KHOTANG, May 22: Abortion by unregistered health workers is increasing in Khotang. The District Hospital, Khotang on Tuesday held an interaction on safe abortion where the issue of this illegal practice carried out by unregistered health posts was also discussed.

KHOTANG, April 23: Ramnidhi Acharya, a farmer of Yamkha in Diprung Chuichumma Rural Municipality, is making handsome money by producing saplings of different fruits and spices in his nursery. Staying within the country, he has set an example for other locals who keep saying that there is no opportunity in village.

KHOTANG, April 16: One person died and 13 others sustained injuries when a passenger bus met with an accident in Khotang District on Monday night.

KHOTANG, April 6: As the central government fails to distribute salaries on time, health workers in various local units of Khotang have been deprived of their salaries for the past five months.

The changing face of a Majhi village

March 10, 2019 11:04 am

KHOTANG, March 10: Som Bahadur Majhi from Ravuwa village is living a comfortable life in Kathmandu. Birkha Bahadur Majhi of the same village is also living comfortably at Thimi, Bhaktapur. Since the last few decades, Ravuwa village has lost its charm as the local Majhi families have been migrating to cities in search of a better life.

KHOTANG, Feb 27: Until few years ago, locals of Yamkha in Khotang had no option but to carry oranges on their back to the market in neighboring Udayapur district.

KATHMANDU, Feb 25: The Rasuwa-Kalapani Drinking Water Project of Khotang is nearing completion.

56 monkeys trapped in four days

February 25, 2019 05:00 am

KHOTANG, Feb 25: As a part of a campaign to protect crops, Indian hunters deployed by the local government have managed to catch 56 monkeys in Khotang in just four days.

KHOTANG, Feb 5: Halesi Tuwachung Municipality of Khotang organized a free health camp in Bahunidanda on Sunday to identify people infected with leprosy.

'Wildfire goes out of control in Khotang'

December 27, 2018 04:00 am

KHOTANG, Dec 27: The wildfire which broke out in Dambar Khushivalaya Community Forest of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality on Wednesday has reportedly gone out of control.

Misuse of government vehicles on the rise

December 13, 2018 06:30 am

KHOTANG, Dec 13: Cases related to misuse of government vehicles have been steadily increasing of late in Khotang district.

KHOTANG, Dec 10: With the objective of providing health service at the doorsteps of the locals, Halesi Tuwachung Municipality of Khotang has once again conducted free health camps in various wards.

`KHOTANG, Dec 8: Former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that the development of local units is possible only when the projects are forcibly implemented.

KHOTANG, Dec 6:  After almost four years since the catastrophic 2015 earthquakes, a total of 545 beneficiaries in Khotang district have received the third tranche of the housing grant.

KHOTANG, Dec 4: The Naya Shakti Students Union (NSSU), the student wing of Dr Baburam-led Naya Shakti Party Nepal, has initiated a signature campaign for the justice of Nirmala Panta, a 13-year-old girl who had been brutally murdered after rape in Kanchanpur on July 27.

KHOTANG, Dec 3: Nepal Tarun Dal (NTD), Khotang, the youth wing of the Nepali Congress, has drawn Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s attention toward the government's failure to bring the culprit involved in the murder and rape of Nirmala Panta to book even after four months.

Born in Khotang and raised in Morang, Sameer Rai is the owner of two Kathmandu eateries. He was passionate about restaurants since his childhood. So right after completing his secondary level education he moved to the capital in 2003 to follow his passion.

More students opt for technical education

November 16, 2018 11:40 am

KHOTANG, Nov 16: The number of students joining the technical schools for technical and vocational education in Khotang district is on the rise of late, thanks to better employment prospects after the graduation in the technical subjects.

Freedom Fighter Bajimay dies at 105

November 11, 2018 09:25 am

KHOTANG, Nov 11: Manisundar Bajimaya, who fought all his life to bring democracy and earned himself the recognition of Khotang's freedom fighter died at 105 on Wednesday.

KHOTANG, Nov 9: Two houses burn to ashes and three were damaged after fire broke out at Diktel, Khotang on Friday. Houses belonging to Krishna Shrestha and Ambika Budhathoki of Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi municipality-1 have been completely destroyed in the incident. Also the houses of Raju Shrestha , Rabidhoj Rai and Pele Gurung were damaged in the incident.

One dies in jeep accident in Khotang

November 8, 2018 14:40 pm

KHOTANG. Nov 8: A passenger died from a Zeep accident in Khotang on Wednesday night.

Sole guardian of six siblings at 16

November 6, 2018 03:30 am

KHOTANG, Nov 6: Since a very young age, she wanted to study and have a successful career.  To make this happen, she was required to have a lot of focus, dedication and hard work. But at the mere age of 16, Suima Chamling has to invest all her efforts and focus to take care of six siblings – four younger sisters and two younger brothers. She is their sole guardian.

KHOTANG, Oct 28: It was their ancestral occupation. However, the new generations of Sakela village of Khotang gradually lost touch with the production of khadi as weaving cotton by hand was considered a ‘low job’. Girls and boys switched to other occupations. But in the recent years, the ancestral profession is getting its hold back, thanks to local women’s revived love for Khadi and entrepreneurship.

