The Story

February 17, 2021 14:22 pm

We cannot keep drifting clouds As a spot of stark fort To hide something precious On the ground.

Worth of stories

July 20, 2020 16:49 pm

Once upon a time..." Just the sound of these words is enough for children and adults to get a special twinkle in their eyes. Suddenly we are heading into a fantasy world where anything can happen. The children’s' eyes are shining and their mouths are wide open. The magic has occurred. You are together in an entirely different world where time and place does not exist. You can let your mind wander and let your imagination run riot. Science shows that stories have a big influence on children's views on gender and cultural roles. The adventure and characters that children experience through stories are almost certain to have lifelong impact. Stories will convey values, beliefs, attitudes and social norms. It will affect children's perception of reality. Children will relate to the different characters, and learn how to behave, think and act, just by being inspired by the characters they meet in the stories. They learn determination and empathy from the character of the story. They dream to put themselves in that position and act as the character of the story.  They have seen some character of the story struggling a lot and failing in getting succeeded many times. That scene of the story will help them to build a confidence to try and the resilience to fail and try again till they get succeeded. Children’s imagination is a combination of what they see, think, observe, understand and perceive the things around their world. Children will also develop what is known as thought of mind. Essentially this is related to their ability and putting themselves in others shoes. It is essential that creativity and imagination that allows the children to thrive bring creativity choice and changeability into every story they read and as an observer the imagination of the children take in wide.

Art and human bonds in Utopian society

October 13, 2019 15:30 pm

Imagine a world of perfection with everything and everyone in place. We perceive this state as ‘Utopia.’ I feel imagination of such a system enjoys flaw at the very principle level. Yet, I would like to cast these hurdles aside to imagine a system suitable for everyone in a way nobody's needs are compromised. Now I would like to bring certain facts into consideration to understand the entire functional dynamics of such society.

Rear view imagination

July 30, 2019 02:00 am

The little tricks and technologies we used to manage through the darkest days of load-shedding has set us up for the future, if only we had the courage to look forward

As kids, we saw anthills as menacing mountain peaks, puddles as oceans, rain as the gods weeping with grief (although the latter was just adults fooling us). We were crazy with our imaginations. Picasso likes to remind us that we are all born artists and as kids that really seemed to be true. And it helped that we were supplied with enough fantastical images to help us build our mountains and oceans—thanks to animation.

You’re still the one

April 24, 2019 08:00 am

It’s Intonation of love through rueful phrases A story of crazy, adorable and delightful days Rejoice of years of love, valentines and birthdays A decade of intimacy could make heaps of essays.

Crisis of imagination

October 2, 2018 01:30 am

In the 21st digital century, Nepal must do better than imagining that bull shit (manure) will “accelerate financial, industrial and social growth”

Undoubtedly, reading books is a good habit which enhances our IQ level and imagination. It is also a productive medium to pass some leisure time. As we know that there are works of non-fiction and fiction, the choice varies according to people’s preferences. To those who do not read novels and other works of literature, the terms might be entirely new.

The World of My Imagination

July 12, 2017 13:29 pm

The world is selfish and it’s me Wallowing this selfish game Win or lose, no one cares Words of goodness no one hears

KATHMANDU, July 3: A joint art exhibition showcasing the works of artists Brenna Murphy, Shelley Warren and Karan Shrestha has gone on show at the Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal Revisited from July 1.