KATHMANDU, Nov 28: Internationally, a 16 days of activism campaign  against gender-based violence is being observed from November 25. Many civil society organizations, security forces, governmental agencies, and international organizations have joined 16 days of activism to unite for the elimination of violence against women and girls.

KATHMANDU, November 2: CPN-UML Vice Chairman Bishnu Paudel has accused the government of delaying the progress of the peace process while wrongly pointing fingers at the opposition.

KATHMANDU, Oct 18: The government is implementing a parole system, allowing individuals with good conduct in prisons across the country to be temporarily released for family reunification.

KATHMANDU, Oct 11: In a recent controversial decision, President Ramchandra Paudel granted a presidential pardon to Yograj Dhakal, also known as Regal, a convicted murderer responsible for the death of Chetan Manandhar. This decision has ignited widespread debate and criticism within Nepali society, raising important questions about justice and the rights of crime victims.

KATHMANDU, Sept 23 : Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that there will be no blanket amnesty for the serious violation of human rights and that the ultimate objective is to establish an enduring peace in the country and foster harmony in society through peace, justice and reconciliation.

KATHMANDU, Aug 30: A prominent human rights body has called upon the government to guarantee the rights to truth, justice, and reparations for the families of victims of enforced disappearances during the Maoist insurgency.

KATHMANDU, Aug 29: Lawmaker Ek Nath Dhakal has drawn the attention of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to address the demand of Ganga Maya Adhikari, who is fighting for justice for her son.

For too long, the victims of problematic cooperatives have suffered the brunt of financial losses, and their pleas for justice fell on deaf ears. However, after months of protests, the victims of cooperatives have finally found a ray of hope when the government reached an agreement with their representatives.

KATHMANDU, Aug 4: The cooperative victims who have been in protests in Maitighar, Kathmandu, for around two months, called off their protest on Thursday after reaching an agreement with the government.

The Gaur massacre remains an indelible stain on Nepal's history, haunting the memories of victims' families for the past 17 years. The tragic incident, which claimed the lives of 28 innocent people, is a painful reminder of the violence that plagued the nation during tumultuous times.

CHANDRAPUR (RAUTAHAT), July 30: Victims have started a sit-in protest in Chandranigahapur of Rautahat district demanding the government to book the murderers of Gaur massacre that happened 17 years ago.

KATHMANDU, July 25: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for HomeAffairs, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, has pledged to bring all individuals found involved in crime to justice.

Provide Justice to Prem Chalaune

June 22, 2023 07:15 am

The government’s decision to withdraw the cases against individuals involved in the physical assault of Tribhuvan University Assistant Professor Prem Chalaune has been the issue of concern across the country. The assault on Assistant Professor Chalaune, which took place on October 6, 2020, was a brutal act of violence that should not be forgotten or forgiven.

KATHMANDU, June 21: Assistant Professor at Tribhuvan University (TU) Prem Chalaune has filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court seeking justice after the government decided to withdraw the case against those who physically assaulted him.

The recent distressing scenes at Maitighar Mandala in the capital city, where victims of various cooperatives have been forced to sleep on the streets for justice, reveal a picture of the grim reality of the state of the cooperative sector in our country. It is disheartening to witness fellow citizens, who have entrusted their hard-earned money to these cooperatives, left in despair, struggling to reclaim what rightfully belongs to them. This situation demands immediate attention from the government to address the deep-rooted issues plaguing the cooperative sector.

KATHMANDU, May 23: "They neither let me live nor die," said Binu Yadav, who has been on a hunger strike for 13 days, sitting on the main road in Maitighar Mandala. Due to her lack of nutrition, she has had to be hooked up to a saline IV.

Tackling loan-sharking problem

April 3, 2023 07:38 am

It is commendable that the government has already taken steps to criminalize loan-sharking practices, but more needs to be done to discourage people from turning to loan sharks.

KATHMANDU, March 30: The Supreme Court (SC) has said that justice could not be delivered on time to the beneficiaries as several positions of justices are lying vacant in the apex court.

KATHMANDU, March 27: The victims of loan sharking from various eight districts have arrived in Kathmandu demanding justice for them. They arrived in the capital on Sunday after walking on foot for 11 days.

The CIEDP and the TRC were established in accordance with a law passed in May 2014 and were a key component of the 2006 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. However, the lack of progress in their operationalization has left many victims of human rights abuses without the justice and reparations they deserve.

