Indra Jatra being celebrated today

September 28, 2023 09:45 am

KATHMANDU, Sept 28: Indra Jatra, the festival of rain and good harvest, is being observed today with fanfare. On the occasion of this festival, the government has declared a public holiday in Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal is the land of the living goddess, Kumari, but few of us know about the existence of living gods — Ganesh and Bhairab. The living forms of Ganesh and Bhairab are worshipped only in Kathmandu though other cities, including Patan, Bungamati and Bhaktapur, also have their Kumaris.

KATHMANDU, Sept 13: Kwaneya, the first day of the chariot procession of the Living Goddess Kumari and the most important day of Indra Jatra, one of the biggest festivals in the Kathmandu Valley has been observed at Basantapur Durbar Square on Friday.

Kumari: The living goddess

September 11, 2019 09:20 am

In an attempt of transformation From humanity to divinity; A child is bewildered, Bewitched and be tumbled  Into some trials.

We have all heard of the Kumaris of Nepal. In fact, it might even be safe to say that the world knows of them – many books and documentaries have been made on them. They are the living embodiment of the Goddess Taleju and an integral part of the Nepali culture.


October 6, 2018 18:40 pm

The week in pictures for September 30- October 6.


September 29, 2018 18:40 pm

Cover Photo: Group of women worker returning after morning work in vegetable field at Bode in Bhaktapur on Monday. Photo: Dipesh Shrestha

When people talk about Kumari, the unique tradition of living goddess in Nepal, they immediately think of a little girl who shows up at the window of Kumari Palace in Kathmandu Durbar Square.

KATHMANDU, Mar 7: Kumari Laxmi Rai from Nepali Congress has filed her name as presidential nominee against Bidhya Devi Bhandari.

KATHMANDU, Mar 1: Kumari Futsal is set to organize the first women futsal tournament on March 3 in Thamel. The organizers on Wednesday informed that a total of 16 teams will take part in the competition. The teams are divided into four groups.

KATHMANDU, Feb 23: Kumari Bank Limited and Nepal Mediciti Hospital have signed an agreement to provide medical services throughout Nepal.

Kumari School into quarters

February 11, 2018 09:39 am

KATHMANDU, Feb 11: The host Kumari School has reached the quarterfinals of the ongoing KEBS Cup Inter-school 3-on-3 Boys’ Basketball Tournament defeating Jeevantara School 11-1 on Saturday.

The main challenge here is topography. The mountains are good to look at, but at the same time building roads and other infrastructures is equally hard. Similarly, there is acute problem of drinking water in this district. We don't have hospitals here.

Maharajkumari Badan Kumari Rana, the daughter of Jung Bahadur Rana, in this undated photo.

KATHMANDU, Nov 21: Yan Kumari Chaulagain of Nepal has won gold medal in the Toronto Open Taekwondo Championship held in Toronto of Canada.

Taleju Bhawani is also known as the guardian deity of the country since the time of the Malla dynasty. The temple is believed to be built in the shape of a Yantra or tantric geometrical design on the advice of Goddess Taleju, who had manifested herself as a bee.

KATHMANDU, Sept 11: President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Sunday – the final day of the Indra Jatra festival – received blessings from the living Goddess Kumari.

KATHMANDU, Sept 5: President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Tuesday paid homage to living Goddess Kumari at Basantapur Durbar square on the occasion of 'Indrajatra' festival. She also offered worship and offerings to Lord Ganesh and Bhairav, and received prasad from the priest.

KATHMANDU, July 9: Kumari bank has provided computers and printers for different schools in Nawalparasi. Issuing a statement on Saturday, the bank said that it distributed computers and printers through the Rotary Club of Kathmandu North East (TEACH Program) under its corporate social responsibility.

NEPALGUNJ, June 28: A 108 years old woman cast her votes at the District Forest Office Polling Station of Banke district.

KATHMANDU, March 23: The 16th annual general meeting (AGM) of Kumari Bank Ltd has approved the decision of its board of directors (BOD) to distribute 21 percent bonus shares and 1.10 percent cash dividend (for tax purpose) to its shareholders from the profit earned in the last fiscal year.

KATHMANDU, Feb 15: Kumari Bank Ltd (KBL) has started a special fixed deposit account under which it will provide 12 percent interest rate.

