BAITADI, April 30: Nepali migrant workers, who were stranded in various border towns in India due to the lockdown, are returning home today after one month.

DHANGADI / BAITADI, April 2: As thousands of people have come home from India in recent days without their health conditions being tested and they are also not undergoing home quarantine as instructed by the government , the far western region appears to be at very high risk of a Covid-19 outbreak. At the same time, there are thousands more stranded across the border and desperate to come home.

BAITADI, Oct 2: Its been 25 days since a group of Baitadi folks at Jhulaghat bordering point in Baitadi district have been staging a relay hunger strike demanding a cemented bride over in the bordering point with India but their voices continue to be unheeded.

BAITADI, Jan 10: Business activities in the district like trade and tourism have suffered due to lack of a motorable bridge over the Mahakali River in Jhulaghat.

BAITADI, Feb 11: Jhulaghat VDC of Baitadi used to be a busy market place until the establishment of road network across Karnali region, which severed its link as gateway to India in the western frontier.