HoR endorses bill on Money Laundering

February 7, 2024 17:20 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 7: The House of Representatives (HoR) has approved the bill to amend some laws related to the Prevention of Money Laundering and Promotion of Business Environment 2079 BS.

KATHMANDU, Dec 24: The discussions on the Bill to amend some Nepal Acts have been postponed. The Law, Justice, and Human Rights Committee of parliament was scheduled to discuss the bill today.

BRUSSELS, Dec 8: The European Union failed to clinch a deal Thursday on a sweeping law on artificial intelligence after nearly 24 hours of negotiations, but vowed to continue talks the next day.

In today's digital world, AI, or artificial intelligence is like a super-smart computer that can change the way we do things in our lives. It can do tasks really fast and learn from what it does. You can see AI all around you, like when Netflix suggests movies for you to watch or when doctors use it to help diagnose illnesses.

KATHMANDU, Oct 2: The Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee of the House of Representatives is going to call Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha to address the issue of presidential pardons granted on Constitution Day.

The Constitution of Nepal, 2015 ensures every person’s right to live with dignity and right to health as fundamental rights. Nepal's Health Policy 2076 also seems to have accepted the importance of mental health from the state level by having a vision that all Nepali citizens will be physically, mentally, socially and emotionally healthy and be able to live a productive and quality life.

Law being introduced to tame ‘Balens’

September 5, 2023 14:00 pm

KATHMANDU, Sep 5: Amid growing concerns over the conduct and actions of local government officials, including Kathmandu Metropolitan City's Mayor Balendra Shah, the government has initiated the development of legislation aimed at regulating the behavior and responsibilities of local representatives. This move comes in response to instances where some local government representatives have been seen challenging constitutional and governance norms.

KATHMANDU, June 6: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to bring all those involved in environment pollution under the ambit of law.

KATHMANDU, May 19: Parliament's Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee has formed a sub-committee to discuss the Transitional Justice Bill.

If you're searching for a country that puts kindergarten classrooms to shame with its rule overload, Nepal is your jackpot! It's like the lawyers in this country are playing an epic game of "Keep Up with the Laws" that even they can't win.

KATHMANDU, April 23: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has given instructions to the authorities concerned to make a law to register Yatri motorcycles and other vehicles made in Nepal.

KATHMANDU, August 9 : Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Govinda Prasad Sharma Koirala has said that the government is ready to amend the election laws.

KATHMANDU, July 1: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said that the law professors and students of university have a pivotal role to promote public awareness on the constitution and the law, and its enforcement in society.

CHITWAN, June 4: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Govinda Prasad Sharma Koirala has said parliament could not make laws for two years. It was because of the obstruction of parliament, he added.

KATHMANDU, Dec 8: The government is introducing provisions for issuing infrastructure bonds and blended financing, claiming that the move is aimed at attracting more foreign direct investment (FDI) in mega projects.

KATHMANDU, Nov 18: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has said that provision should be made in law that facilitates big development projects to operate in a simple and uninterrupted manner.

Law as Literature

June 17, 2021 16:33 pm

The advocates recited many poems and songs, referred to some dialogues from dramas in the hearing process of the case on the dissolution of the House of Representatives, as if a grand literary symposium was being organized. The same got highlighted and published by the mainstream media repeatedly; a section of the general public was astonished with these activities that happened at the Constitution Bench.

MUMBAI, Jan 31: India plans to introduce a law to ban private cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and put in place a framework for an official digital currency to be issued by the central bank, according to a legislative agenda listed by the government.

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: The government has sought to fine up to Rs 200,000 those traders who carry out online business platforms without taking license and breaching the relevant laws of e-commerce platforms.

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: The government has sought to fine up to Rs 200,000 those traders who carry out online business platforms without taking license and breaching the relevant laws of e-commerce platforms.

KATHMANDU, Sept 25: The government has introduced a much-awaited ordinance in an apparent bid to punish acid attackers and discourage such incidents.

Understanding contempt of court

August 27, 2020 13:06 pm

“Fair and objective criticism of judicial decision will instill accountability and greater discipline in decision making. If no one is allowed to judge judges, there could be lawless courts and irresponsible judging. But criticism of judgments should not lead to the denigration of judges.” This is the statement from former Chief Justice and Attorney General of Singapore Chan Sek Keong, where he has acknowledged the importance of fair and objective criticism of the courts.

Think beyond roads

October 24, 2019 02:00 am

In an egregious case of ‘dozer terror’ in Baitadi, the District Police Office has arrested the driver of the excavator for ramming the excavator bucket at the local people. The video of this cruel bulldozing, in which some locals are seen protesting and the driver rams the excavator at them mercilessly, went viral in social media, earning condemnation from Kathmandu and beyond.  As many as eight persons were injured, one of them seriously, in this act of crime. Meanwhile, the president of the local User’s Committee and two other persons have been arrested for investigation. According to Republica report, the locals were protesting against road construction because the land on which excavator was rammed on belonged to Guthi. In the video, the locals are also seen pelting stones at the excavator driver, who, enraged at this, aims the excavator bucket at the protestors randomly.  Whatever the dispute between the locals and the User’s Committee, attacking people with the excavator is a crime and those guilty of the incident must be brought to book, without any ifs and buts.  But broadly, the incident of Baitadi is emblematic of what is fundamentally wrong with our notion of development at local sphere.

What about Law?