KHOTANG, Oct 4: A decade ago, there was no community school in Khotang that instructed students in English medium. Community schools lagged behind the private schools in other fronts as well.

KHOTANG, Oct 1: Even though the government has hiked transportation fare by 10 percent, transport entrepreneurs in Khotang have agreed not to hike the fare considering the commuters' woes during the festive season.

KATHMANDU, Sept 26: Transport entrepreneurs of Khotang district have raised fares on public vehicles by 10 percent, immediately after the government in Kathmandu agreed to let transport organizations raise fares.

Women in Khotang rally for Nirmala

September 18, 2018 04:30 am

KHOTANG, Sept 18: With the authorities so far failing to book those guilty in the rape and murder of Kanchanpur's 13-year-old Nirmala Panta, Nepal Women's Association Khotang led a demonstration against the government. Nirmala had gone missing on July 26 and her body was found on July 27.

KHOTANG, Sept 11: ​Diprung Chuichumma Rural Municipality on Sunday handed over computers worth Rs 5.5 million to seven model schools to initiate computer education at the school level.

KHOTANG, Sept 10: Ward chairman of Dorpachiuri Dada in Diktel has offered his earning to the Tole Development Committee.

KHOTANG, JULY 27: Three years after 2015's devastating earthquake, more than 2,000 quake victims from Khotang have received the second installment of the housing grant provided by the government.

KHOTANG, July 16: The representatives of ten local units of Khotang district on Sunday received badges meant for their identity.

KHOTANG, June 25: The District Education Coordination Unit (DECU), Khotang, has restarted the enrollment campaign to bring children, who were left out in the first campaign, to school.

KHOTANG, June 11: The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) has formed shadow governments and inspection committees to monitor the works of the local governments in Khotang district.

KHOTANG, MAY 28: During a recent free health camp organized in Diktel of Khotang, an astonishingly high number of women were found struggling with uterine prolapse and other reproductive health problems.

KHOTANG (REPUBLICA): Earthing systems have been installed at 35 homes in Nunthala and Khilku villages of Khotang district to protect lives and property from lightning strikes.

KHOTANG, April 17: While the new academic session has already begun across the country, textbooks in English language are yet to be supplied in schools of Khotang.

Rain guts inferno in Khotang

April 11, 2018 11:49 am

KHOTANG, April 11: Rain has doused an inferno that had gone out of control in a community forest of Majhuwagadhi municipality-15 in the district.

Lightning kills two in Khotang

April 5, 2018 10:42 am

KATHMANDU, April 5: Two people were killed after they struck by a lightening in different places of Khotang.

KHOTANG, March 26: The government had introduced a program to convince a number of people to get health insurance so that no one will have to face untimely death due to lack of money for treatment.

Tej Kumar becomes ‘Khotang Idol’

March 20, 2018 10:17 am

Tej Kumar Rai won the first edition of ‘Khotang Idol’, a singing competition conducted among youths in Khotang district. Sixteen-year-old Rai won the title by defeating other five competitors, who made it to the final that was held at Saraswati Secondary School in Diktel, Khotang on Saturday.  Winner Rai got Rs 54,574.

KHOTANG, Feb 22: There was a time when the number of girl students was exceptionally low in community schools of Khotang district, especially in the rural areas.

KHOTANG, Feb 21:  Property worth Rs 1.2 million was destroyed in the fire that started while refilling a sawmill with fuel at Rawabensi Rural Municipality in the district.

KHOTANG, Feb 19: Tuwachung Jayajum Danda, a renowned historical tourist site in Khotang is under high risk of landslides due to negligence in constructing road at the base of the mountain on which it is situated.

KHOTANG, Feb 18: Farmers of southern parts of Khotang are having sleepless nights as leopards have started preying on their cattle from the sheds.

KHOTANG, Feb 15: Despite their poor financial conditions, the locals of Khotehang Rural Municipality in the district had no option but to chart helicopters in case of medical emergencies. However, the district was provided with ambulances a few months ago.

KHOTANG, Feb 13: Despite their poor financial conditions, the locals of Khotehang Rural Municipality in the district had no option but to chart helicopters in case of medical emergencies. However, the district was provided with ambulances a few months ago. This to a great extent has benefited the locals as they can now save a large amount of money which would be otherwise spent on hiring helicopters in the past.

KHOTANG, Feb 11: Imagine life without water. With water sources fast drying up, the question of survival has left some locals in Khotang worried. Several villages of Khotang in Tuwachung municipality and other area are suffering from water crisis. The shortage is so much that they are now forced to think of an alternative or migrate to other areas from there.

KHOTANG, Jan 25: A body of around eight-year-old girl has been found beried on the bank of Chimni rivulet in the district.

Khotang Idol done with first audition

January 7, 2018 09:50 am

KHOTANG, Jan 7:As many as 167 contestants have been selected on the first round of auditions of the singing reality show — Khotang Idol. The audition was organized on 11 different places of Khotang district.

KHOTANG, Jan 7: Khotang has seen a 20 percent fall in orange production. While the previous fiscal year saw production of 8,250 tons of orange, it fell to 7,380 tons this year, according to District Agricultural Development Office (DADO), Khotang.