WASHINGTON, Feb 14: President Donald Trump said Thursday that he might end the long-running practice of letting other administration officials listen in on presidential calls with foreign leaders. That’s after Trump’s impeachment was triggered by his July phone call with the president of Ukraine.

WASHINGTON. Feb 6: President Donald Trump won impeachment acquittal Wednesday in the U.S. Senate, bringing to a close only the third presidential trial in American history with votes that split the country, tested civic norms and fed the tumultuous 2020 race for the White House.

WASHINGTON, Feb 3: Donald Trump was on the brink of ending the darkest chapter of his tumultuous presidency on Monday as the U.S. Senate began the final phase of his impeachment trial that will almost certainly conclude on Wednesday with his acquittal.

WASHINGTON, Jan 31: Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee declared late Thursday he will oppose calling more witnesses in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, all but dashing Democratic efforts to hear more testimony and boosting chances the Senate will vote quickly to acquit the president.

WASHINGTON, Jan 30: In a striking shift from President Donald Trump’s claim of “perfect” dealings with Ukraine, his defense asserted at his Senate trial that a trade of U.S. military aid for political favors — even if proven — could not be grounds for his impeachment.

WASHINGTON, Jan 29: Revelations from former national security adviser John Bolton’s upcoming book are adding some drama to the ongoing Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Some reasons they could be important:

WASHINGTON, Jan 29: Republicans lack the votes to block witnesses at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell conceded late Tuesday, a potentially major hurdle for Trump’s hopes to end the trial with a quick acquittal. Earlier, Trump’s lawyers concluded his defense with a plea to move on.

WASHINGTON, Jan 28: President Donald Trump’s legal team is raising a broad-based attack on the impeachment case against him even as it mostly brushes past allegations in a new book that could undercut a key defense argument at his Senate trial.

WASHINGTON, Jan 27 The stakes over witness testimony at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial are rising now that a draft of a book from former national security adviser John Bolton appears to undercut a key defense argument.

WASHINGTON, Jan 24: Democratic House prosecutors made an expansive case Thursday at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial that he abused power like no other president in history, swept up by a “completely bogus” Ukraine theory pushed by attorney Rudy Giuliani.

WASHINGTON, Jan 23: The challenge is becoming increasingly clear for House Democrats prosecuting President Donald Trump’s impeachment case as the Senate convenes for a second day of arguments in the landmark trial.

WASHINGTON, Jan 22: The U.S. Senate plunged into President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Tuesday with Republicans abruptly abandoning plans to cram opening arguments into two late-night sessions and Democrats arguing for more witnesses to expose Trump’s “trifecta” of offenses.

WASHINGTON, Jan 21: President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is set to unfold at the Capitol, a contentious proceeding to render judgment on his Ukraine actions as Americans form their own verdict at the start of an election year.

WASHINGTON, Jan 21: U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday rejected the Democratic-led House of Representatives’ impeachment charges and called for their immediate dismissal by the Republican-led Senate in a memo offering a legal and political case against his removal.

WASHINGTON, Jan 20: President Donald Trump’s defense team and the prosecutors of his impeachment are laying out their arguments over whether his conduct toward Ukraine warrants his removal from office.

WASHINGTON, Jan 19: President Donald Trump’s legal team issued a fiery response Saturday ahead of opening arguments in his impeachment trial, while House Democrats laid out their case in forceful fashion, saying the president betrayed public trust with behavior that was the “worst nightmare” of the founding fathers.

WASHINGTON, Jan 17: U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts is poised to become a key figure in the political life of President Donald Trump.

WASHINGTON, Jan 16: After weeks of rhetorical fire and fury, a handful of U.S. House members walked quietly across a hushed Capitol on Wednesday to deliver articles of impeachment to the Senate, paving the way for the trial of President Donald Trump.

WASHINGTON, Jan 14: Senate Republicans signaled they would reject the idea of simply voting to dismiss the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump as the House prepares to send the charges to the chamber for the historic trial.

WASHINGTON, Jan 13: President Donald Trump says the Senate should simply dismiss the impeachment case against him, an extraordinary suggestion as the House prepares to transmit the charges to the chamber for the historic trial.

WASHINGTON, Jan 2: U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts will be a central figure in the ongoing drama of the Donald Trump presidency in coming months. He is due to preside over a Senate impeachment trial, while the Supreme Court he leads will rule on a titanic clash over the president’s attempts to keep his financial records secret.

WASHINGTON, Dec 19:  Key dates in the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump:

WASHINGTON, Dec 19: Donald Trump on Wednesday became the third U.S. president to be impeached as the House of Representatives formally charged him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

WASHINGTON, Dec 19: President Donald Trump was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday night, becoming only the third American chief executive to be formally charged under the Constitution’s ultimate remedy for high crimes and misdemeanors.

WASHINGTON, Dec 18: The U.S. House of Representatives is set to take a momentous and deeply polarizing vote on Wednesday when it is likely to impeach President Donald Trump on charges of abusing his office and obstructing a congressional probe.

WASHINGTON, Dec 18: President Donald Trump is on the cusp of being impeached by the House, with a historic debate set Wednesday on charges that he abused his power and obstructed Congress ahead of votes that will leave a defining mark on his tenure at the White House.

