WASHINGTON, July 2: The amount of ice circling Antarctica is suddenly plunging from a record high to record lows, baffling scientists.

WEST ANTARCTICA, Jan 31: A hole the size of two-thirds of Manhattan and 1,000 feet deep has been found in a glacier in Antarctica.

The idea that there was ice on the Moon tantalized astronomers for years, even before NASA’s Apollo mission to send astronauts to the lunar surface began.

KATHMANDU, May 13: Outreach Nepal has lifted the first ever Nepal Ice AAN Futsal Tournament 2018 defeating Media Basket by a scoreline of 7-2 in the final match played in Kathmandu on Saturday.

KATHMANDU, May 11: Welcome Advertising, Media Basket, Mars Pvt Ltd and Outreach Nepal have reached the semifinals of the ongoing Nepal Ice AAN Futsal tournament in Kathmandu on Friday. The final knockout matches of the tournament played between the media houses, advertising agencies and corporate institutes will be played on Saturday.

KATHMANDU, May 4: Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN) is set to organize the Nepal Ice AAN Futsal Tournament from Monday.

I was in Canada last Christmas and New Year. Canada is a lovely country with super-friendly people and great coffee (I love Tim Horton’s) and, I almost forgot, of poutine which is a weird combination of fries,melted cheese curds and brown gravy on top but tastes amazing.

FLORIDA, Nov 14: Astronauts got a mouth-watering haul with Tuesday’s Earth-to-space delivery — pizza and ice cream.

Ice skating in Kathmandu

November 3, 2017 08:47 am

Parents could also be spotted at the mall getting their kids to the ice skating rink. While some wanted to get their children to experience this unique sport, others were simply accompanying kids who insisted on coming to the rink.

MOSCOW, Sept 12: Moscow on Monday opens a brand new park to the public just steps from the Kremlin, boasting wonders such as an ice labyrinth, despite criticism over its huge price tag.

SHANGHAI, July 23: Viral photos and news reports in the United States allegedly showing a moldy ice cream maker at a U.S. outlet of McDonald's Corp have prompted swift action from the fast-food giant thousands of miles away: in China.

KATHMANDU, July 22: Advertising Association of Nepal (AAN) has announced the nominees for 9th Nepal Ice Crity Award sponsored by the Nepal Ice.

Infographics: Arctic sea ice melting

April 17, 2017 00:05 am

Arctic sea ice melting

A massive ice block nearly 100 times the area of Manhattan is poised to break off Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf, scientists reported Friday.

NASA has unveiled a bold new concept to house astronauts on the Red planet, as the space agency continues the push toward its goal of sending humans to Mars by the 2030s.