CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has said that the Supreme Court has done injustice to Rabi Lamichhane, chairman of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP).

The aphorism “justice delayed is justice denied” could not be more hurtful and real for the victims of the armed conflict.

ILAM, March 21: Durga Prasad Timsina, originally from Mai Municipality-10 of Ilam, arrived at his home following his release from the Dum Dum Correctional Home in Kolkata, India.

In pop culture, 2020 has been understandably reviled as the “hell year.” It tormented us with a lethal pandemic spiraling out of control, thousands of shuttered businesses, violent protests over racial injustice, raging wildfires and political extremism and lies that underpinned January’s harrowing coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol.

367 days of injustice

July 28, 2019 02:30 am

Nirmala Panta’s rape and murder must have been the only case that agitated the whole nation for justice in recent years, which brought people from various walks of life to the street protests, which dominated media landscape and which attracted attention of the international community.

KATHMANDU, Aug 4: Acting Chief Justice Deepak Raj Joshee has dubbed the Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee’s decision as an act of injustice to him.

ROLPA, July 10: Some victims of the decade-long Maoist insurgency have complained of injustice in distribution of compensation. Conflict victims in Rolpa district claimed that some genuine victims have been deprived of compensation while oth

RUKUM, September. 2: CPN (UML) Vice-Chairman Yubraj Gyawali has said that the Constituency Delineation Commission (CDC) has done injustice to the residents of hill and mountainous regions.

Infographics: Injustice outbreak

October 25, 2016 00:05 am

Injustice outbreak