the Partnership Program amid concerns that such funds are being grossly misused.

KATHMANDU, May 17: Following controversy over their participation in a function linked to free-Tibet movement in Latvia, Parliament Secretariat on Thursday summoned lawmakers Pradip Yadav and Iqbal Miya for questioning.

KATHMANDU, May 13:  Lawmakers attending the meeting of the House of Representatives today raised their voice on various current issues.

KATHMANDU, May 12: Lawmakers of ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) have expressed the belief that the government would bring the budget for coming fiscal year with the goal of economic growth along with social justice.

HONG KONG, May 11: Scuffles broke out in Hong Kong’s legislature on Saturday between pro-democracy lawmakers and those loyal to Beijing over an extradition law that will extend Beijing’s powers over the financial hub.

KATHMANDU, May 2: Lawmakers attending today’s meeting of the Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee of the National Assembly demanded that the government clarifies the issue of public land encroachment in Baluwatar and Khula Manch to the public.

Govt's performance dismal: NC

April 30, 2019 06:30 am

KATHMANDU, April 30: The head of the main opposition party Nepali Congress has said the government's performance during its 14 months in office has been dismal. He was addressing the first meeting of the budget session of parliament on Monday.

LONDON, April 2: British lawmakers on Monday voted to turn down all the four proposed Brexit options on the table, the second time since Friday that none of MPs' proposed Brexit options wins clear backing in the House of Commons.

DHANGADHI, March 21: The lawmakers of Kailali recently submitted the details of their upcoming projects to the District Coordination Committee (DCC), which showed that a huge budget of infrastructure development program launched by Sudurpaschim Province is being invested in unproductive sectors.