EAST RUTHERFORD, Aug 2: Severe weather forced fans at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s concert out of their seats to wait inside MetLife Stadium because of bad weather in the area.

MAE SAI, July 5:  With more rain coming, Thai rescuers are racing against time to pump out water from a flooded cave before they can extract 12 boys and their soccer coach with minimum risk, officials said Thursday.

KHOTANG, April 8: Arrangement for education of children living in District Prison, Khotang with their inmate parents have been made now with the support of well wishers.

BIRATNAGAR, Feb 3: Morang police said a dead body was recovered while it was being ferried in a Scorpio vehicle along the Godhuli road section in Biratnagar-3.

Python rescued from inside a house

February 26, 2018 13:24 pm

CHITWAN, Feb 26: A rare python has been rescued at a house at Bachhauli of Ratnanagar Municipality-7 in Chitwan district.

Python rescued from inside a house

February 26, 2018 08:56 am

CHITWAN, Feb 26: A rare python has been rescued at a house at Bachhauli of Ratnanagar Municipality-7 in Chitwan district.

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: Ranibari Community Forest is being developed as a single community forest inside the ring road of the capital.

Bomb explodes inside Land Revenue Office

December 22, 2017 16:28 pm

SIRAHA, Dec 22: Three people sustained injuries after a bomb exploded inside Land Revenue Office, Siraha today. The bomb, remotely controlled, was placed inside a sofa at the Office’s lobby. An officer and two customers were injured in the explosion, SP Sekhar Koirala.

POKHARA, Dec 18: Speakers have stressed the need of making arrangement of employment in the county as Nepali migrant workers have been facing different problems in course of employment.

BAGLUNG, Dec 7: With the objective to prevent any untoward incident during vote counting, the Election Commission (EC) is preparing to count the votes of federal and provincial elections in Baglung district behind security fencing.

RAJBIRAJ, Sept 4: Cadres of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) have locked vice chairperson of the party Renu Kumari Yadav inside her residence in the district headquarters Rajbiraj on Monday, accusing her of picking candidates for the third phase of local polls in an unfair manner.

Inside you it was alright

August 24, 2017 08:25 am

I saw the world through your eyes Your optimistic thinking made me eager Very eager to see the real world, And now I’m here mom.

KATHMANDU, August 23: Last week when almost all the southern plains of Nepal were hit by incessant downpours, employees at the Flood Forecasting Section of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) were busier than ever.

KATHMANDU, Aug 21: Last week when almost all the southern plain of Nepal was hit by incessant downpours, employees at the Flood Forecasting Section of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) were busier than ever. They had a very technical and complex job of forecasting the flood and issuing detailed warning leading to timely evacuations, upon which fate of thousands of lives depends.

KHOTANG, June 21: An unidentified group has detonated a bomb inside the house of UML candidate vying for the position of ward chief of Khotang's Dorpachiuridanda in Rupakot Majuwagadhi Municipality on Tuesday night. One member of his family sustained serious injury.

KATHMANDU, May 24: Sherpa rescuers have found the bodies of four climbers inside a tent on the highest camp on Mount Everest, raising the death toll this climbing season to 10, authorities said Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, May 14: Election Commission (EC) has introduced vote count directive, barring the use of mobile phones inside the counting centers.

PYUTHAN, May 12: One person was found dead at the toilet in the Pyuthan-based Area Police Office on Thursday night.

WASHINGTON, April 5: NASA is preparing to send its long-lived Cassini probe into the unexplored region between Saturn and its rings for a scientific grand finale before the spacecraft’s suicidal plunge into the planet, space officials said on Tuesday.

SINDHUPALCHOWK, March 9: The only largest District hospital of Sindhupalchowk district is still being run inside  a tent though it is  22 months since the last earthquake took place.

Six annoying scenes inside movie hall

December 9, 2016 23:30 pm

We have experienced many movie marathons in our lifetime. It could be in our home studios, laptops, or going for morning shows during college days when the tickets are cheap. We have been annoyed, irritated and snapped the other person for not having a proper manner. I went for a movie and experienced all of the above.

JUMLA, Dec 5: An idol of the Hindu deity Dattatreya and other idols that were said to be stolen from the Chandannath Baba temple here last week, were found inside a wardrobe in the temple Saturday.

KABUL, Afghanistan, Nov 12: An explosion at a U.S. airfield in Afghanistan early Saturday killed four people, the head of international forces in the country said.

Woman's body found inside jute sack

November 6, 2016 10:17 am

BHAKTAPUR, Nov 6: A woman's decomposing body has been found inside a jute sack at Bode of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality – 2.

KOHALPUR, Oct 9: A body of an unidentified man has been found at Maitahawa in Kohalpur-3 of Banke district.

BARDIYA, Aug 26: Bardiya National Park has been providing sanctuary not only to wildlife but also to poachers who hunt wild animals for illegal trade, it has been revealed.

Once upon a time, birth order and socioeconomic status were considered powerful determinants in who would successfully climb the ladder.

Ratnanagar, Aug 2: Are you happening to stop your vehicle somewhere along the bio-corridor inside the Chitwan National Park (CNP) for any unwarranted activities or defecation? Beware! You may be caught and booked. You will be under surveillance of CCTV cameras all the time during your travel through the road in the area.

KATHMANDU, June 9: The cadres of CPN-Maoist led by Netra Bikram Chand torched a taxi here in Koteshwar on Thursday morning. They set the taxi, Ba 1 Jha 8206, on fire the running taxi after spraying petrol minutes after they got in. They had hired it to go to Kalanki from Koteshwar.