BIRGUNJ, Oct 2: At a time when containers for international trade in goods are scarce following the COVID-19 pandemic, over 1,500 empty cargo containers are currently stuck at the dry port in Birgunj. Due to this, the only dry port in the country that is used for international trade is facing a ‘container congestion’. Some containers have remained unused at the dry port for over a year and a half.

Cooperation for trade

September 20, 2020 15:13 pm

Economic and trade integration at the global and regional level has faced a strong headwind in recent years as the multilateral trade body—the World Trade Organization—is struggling to remain relevant in global trade architecture. Trade negotiations are stymied and appellate body, also the umpire of global trade rules, has been abandoned. Trump administration is continuously blocking the appointment of the judges in the appellate body and the new agendas of WTO reform are being pushed for providing the developed countries more space for maneuvering international trade rules for protection of their product and services.

KATHMANDU, Aug 25: Nepal’s import expenditure went down by 19.6% in the first month of the current fiscal year, following a fall in economic activities amid a rising spread of COVID-19.

Making America mediocre

November 24, 2019 08:58 am

WASHINGTON, DC – The private sector performs well when firms can compete on a level playing field. But if the state is willing to influence market outcomes for individual firms, politically connected parties can gain an advantage over their more efficient competitors.

KATHMANDU, March 26: The eighth Nepal International Trade Fair is taking place in local Bhrikutimandap from March 28 to promote the international market for Nepali products.