The current wave of globalization has led to an unprecedented degree of labor mobility not just between developed and developing countries but also among developing countries themselves. As the migration flow has increased steadily from 77 million in 1960 to 281 million in 2020 globally, immigrants make up a growing share of the population in many emerging economies in the Middle East and Asia. No doubt, labor mobility impacts both sending and receiving countries through jobs, productivity, and remittances at the macro level.

SAN DIEGO, Jan 17:  President-elect Joe Biden’s decision to immediately ask Congress to offer legal status to an estimated 11 million people in the country has surprised advocates given how the issue has long divided Democrats and Republicans, even within their own parties.

As a South Asian woman who was born in Nepal but having spent most of my adult life in North America, my world has been shaped by two competing identities.

LONDON,  Aug 22: Net immigration to Britain sank to its lowest since 2013 during the year to the end of March, driven by a sustained fall in the number of immigrants from the European Union since 2016’s Brexit referendum, official figures showed on Thursday.

Tough times for immigrants

May 16, 2019 01:30 am

Tightening of US visa regulations will have severe impact on Nepal which receives the largest portion of remittance money from the US-based immigrants

SYDNEY, March 20: Australia on Wednesday cut its annual intake of immigrants by nearly 15 percent, and barred some new arrivals from living in its largest cities for three years, in a bid to ease urban congestion.

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WASHINGTON, March 13: The Trump administration agreed on Tuesday to allow some 60,000 immigrants from Honduras and Nepal to retain their temporary legal status — pending a decision in a different case in federal court, media reports said.

NEW YORK, Feb 12: Immigrants from Honduras and Nepal have filed a lawsuit alleging the Trump administration unfairly ended a program that lets them live and work in the United States.

HOUSTON, Nov 20: A federal judge barred the Trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally.

CARACAS, Sept 4: Venezuela’s government said on Monday migratory patterns out of the OPEC nation are “normal” and that the situation was being exaggerated to justify an intervention by foreign powers.

WASHINGTON, June 25: President Donald Trump said on Sunday that people who enter the United States illegally should be sent back immediately to where they came from without any judicial process, likening them to invaders who are trying to “break into” the country.

TEXAS, June 23: Two days after President Donald Trump ordered an end to the separation of families at the border, federal authorities Friday cast about for jail space to detain them together, leaving hundreds of parents in the dark on when they would be reunited with their children.

WASHINGTON, April 27: The Trump administration announced on Thursday an end to a protected status for roughly 9,000 Nepali immigrants that has been in place since a devastating 2015 earthquake -- a move that could force many to choose between returning to their still-recovering home country or living in the shadows in the US.

WASHINGTON, Feb 7:  President Donald Trump is continuing his habit of painting immigrants as criminals, highlighting gang connections, calling family reunification a national security threat and bemoaning the death of a pro football player involved in a car accident with a man living in the country illegally.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which came to power in Assam in the April, 2016 elections, vowed during the campaign to act against illegal Muslim immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh. But rights activists say the drive is also targeting Muslims who are Indian citizens.

Whose immigrants?

September 5, 2017 00:30 am

We found little evidence that accepting a reasonable number of refugees and migrants deprives native-born workers of jobs.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children and now here illegally can "rest easy," President Donald Trump said Friday, telling the "dreamers" they will not be targets for deportation under his immigration policies.

Infographics: Unauthorized U.S. immigrants populations

The US border officials are checking the Facebook profiles of immigrants before allowing them into the country, a media report said.

The United States is a nation of immigrants

Dr Dee (Dianne) Aker who has been a part of the peace building process in Nepal for the past 15 years, was recently in Kathmandu. Akhilesh Tripathi and Krishna Dhungana of Republica Online caught up with Dr Dee for an interview. Excerpts:

WASHINGTON, Nov 14:  President-elect Donald Trump's tough-talking plan to rein in illegal immigration showed signs of cracking on Sunday, with the president-elect seemingly backing off his vow to build a solid wall along the southern U.S. border and the top House Republican rejecting any "deportation force" targeting people in the country illegally.

MYAGDI, July 19: Bahadur Paija of Bim village always wanted to go to the USA. However, not even in his nightmares he had ever thought that his trip to the country could be so risky, so costly and tedious.

MYAGDI, July 20: Bahadur Paija of Bim village always wanted to go to the USA. However, not even in his nightmares he had ever thought that his trip to the country could be so risky, so costly and tedious. It took him four months to reach to the country and on the way; he passed through several other countries. Paija had, of course, not gone there through the regular flight routes.