Ministry of mutual interests

June 29, 2018 07:01 am

If hell had different seasons, it would probably resemble our capital Kathmandu with its awful roads, polluted air, bad infrastructure and sky-high prices for everything from vegetables to property.

KATHMANDU, June 19: Prime Minister KP Oli, who is leaving for Beijing on a six-day official visit at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart on Tuesday, has said that Nepal will reach some key agreements with China keeping its national interests at the center.

KATHMANDU, May 21: The government has stated that the nation's foreign policy will be based on protection and promotion of national interests.

KATHMANDU, April 30: As Nepal's equidistant relations with its immediate neighbors have come under scrutiny especially after the new government came into place, top diplomats and foreign policy experts have advised the government not to make any compromise on the country's national interests in the name of equidistant relations with India and China.

KATHMANDU, Feb 1: Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli has said that there was no need to run after rumors spread by people with vested interests.

‘Conflicting interests

August 4, 2017 10:26 am

One of the contemporary stories of interest for people who watch and read news on a daily basis is the ongoing saga of the Tax Settlement Commission and its one-time honcho, Chudamani Sharma. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but every time I see him on TV or on print media, he has this permanently smug expression which seems particularly unusual for someone in his current predicament.

BANEPA, Jan 10: Kathmandu University, one of the biggest educational institutions in the country, is without its vice chancellor for a month after the tenure of Dr Ramkantha Makaju ended.

KATHMANDU, Nov 5: After they succeeded in incorporating two types of private schools- as companies and  as trusts- under the Education Act, the private schools are now advocating against inclusion of the provision for approval of school fees by a two-thirds majority of the guardians.

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: Stakeholders have lamented the frequent strikes and terrorist attacks targeting schools carried out by political organizations to fulfill their vested interests.

KATHMANDU, Sept 12: The main opposition CPN-UML has urged Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal not to do anything during his upcoming visit to India that would lead to escalation of foreign concerns in Nepal's internal affairs.

KATHMANDU, Sept 8: With the country's export-bound raw ginger stockpiling following a ban by India and a hue and cry over non-cooperation by the Indians, the only ginger washing plant in Duwagadhi, Jhapa also remains idle.

We wish to reach the pinnacle of our career but we are always haunted by one question, “Have I chosen the right path?”