WASHINGTON DEC 11: House Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Tuesday, declaring he “betrayed the nation” with his actions toward Ukraine as they pushed toward historic proceedings that are certain to help define his presidency and shape the 2020 election.

Millions of Americans are choosing to experience the impeachment hearings through media filters that depict the proceedings as either a worthless sham or like Christmas in November.

WASHINGTON, Oct 31: A deeply divided U.S. House of Representatives took a major step in the effort to impeach President Donald Trump on Thursday when lawmakers approved rules for the next stage, including public hearings, in the Democratic-led inquiry into Trump’s attempt to have Ukraine investigate a domestic political rival.

WASHINGTON, Oct 7: A second whistleblower has come forward with information about President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, adding to the impeachment peril engulfing the White House and potentially providing new leads to Democrats in their unfurling investigation of Trump’s conduct.

WASHINGTON, Oct 4: The White House is preparing to formally object to Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as soon as Friday, saying it won’t cooperate with the probe because it was initiated without a vote of the House.

WASHINGTON, Sept 29: As Washington plunges into impeachment, Attorney General William Barr finds himself engulfed in the political firestorm, facing questions about his role in President Donald Trump’s outreach to Ukraine and the administration’s attempts to keep a whistleblower complaint from Congress.

WASHINGTON, Sept 25: Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives plunge into a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump on Wednesday, a move that could dramatically change the 2020 presidential race.

WASHINGTON, Sept 12: The Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee moved to intensify its investigation of Republican President Donald Trump on Thursday, as lawmakers edged closer to deciding whether to recommend his impeachment.

UPDATE: Raj Narayan Pathak, one of the commissioners at the CIAA has resigned from his post. Pathak handed his resignation to President Bidya Devi Bhandari at Shital Niwas.

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: Parliament is expected to begin the impeachment process against Raj Narayan Pathak, one of the commissioners at the apex anti-corruption agency, for allegedly receiving a bribe from the management committee official of an engineering college in Bhaktapur in return for promising to resolve an ownership row in his favor.

KATHMANDU, Sept 27: Supreme Court's senior-most justice Deepak Raj Joshee, who resumed office on September 11 after being rejected by the Parliamentary Hearings Committee (PHC) for the position of chief justice, has gone on leave yet again.

I will not resign: Joshee

September 21, 2018 07:00 am

KATHMANDU, Sept 21: At a time when lawmakers of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) are pressuring him to resign or face impeachment, seniormost Supreme Court Justice Deepak Raj Joshee said on Thursday that he is in no mood to resign.

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: The ruling Nepal Communist Party has prepared to file impeachment motion against Justice Deepak Raj Joshee. The party has started the signature campaign for the impeachment motion.

WASHINGTON DC, Aug 24: Michael Cohen’s testimony on Monday, that he broke campaign finance laws at Donald Trump’s direction, has renewed calls for Trump’s impeachment or even his removal – but is that likely, and what would actually happen if it did?

KATHMANDU, May 2: Supreme Court has issued an order to present amicus curiae at the court for the constitutional test of the impeachment proposal against then Chief Justice Sushila Karki registered at the Parliament Secretariat.

The year 2017 was marked by a series of scandals in the country.

Zimbabwe ruling party is set to begin impeachment proceeding to begin against President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe should acknowledge the nation’s “insatiable desire” for a leadership change and resign immediately, the recently fired vice president and likely successor to the 93-year-old leader said Tuesday, as impeachment proceedings were set to begin against the world’s oldest head of state.

Republica and Nagarik dailies have in the past one month uncovered many cases of irregularities and corruption, amounting to billions of rupees, in our public entities. But no one has been punished so far. Is corruption in our public entities so pervasive that fighting it is a lost cause? And what is the judiciary’s role in it? Former Chief Justice Sushila Karki who during her nine months in office successfully prosecuted many senior corrupt government officials shared her insights with Mahabir Paudyal.

KATHMANDU, August 9: Former Chief Justice Sushila Karki has revealed that she faced impeachment motion on the day when she was scheduled to hear a case on Fewa land encroachment.

KATHMANDU, July 13: The hearing of the writ petition filed against the impeachment motion registered in the parliament against the then chief Justice Sushila Karki, will take place in constitutional bench of the Supreme Court.

Impeachment withdrawn

May 30, 2017 00:20 am

KATHMANDU, May 30: Ruling party lawmakers on Monday finally withdrew the impeachment motion they had filed against Chief Justice Sushila Karki,  after the main opposition CPN-UML threatened to obstruct the fiscal-year budget.

KATHMANDU, May 29: The budget for the fiscal year 2017/18 has been delayed over the row of the impeachment of Chief Justice Sushila Karki.

KATHMANDU, May 29: Lawmakers Meen Bahadur Bishwakarma and Tek Bahadur Basnet, who proposed and seconded the impeachment motion against Chief Justice Sushila Karki, said that withdrawing the motion would be against the prerogative rights of the parliament.

KATHMANDU, May 28: Nepali Congress lawmaker Meen Bishwakarma has requested the Parliament Secretariat not to move forward the impeachment motion registered against Chief Justice Sushila Karki in the parliamentary proceedings.