JIRI, July 16: A zoo construction is in sight to promote tourism in Khorthali community forest area of Bhimeswor municipality-6 in tourism district, Dolakha. The municipality has come up with the plan to construct zoo so as to develop Dolakha as a tourism destination.

DOLAKHA, June 30: In their policies, the local, provincial, as well as the federal government, have prioritized tourism. But an actionable strategy and plan to achieve the goal remains elusive for most of the local and provincial governments except in the case of Dolakha district. Due to its focus on building infrastructure to support its ambition to grow the local hospitality industry, locals say that the district is validating titles given to it:  Nepal’s Switzerland and gateway to Mount Everest.

JIRI, Nov 16: The under-construction Singatikhola Hydro Power project based in Dolakha district has reported around 80 percent progress. As stated by project chief Manhari Sapkota, the project tunnel’s first 'breakthrough' was achieved on September 6.

DOLAKHA, Oct 29: Jiri, one of the favorite travel destinations among domestic and international tourists, is working to woo them further.

JIRI, Mar 7: The earthquake of April 2015 either partially or fully destroyed Jiri's infrastructures. Jiri Technical School, which was one of its major pride, also suffered massively.

DOLAKHA, May 17: CPN-UML has clinched both mayoral and deputy mayoral posts in Jiri Municipality.