KATHMANDU, Jan 17: The women activists from Banke who have been protesting at Maitighar Mandala for the past some days seeking justice for Nirmala Kurmi got confused when Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane reached the venue of their sit-in protest on Saturday. Ruby Khan, the leader of the protest, said that they were in a dilemma after Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane asked them to stop the protest, promising them that he would deliver justice by getting the Nirmala Kurmi case investigated.

KATHMANDU, Jan 9: Family members and relatives staged a protest cum condolence program in Maitighar Mandala, Kathmandu on Monday demanding justice for Om Prakash Mahato aka Dilip, who was killed on January 10, 2020.

KALIKOT, Dec 29: A signature campaign has been launched to seek justice for Niru BK, who was murdered after being raped more than a year ago.

KATHMANDU, August 14: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has taken interest in the case of Sonal Kumari Singh (Niharika Rajput). After Niharika attempted self-immolation in front of the President’s Office Shital Niwas on Friday, the President expressed interest in this matter.

KATHMANDU, August 13: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Mayor Balendra Shah (Balen) has met Niharika Rajput who is currently undergoing treatment at the TU Teaching Hospital.

KATHMANDU, June 15: Justice has been demanded for Niharika Rajput who is said to be a rape survivor.

KATHMANDU, June 15:  According to the National Women’s Commission, Shiva Raj Shrestha, the accused of raping 19 years old single mother Niharika Rajput, who is on a hunger strike at Basantapur for the past five days, will undergo a DNA test to know if his DNA matches with that of Rajput’s son.

KATHMANDU, May 21: Protestors have taken to the streets for the second consecutive day on Saturday demanding justice for victims of sexual violence.

KATHMANDU, August 31: Family members of the disappeared persons during the decade-old Maoist conflict have warned of the mass revolt if they were denied justice.

Distributive Justice in a Plot of Land

August 19, 2021 13:11 pm

By developing residential community areas near the economic zones, the government could ensure the realization of the constitutional provision of creating a just society by levelling the playing field with fair access to jobs and educational opportunities for the landless. Distributing public land plots to the disadvantaged is not a permanent solution.

The elderly people consider themselves as dependent people and are often dominated and subjugated by the other family members. There are many areas where their advice is useful but the younger people just shrug off such advice or react in anger by shouting and screaming at them not realizing that they too will be in this stage one day as aging is an inevitable process.

KATHMANDU, April 21: Kumar Chudal and Nahakul Subedi who were appointed as justices of the Supreme Court (SC) took the oath of office and secrecy on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, Feb 21: Nirmala's mother Durga Devi has been closely watching the rape and murder case of Bhagarathi Bhatta. 'The accused denied attempts to rape, but he later confessed to the crime'. Subsequently, Bhagarathi's brother Shankar Bhatta filed a case against the suspect-- a minor. The investigation is on the right track it seems, she said, while adding that she is, however, hopeless about justice for her daughter Nirmala Panta, who was raped and murdered in 2018, 'as the government has not taken her complaint seriously'.

Justice for Bhagarathi!

February 11, 2021 19:16 pm

KATHMANDU, A group of youths gathered at Maitighar in Kathmandu to exert pressure on the government to provide justice to the family of Bhagarathi Bhatta on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, Oct 2: The Supreme Court has decided to review its own verdict to give a clean chit to the then Maoist's People's Liberation Army (PLA) Brigadier Commander Gobinda Bahadur Batala, who was allegedly involved in killing a businessman Ram Hari Shrestha.

“Don’t let rapists walk free”

September 28, 2020 17:20 pm

Youths stage protests in the capital demanding justice for Samjhana and severe punishment against the perpetrators

BAJHANG, Sept 27: Samjhana BK was a charming girl. Twelve years old BK was a sixth grader at Mashta Basic School, a public school in Mashta Rural Municipality-2, a remote village in Bajhang. But as the pandemic forced schools across the country to shut down for multiple months, BK was staying home with her grandmother and two sisters. “Because her school was closed and she remained at home for most of the time, Samjhana helped us in household chores. She was gradually growing into a bigger, brighter and smarter girl,” recalls Haasu Kami, her grandmother who is now surviving with her darling granddaughter’s memories.