July 12, 2019 10:05 am

The concept of nations abiding by a construct of words will always be a spectacular thing in my mind. This covers all political views, how countries are organized and how organizations prosper. Within the law, there exists a certain logic with which lawyers work.

KATHMANDU, July 3: Making public the full text of a judgment, the Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the government to enact laws to address climate change.

KATHMANDU, May 22: Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has stressed on the need of proper laws paving way for development and prosperity.

KATHMANDU, May 19: Civil contractors have blamed the government for introducing regressive policies to not only discourage the construction sector but to damage the entire construction industry through the amendment in Public Procurement Rules 2007.

COLOMBO, April 23: Sri Lankans woke to emergency law on Tuesday as authorities searched for those behind suicide bomb attacks on churches and luxury hotels that killed 290 people at the weekend, with the focus turning to militants with links to foreign groups.

The palanquin press

April 15, 2019 01:05 am

The justice system has had a checkered past in Nepal. The chieftain of Gorkha is publicly celebrated for administering victors’ justice to the vanquished. For over hundred years, the word of not just one ruler but the entire Rana clan was the law. There was a brief interregnum in the 1950s when judges and lawyers imported from India tried to establish a semblance of rule of law. However, darkness soon enveloped as not just the speech but even wishes of Shah Kings became tantamount to supreme law.

SINGAPORE, April 3: New Islamic criminal laws that took effect in Brunei on Wednesday, punishing gay sex and adultery by stoning offenders to death, have triggered an outcry from countries, rights groups and celebrities far beyond the tiny Southeast Asian nation’s shores.

VIPs are not above the law

April 1, 2019 02:00 am

You may be driving home or office on a motorbike. Perhaps you are also speeding up to get to your destination early (everyone is in rush in Kathmandu).

KATHMANDU, March 8: New proposed laws relating to social media use in Nepal are intended to stifle dissent and silence critical voices, say global and regional human rights groups.

KATHMANDU, March 6: Lawmakers at a meeting of the State Affairs Committee of parliament have agreed to include a provision in citizenship law allowing an individual to acquire Nepali citizenship through the mother and no mention of the status of the father.

KATHMANDU, Jan 30: The government has decided to extend the terms of the two transitional justice (TJ) bodies for a year and is also planning to change the office bearers, through an amendment of the existing law.

Resolving Tootle case

January 29, 2019 01:00 am

The company that operated Tootle business should be held responsible and government should make the parent company abide by law

KATHMANDU, Jan 1: The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has expressed concerns over ongoing media reports and social media status criticizing the government's delay in adjusting civil servants in federal, provincial and local levels.

KATHMANDU, Dec 19: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Bhanubhakta Dhakal, has argued that Nepal's constitution promulgated by the Constituent Assembly is an exemplary constitution in the world.

Demand for legalizing same-sex marriage

December 9, 2018 16:45 pm

KATHMANDU, Dec 9: Stakeholders concerned have demanded a law related to same-sex marriage in the context when Nepal's constitution and laws have accepted the concept of marital equality.

Laws of rule

November 20, 2018 01:00 am

If we did not have strong guardianship of the Supreme Court, the rights of the individuals would have been grossly violated

KATHMANDU, Sept 18: Minister for Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal has warned of taking legal action against private school owners if they refused to provide completely free education for up to 15 percent of their students as provided for in a new law.

GREAT FALLS, Sept 16: A Montana photographer is suing Netflix, alleging the company violated copyright law by using one of his photos without permission to create storm images for the series “Stranger Things” and the movie “How It Ends.”

KATHMANDU, Sept 12: The Nepal Medical Association (NMA), the professional organization of doctors, postponed their protests after the Ministry of Health and Population issued a commitment letter on Monday to address their demands.

Mainstream electric vehicles with law

September 11, 2018 01:00 am

Nepal urgently needs an electric vehicle policy and infrastructure to cope with rapid development of EVs and to reduce air pollution and oil import

DANG, Aug 26: A service seeker was compelled to make rounds of the High Court, Tulsipur for five months due to a decision of the judicial committee of Gadhwa Rural Municipality.

TEL AVIV, Aug 5: On July 19, the Israeli parliament passed a constitutional law declaring Israel to be a "nation-state," which meant that only Jews now  have the right to self-determination. The legislation also declares Hebrew as the official language, stripping Arabic of the same status. The new law has been widely criticized as a complication to the two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict and as discrimination against the Druze, the nation's most integrated Arab community.

Dhakal appointed new Law Minister

August 3, 2018 14:05 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 3: KATHMANDU, Aug 3: Prime Minister KP Oli has yet again reshuffled his cabinet on Friday. Nepal Communist Party leader Bhanubhakta Dhakal has been appointed Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

LONDON, Aug 3: A British court recognized Sharia law for the first time after a judge made a landmark ruling on a divorce case, which could have far reaching effects on Islamic marriage in the UK.

KATHMANDU, July 26: Following the resignation of Law Minister Sher Bahadur Tamang on Tuesday, leaders of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) have intensified lobbying for the coveted post.

KATHMANDU, July 25: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Sher Bahadur Tamang has stepped down from the post on Tuesday following public outcry over his controversial remarks on Nepali female students pursuing medical studies in Bangladesh. Tamang was overcome with emotions while announcing his resignation amid a press meet at the ministry.

Law Minister Tamang resigns

July 24, 2018 15:13 pm

KATHMANDU, July 24: Minister for Law,Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Sher Bahadur Tamang has stepped down from his post following his controversial remark on Tuesday.