Bridges and Barriers

May 15, 2022 06:30 am

All languages must be used for advancing and using new knowledge for social good. And scholars should strive to build bridges instead of barriers with languages.

Goddess Saraswati

July 6, 2021 14:03 pm

A soft tune cuts the cold silence,  creating new music, a new tone. As strings vibrate her mind enlightens. She plays the song, a sound charisma.

When knowledge is not free

February 19, 2021 07:00 am

One of the lasting legacies of the post 1990 politics is great confusion between knowledge and opinion.

Saraswati Puja being observed today

February 16, 2021 07:22 am

KATHMANDU, Feb 16: Shree Panchami, also known as Basanta Panchami or Saraswati Puja, is being celebrated across the country by worshipping Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, learning, art, music and culture, on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: Actor Dayahang Rai has said that many contemporary Nepali filmmakers lack the knowledge and skills required to make quality cinemas.

Languaging Research

March 15, 2020 09:52 am

“English is . . . the language of higher education, mass media, information and communication technology, business, tourism, science and medicine,” says the introduction to the recently published English language curriculum for 11th and 12th grades. Built upon this combination of half truths, ignorance, and ideologies, there is another pervasive belief that English is also the language of scientific publication, if not all significant knowledge production in the world. This essay seeks to debunk the latter assumption, going on to discuss the social costs of passively accepting while actively contributing to the conditions behind the assumption, as scholars in developing countries like Nepal are doing increasingly.

Erosion of professors’ prestige

February 2, 2020 09:10 am

In his book What the Best College Teachers Do Ken Bain says that professors are ‘university-based top-ranked expert academicians’ to extend then enforce knowledge and virtues. In Nepal too, professors are co-positioned with the first-class bureaucrats in merit. Such a distinguished position automatically attracts intense gravity. They are expected to be involved in academic excellence, knowledge, studies and research.

Saraswati Puja being observed today

January 30, 2020 11:40 am

KATHMANDU, Feb 1: Shree Panchami, also known as Basanta Panchami or Saraswati Puja, is being celebrated across the country by worshipping Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, learning, art, music and culture, on Thursday.

Attaining Bairag

November 2, 2019 00:30 am

If you start talking to rich persons, their clothes, their direction of talk, their houses, all smell of money. They are unknowingly showing off their richness. This is the Rag

Knowledge Café organized

August 12, 2019 02:45 am

KATHMANDU, Aug 12: Nepal Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (NESOG), in collaboration with Meyer Vitabiotics – an Indian pharmaceutical company that has recently expanded its business in Nepal, organized a special symposium called 'Knowledge Cafe' in Kathmandu.

Localizing knowledge production

July 25, 2019 01:30 am

Universities in developing countries must create new knowledge as their primary mission, especially for social progress and in the national interest

KATHMANDU, July 18: Tribhuvan University and Nepal Police have reached an understanding to utilize the knowledge and expertise of academic sector to strengthen community security and conduct academic activities without any hindrances.

Producing knowledge

July 4, 2019 01:30 am

The question is not whether university professors should produce new knowledge. It is how we can optimize our research, how the university can support it, and how we can do the most useful work possible

Think beyond training

April 17, 2019 01:00 am

Continuing professional development method is slowly being recognised in Nepal as a key motivator for teachers to develop their skills and knowledge

Transformation in teaching

April 3, 2019 01:30 am

For realizing the changes, our universities must shift some weight of teaching to learning, knowledge to skills, exams to diversified assessment and degrees to disciplinary identity, among others

Tapping diaspora’s knowledge

January 13, 2019 01:00 am

Nepal should take a leap in scientific pursuit through mobilization of its large contingent of diaspora talent and scholarship

KATHMANDU, Oct 12: Government officials and experts from various sectors have underscored the need for sharing knowledge for the progress of society and the country.

The knowledge system possessed by various communities across the globe, which has been used and passed down through several generations, is termed as indigenous or traditional knowledge. This knowledge is generally embedded in the cultural tradition of any religion, indigenous or local communities.

The judicial committee was formed but I have no idea how I will carry out a judicial job without a legal advisor.

Broadening the knowledge span

May 29, 2018 13:28 pm

After two decades of experience as an Auxiliary Health Worker under the Ministry of Health, Rajendra Prasad Dhakal switched careers to printing and publication. Now, he’s been actively involved in this field since the past two decades. At present, he is the Manager at Makalu Publication House and Sopan Press Pvt. Ltd., Kalikasthan.

KATHMANDU, March 17: DAV Business School is organizing a two-day international conference entitled ‘Integrating Knowledge and Technology for Sustainable Development’. According to the press statement released by DAV Business School, the conference is scheduled from March 24 to 25 at DAV Business School, Kathmandu.

GERMANY, Nov 19: Minister for Population and Environment, Mithila Chaudhary has said the non-resident Nepalis (NRNs) living and working in various countries across the world could significantly contribute by investing knowledge and capital for the motherland's prosperity.

Investing in knowledge

November 8, 2017 01:00 am

Our educational and science and technology policies have failed to keep up with global pace of technological advancement and we have no strategy to catch up.

KATHMANDU, Oct 1: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba today extended wishes to all the mothers, fathers and older persons in the country on the occasion of 27th International Day of Older Persons.

DAMAK, July 14: The Damak municipality in Jhapa is set to establish 'Knowledge Bank' – the first of its kind in Nepal – with an aim to contribute towards the town's prosperity.

KATHMANDU, June 30: Australia’s Ambassador to Nepal, Glenn White launched a report- 'Connecting flow and ecology in Nepal: current state of knowledge for the Koshi Basin' on 29 June 2016.