KATHMANDU, Sept 26:  A group of youths have staged a demonstration in Kathmandu demanding justice to a 12-year-old Samjhana Kami from Bajhang district in Far-western Nepal. She was murdered after rape a few days ago.

KATHMANDU, July 2: When Sarbendra Khanal was the Inspector General of Nepal Police (IGP), Thakur Gyawaly, the current IGP was one of the senior investigating officers deployed to resolve the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta. Both the IGPs had said in interviews in February that the Nirmala case will be a top priority. While Khanal had stated that 'the police has already come to a conclusion on its part and only some legal processes remain for the end result; Gyawaly had asserted that giving justice to Nirmala would be one of his topmost priorities.

Justice during Covid-19

May 17, 2020 12:20 pm

As a part of preventive measure taken in response to COVID-19 outbreak, judicatures across the globe have announced the closure of non-urgent proceedings. Superior courts issued scores of orders, some of which were intended to remind the state of its welfare functions, while the others were related to the release of inmates and juvenile delinquents.

Waiting for son,waiting for daughter

February 13, 2020 08:05 am

SURKHET/DANG, Feb 13: “Mother, if you don’t come and save me right away, you won’t be able to see me ever again. I am in the claws of a tiger; it will devour me mercilessly.”

KATHMANDU, Feb 11: Monday was just another day for Nirmala Panta’s mother Durga Devi. She was preparing to come home from work (she is a peon at the Bhimdutta Municipality office) when some media persons came to her and asked if she knew that police headquarters has scrapped the report of the investigations led by AIG Dhiru Basnet into the rape and murder of her daughter.

KATHMANDU, Feb 4: As part of her efforts to internationalize her struggle for justice, Ganga Maya Adhikari held a meeting with UN Resident Coordinator to Nepal, Valerie Julliand in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

ROLPA, Jan 28: Bhuwan Budha of Jelwang village of Sunchhahari Rural Municipality in Rolpa district was killed by the security forces 17 years ago. He was 22. His father Mangale Budha died at the age of 90 last year.

Commemorating the king

January 20, 2020 08:48 am

Today is a special day in the United States of America but actually this same day should hold a very special importance throughout the world, including Nepal. It is a special occasion because it celebrates Dr Martin Luther King, the civil rights hero who sacrificed his life for freedom, justice and equity for all, especially for those citizens who were the descendants of African slaves, who for centuries, had their basic rights denied and for whom King fought a peaceful battle.

Peace and injustice

November 21, 2019 08:49 am

Thirteen years ago on November 21, Nepal’s political parties made a breakthrough in peaceful resolution of the armed insurgency launched by Nepal Communist Party (Maoist). The parliamentary forces, in the face of repression by the direct rule of the King, stood together to extend hands with warring Maoists.

KATHMANDU, Nov 5: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Bhanubhakta Dhakal has reiterated the government's commitment to increase the access of the poor citizens, marginalized sections and backward communities to justice.

Think beyond roads

October 24, 2019 02:00 am

In an egregious case of ‘dozer terror’ in Baitadi, the District Police Office has arrested the driver of the excavator for ramming the excavator bucket at the local people. The video of this cruel bulldozing, in which some locals are seen protesting and the driver rams the excavator at them mercilessly, went viral in social media, earning condemnation from Kathmandu and beyond.  As many as eight persons were injured, one of them seriously, in this act of crime. Meanwhile, the president of the local User’s Committee and two other persons have been arrested for investigation. According to Republica report, the locals were protesting against road construction because the land on which excavator was rammed on belonged to Guthi. In the video, the locals are also seen pelting stones at the excavator driver, who, enraged at this, aims the excavator bucket at the protestors randomly.  Whatever the dispute between the locals and the User’s Committee, attacking people with the excavator is a crime and those guilty of the incident must be brought to book, without any ifs and buts.  But broadly, the incident of Baitadi is emblematic of what is fundamentally wrong with our notion of development at local sphere.

No influence-pedaling

October 22, 2019 02:00 am

After the police arrested one after another high-profile leaders on various charges—from rape attempt to murder to murder attempt—beginning with the arrest of former Speaker of House of Representatives Krishna Bahadur Mahara early this month, people cheered the administration of KP Sharma Oli.

Reviving trust in judiciary

October 22, 2019 01:30 am

Onus of cultivating public trust in judiciary lies on professionals engaged in justice delivery process. Institutional capability of justice delivery is a core component in shaping that trust