KATHMANDU, July 21: Stocks opened the week posting strong gains ahead of the start of the Fiscal Year 2018/19. On the first two trading sessions, the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse), which opened the week at 1191.98 points, climbed more than 20 points. Nonetheless, the index recorded losses in all latter sessions. Consequently, Nepse added a meager 1.41 points to close the week at 1,193.39 points.

I migrated to Australia in mid 2013 as a skilled professional. The skill assessment and the migration process was relatively quick and the visa grant coincided with the festive occasion of Diwali, which called for a double celebration that year (the lasting hangover reminded me that we had overdone it).  Armed with a master’s degree in engineering and 17 years of experience, I landed at Sydney airport with controlled exuberance. A good life and a bright future beckoned. However, I had quit my permanent job as an engineering executive in Indiain pursuit of an uncertain future – in a distant country in a different hemisphere. The chill of that winter morning in early July (arriving from a sweltering Delhi) reminded me of the change and the looming thunderstorm was reflective of the turmoil inside: Will I find a job?

Initial quantities of the iPhone 7 Plus have sold out globally as Apple Inc prepares to roll out its new gadget in stores, the company said on Wednesday.