KATHMANDU (REPUBLICA): Nepal Rasta Bank (NRB) has permitted Kumari Bank Ltd to acquire Kasthamandap Development Bank Ltd, Pashchimanchal Finance Company Ltd, Mahakali Bikas Bank Ltd and Kankrebihar Development Bank Ltd.

KATHMANDU, Jan 4: The board of directors of Kumari Bank Ltd (KBL) has proposed to distribute 21 percent bonus shares and 1.1 percent cash dividend (for tax purpose) to the bank's shareholders from the profit earned in Fiscal Year 2015/2016.

KATHMANDU, Dec 26: Kumari Bank Ltd has appointed Siddhartha Capital Ltd as the issue manager for the bank’s 50 percent rights issue.

Wins for Kumari, Baneshwar

December 6, 2016 08:49 am

KATHMANDU, Dec 5:  Kumari Futsal and Baneshwar Recreation Center on Monday registered thumping wins in the Red Bull National Futsal League underway in the capital.

Baneshwar, Kumari win

December 2, 2016 22:25 pm

KATHMANDU, Dec 2: Baneshwar Recreation Center and Kumari Futsal emerged victorious on Friday in the ongoing Red Bull National Futsal League underway in the capital.

KATHMANDU, Nov 21: Former Kumari, the living goddess, Chanira Bajracharya and mountaineer Lhakpa Sherpa have made it to the list of 'BBC 100 Women 2016'.

Imperial, Kumari triumph

November 8, 2016 20:25 pm

KATHMANDU, Nov 9: Imperial Futsal of Kausaltar and Kumari Futsal of Paknajol registered victories in the ongoing Red Bull National Futsal League in the capital on Tuesday.

Kumari, White Horse win

October 18, 2016 20:05 pm

KATHMANDU, Oct 18: Kumari Futsal and White Horse Futsal became victorious in the Red Bull Futsal League on Tuesday.

BHAKTAPUR, Oct 11: People in large numbers received tika from the Kumari, who is considered the living goddess, at Taleju in Bhaktapur today on the occasion of the Bijaya Dashami festival.

Kumari, Baneshwar triumph

September 28, 2016 20:55 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 28: Kumari Futsal, Baneshwar Recreation Center and Shankamul Futsal registered wins on Wednesday in the Red Bull National Futsal League played at various futsal arenas of the capital.

KATHMANDU, Sept 27: In a game of Martyrs' B Division League held at the ANFA Complex situated at Satdobato, the officials of Shree Kumari Club manhandled the referee after the match.

Shree Kumari climbs atop league table

September 20, 2016 21:33 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: Shree Kumari Club has climbed to the top of the table in the Martyrs Memorial B Division League defeating Satdobato Youth Club 5-0 on Tuesday.

Shree Kumari joins leader NRT on top

September 14, 2016 21:31 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 14: Shree Kumari Club joined leader New Road Team (NRT) on top of the table with a 2-1 win over Madhyapur Youth Association in the Martyrs Memorial B Division League football tournament at the APF ground, Halchowk on Wednesday.

Kumari Bank launches credit cards

September 13, 2016 00:55 am

KATHMANDU, Sept 13: Kumari Bank Ltd (KBL) has launched Kumari Credit Card.

LONDON , Sept 9 : A seven-year-old girl in Nepal was selected to be a living and breathing goddess when she was just a toddler due to having 'eyelashes like a cow' and a 'voice as clear as a duck.'

BHAKTAPUR, Sept 7: Have you ever guessed the monthly wage of the living goddess Kumari. Do not giggle when someone says the monthly wage of Kumari is only Rs 3,000.

KATHMANDU, Aug 31: New Road Team (NRT) opened a two-point lead atop the standings of the Martyrs Memorial B Division League football tournament while Shree Kumari Club's unbeaten run came to an end on Wednesday.

Second win for Shree Kumari

August 26, 2016 20:10 pm

KATHAMDNU, Aug 26: Shree Kumari Club recorded second win in a row on Friday in the Martyrs Memorial B Division League football tournament while Pulchowk Sports Club and Chyasal Youth Club recorded their first win in the matches played in the capital.

Tushal, Sri Kumari triumph

August 23, 2016 21:37 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 23: Tushal Youth Club and Shree Kumari Club registered wins in the Martyrs Memorial B Division League football tournament on Monday while Bansbari Club and Mahabir Club shared points after a goalless draw.

KATHMANDU, July 7: Kumari Bank Ltd and Samsara Remit Pvt Ltd have signed an agreement to provide remittance services.